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Kali Yuga


Hindu > Brahmin > Iyer
Hari Om
I am seeing, reading and hearing recently that Kalki ( last avatar of Vishnu ) will be born in 2026 and after 432,000,000 billion years , It is said that Kalki will kill the demon Kali and end the Kali Yuga.

Texts say that Kalki will be seen after billions of years riding a white horse and holding a naked sword.
Pls search in google about this , you can read it in many texts and websites.

I am apart of the Yajur Veda but in the Rig Veda , a Yuga means a period of time which will be ended by a single person’s/demon’s death - ( As I have heard / in my opinion , if what I am saying about the rig Veda is wrong , pls forgive me.)

I would like to know more about this Topic of the Kali Yuga ending.
If anyone knows about this , pls reply.
Thanks in advance.

It says so in Kalki purana also

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