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Karnataka Politics

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Governance of Karnataka is passing through difficult period due to differences between Governor and Chief Minister. Without going into the legal merits of the particular case, I feel there are important constitutional issues involved in the action of Governor.

Mr.Fali S.Nariman, eminent jurist has made interesting observation on the act of Governor in this issue . The New Indian Express has published the same under the caption "Governor Erred - Fali Nariman", which is available in the following URL:

Governor erred: Fali Nariman | | | Indian Express

Congress is playing Dirty Politics in Karnataka with the Help of Governor.
Governor is the Doll dancing to the Tune of Congress.
It is None of the Business of the Governor to peep his ugly head into State Politics.
If he is interested in State Politics he Must Resign his Governor Post and enter Karnataka Politics.
But Congress men Dont have GUTS to face people.That is why it is indirectly trying to Defame the Elected Leader of The Majority Party against the Constitutional Heritage.

Dr Subramanian Swamy requested the Prime Minister to permit him to Proceed Legal Procedures under the Court Of Law action against Telecom Minister Shri A.Raja in 2 G Spectrum case.

The Shame less Prime Minister waited up to 15 months and even after refused to take action against the Corrupt Minister in 2G Scam.After the Condemnation of The Honorable Court and after reaching a," No Other Go " stage requested Raja to Resign.

Congress is playing Double Standard Role and Sonia is saying that She is against Corruption and Cong wont Tolerate Corruption,by shaking hands with Ashok Chavan,Suresh Kalmadi and DMK minister Raja.

Corruption Means Congress and Congress means Corruption.
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Dr.Manmohan Singh said NO to Dr.Subramania Swamy when the latter requested him to give sanction to prosecute the spectrum Raja on the plea that the complainant has to first file a case in a court and the court has to consider the case worthy of taking up for hearing.In karnataka, even before the PIL was filed, the Governor decided to give his sanction to prosecute the CM.This clearly shows the double standards adopted by the ruling party at the center when it comes to dealing with the opposition parties.As some one said recently, Dr.Singh was once a honest person,not any more.
Karnataka Governor is a puppet of the Congress. He dances to the tune of his masters. But has not Yeddiyurappa also grossly erred? Even if he threatens to break the party and goes out, should not the BJP call his bluff and ask him to step down and be prepared to face a fresh election on the strength of its policies?
The problem is that the congress can't sit in the opposition. They want to have
power so that all their historical mistakes and wholesale swindling of the country
can be concealed. One day they are with JJ, the next day with MK to remain
power. What a pity that they have sacrificed all the principles held so dear to
the hearts of the founders of the party and stalwarts like MKG, Nehru, Patel,
Rajendra Prasad, Rajaji, Kamaraj, Tilak and others.

As rightly said by MKG, the congress party should have been dissolved after
independence. Now it is filled with goondas, accused criminals, swindlers and
other anti-social elements. The party must now work as a social service orgn
for ten years to prove their honesty and integrity and they must hand over all
the money parked in foreign banks and also in the form of estates, gold etc here.
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