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Koodal nagar *******

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Koodal nagar *******

The Koodal nagar branch of Madurai has been rendering services to the people of Madurai North in the vicinity of Vilangudi/Fatima College area.

They started in a small way and have been rendering services to all classes of people. A few retired Brahmins have started this branch of *******, and Ela Amudhan, a selfless social worker is associated with the events connected with the Organization.

The members have managed to construct a meeting hall with funds raised internally and this building caters to small functions like- Ayushhomam, Seemantham,Sashtiapthapoorthi in addition to the Upakarma rituals. They have also started a trust called Koodalnagar ******* Trust, of which 80G exemption has been sanctioned.
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One Snap.

Here is one snap taken from a simple function of distributing cakes and biscuits to children whose parents are AIDS affected (these children are normal) and are taken care of, by a trust. To wish them a Merry Christmas and New Year... are senior citizens of the Brahmin Community.

The Trust is run by a Christian. The Koodal nagar ******* have great regard for this noble cause and this the children taken care by the trust have been benefitted more than once. Notebooks,footwear, clothes and celebrations like the one mentioned above have been a gift to these children. A gentleman named Balagopal, a retired State Government officer residing in Coimbatore and a young bachelor of 80 years has been a wishful donor to these children.

The other project which the ******* gentlemen wish to undertake is the Mukthi Sthal as the only other place in Madurai-TVS thoppu sees a huge rush often for the rituals connected with the death of members of the brahmin Society. A donor, wishing to be unnamed has donated about 8 cents of land for this purpose in the area adjacent to Fatima College, Madurai.

This thread is to inform our community people that an age where people seek retirement from public life and are mostly written offs by their own wanting, these gentlemen and ladies of Koodal nagar *******,with spirit and soul- they are doing measures that could augur the future.



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