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kAmAkSi amman Stuti

puruSa is unmanifest. Stri is manifest. PuruSa sees Stri. Stri cannot see puruSa. Just the observation of puruSa kindles' the desire (kAmA) to evolve in stri, the manifest.

From this desire of stri to evolve, kindled by puruSa's witnessing, Universe emerges as an inverted tree, whose starting root-tip is that kAmA or desire to evolve (kAma-koTi). This desire-eyed (kAma-akSi) reigns the Universe bestowing Knowledge (Sarasvati) and Wealth (Lakshmi)

Though Universe changes continuously, unchanging is this auspicious desire to evolve, that enlightens the dark Universe with varied forms like a garland of kadamba (globular shaped) flowers.

kAma-akSi is the desire-eyed Stri. Though she cannot see the puruSa, she is an embrace with puruSa, being the 'better' half of puruSa. All Universe including devas, gandharvas, siddha, saarana et al including us are children of kAma-akSi. As she is the kamakoti, the starting root-tip of all manifestations in the inverted tree of Universe, crores of divinities are in her assembly. The leaves that sprout, engulf this tree are the learned, wise who can infer the puruSa, enriching themselves and all the manifestations.

She is the bliss/joy who fills up all the physical and consciousness realm of all manifestations, making all divine. She is said to have worshipped Shiva (puruSa) under the 3000 year old mango tree in ekambareswarar temple, her golden ornaments glittering in the lamps. Uma represents the 'silent potential' like energy in the complete vacuum, energy in all chakras of consciousness. kAmAkSi represents the basic desire to evolve which is present in the 'self' of all. When worshipped by Yogis, Yoginis etc, they are Ambika.

Hrimkara are the sinusoidal oscillations, the fundamental component of all types of oscillations. This Hrimkara is present in Omkara, the seed of all Universe formed by pancha-bhuta represented by hrim, aim, kleem, sau, svai. Like wise kAmAkSi is the fundamental 'self' in all beings. She speaks through some to make us realize wisdom. She is the form of bliss in those who seek wisdom. She is the brahmani, the desire driving evolution who enchants the Universe, providing its welfare. She causes all the divinities and yogis who guide the world.

kAmAksi amman stuti translation sung in tamil, essence in english


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