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Journey to thiru kailayam

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Thiru Kailaya Darashanam Complete details
This content is for those people who think, breath and live on the name of Lord Shiva. There have been many people visiting Kailash, with money power, with will power or arrogance or just casually like any other temple visit or just trekking (I came across a Muslim lady, her parents were Iyengar, she quoted “I don’t believe in Idol worship”). This post will be useful for those Shiva Bakths who have one and only aim to be at Lord’s feet.
1. I am not rich, just a middle class guy. I don’t think so I can manage funds for such a huge trip, so am I wasting in reading this post?
No… If you have the will to visit Thiru Kailayam, then money is not an issue. Cost through land is 80k and if air 1.5L. Many people seeing such an expenditure back out. They don’t make the next move that is start praying Lord Shiva for this accomplishment. If you have the aim in your heart, everything will fall in line. There should be only one thought, one breath, that is visiting Thiru kailayam.

2. Import things to know for a successful trip.
a. Mouth Shut: From the day you have decided to travel, keep your mouth shut, give less words, any quarrel or any issue or accident on the road side, and do not show anger. Start being calm, Always think about the Lord Shiva. This is important because, at time we think we are right, but it might be opposite. So the consequence, you lose your good deeds. And if this is not there, accomplishment of the visit will never ever materialize.
b. Do your groundwork:
I wanted to visit sri kedarnath and sri Badrinath, and during the panch dwaraka tour, was speaking about this to my fellow yatri. He in-turn narrated his last year experience. All the yatris were travelling to sri badri Narayana, at a place called hanuman chatti, the bridge had broken, it will take some days to repair. Now the tour operator started asking suggestions, One said, If he pray at my Pooja room the god himself will come before me. Each and every one was giving a good itinerary. One maami was crying on the road, she was grieving and saying she was almost 70 and the chances for a future darshan was very bleak.
One more incident I will add, this year during the month of June, the yatris spent two days at Yama dwar, for having a glimpse of Thiru Kailayam, but no hope, they had to return empty. The clouds had completely covered Thiru Kailayam.

Even in my current journey, we came to the base Yama Dwar around 10am, but unable to view Thiru kailayam. Till 3pm the clouds had partially lifted, but luckily at 4pm, we had the darshan.

Now from day 1 start doing enough panjaksharam and visiting temples and jeeva samadhis, for making your trip a success. Don’t forget the Nayanmars. Rest I think you know more than me.

c. Do not blow your trumpet:
Till you complete trip, Do not reveal your yatra to everyone. It might end up as a failure.
d. Parikrama:
Thiru Kailayam has two faces, South and North (Ponnar Meniyene). One can have the South darshan, but for the North, you need to do parikrama, which will be visible in day one itself. It takes total 3 days to do a full Girivalam.

Is parikarama necessary?
Tibetians do sashtanga namakaram, get up and exactly were their body touched the ground from that point once again they will do the sashtanga namaskaram, Imagine it takes 3 days for us to do the parikrama using horse, Think how many days it is going to take them. Mostly if you are fit and consider yourself healthy do the complete parikrama by walking or by horse. But mostly do one day parikrama were one will end up seeing the North face (Ponnar Meniyene).
e. Tibetians:
During parikrama, Tibetians will provide horses and helpers to carry your bag (Total cost 30,000 INR). Many people (US) do not give proper respect or degrade them seeing their nature of work. Thiru Kailayam is the place were Lord Shiva dwells, and all the crores of Gods and Goddess visit Lord shiva there. All the rishis visit Thiru Kailayam abode of Lord Shiva. Indians are given the first right, who revealed the vedhas to the world, But still Thiru Kailayam is not with India, Lord shiva has thought that we Indians are not fit to keep any treasure safely, Donated Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, srilanka and when Chinese army was entering Sikkim, we were sending IPKF to sri lanka. Better not to speak about Tibet. Everyone know 1962.
Tibetians hold the first right to Thiru Kailayam. So they are not your servants but Lord’s shiva’s direct devotees or shiva ganas, during winter Lake Manasarovar will freeze and one can walk on it. And in this period, The Tibetans will be taken to some winter camp. When the first summer rays fall, they can hear the cracks of Lake Manasarovar from a very far off place. They will hold a grand festival celebrating it. During Budh Poornima, all Tibetans will cry at Thiru Kailayam, seeking Chinese withdrawal from their country. So the money you pay them is their whole year salary. So be careful while speaking with them. Don’t judge by their appearance.
f. Success is not having a glimpse of Thiru Kailayam:
Yes you are not successful, just by having the glimpse of Thiru Kailayam or doing the parikrama. You are right, you have earned billions of gold and diamonds in your bank account. But wait, the Lord sitting there is by no means an ordinary person, the calculation he does cannot be equaled by any one. Now the real test will start, you will be longing to go back home and then your travels will start harassing you, or that you might get end up being cheated by a shop keeper or someone. Thus you will start cursing and Lo! You will end up spending all your gold and diamonds in the middle. By the time you get back home, your coffers will be empty.
So till you reach home, be careful. Whatever be the crime, don’t utter any word other than the Lord’s name.

g. Lake Manasarovar – Do not be in water for more than 2-5 mins. After bathing immediately apply coconut oil prepared with pachakarpooram in the feet and in your palms. Apply Rasanathi podi on the head. It will absorb the water in the head. Do not use soap or shampoo for bathing. The water is divine and do not pollute the water. If possible drink Horlicks, because you might feel hungry. Don’t forget to take the sand and stones which are very precious. Also bring the theerth, purchase a new good pet bottles and fill it. White colour bottles used for theertham end up with holes.

h. Prayer at Thiru Kailayam:

Many would have seen a washer man using a wooden log to beat the clothes. Your body condition will be in the same condition, by the time you reach the peak. It would be battered, suppose if a person is in ICU or very sick lying on the bed, he will be lying still and watching the person entering the door, there will be no energy left. During times, after a long queue and long waiting hours, when one enters the sanctum sanctorum and sees the Lord, your body will have the adrenaline flowing. The power within you will flow all over the body. But here at Thiru Kailayam, you will be a powerless person. When you raise your head up and look at him, you will feel as though a photo in the wall. You will not have any energy left in your body to cherish your chocolate drink and run the taste all over your tongue. You will be like a person in the ICU looking at the door and seeing the Mount Kailash. Your body will be dead without energy. Only the eye sight will be alive and it alone will cherish. It will not be able to pass on the sweetness to the brain to start the bakthi.

It was morning 10 am, we were at Yama Dwar or the base, but clouds had completely covered Thiru Kailayam. No one was weeping or feeling sad. For 3 hours the yatris were speaking all the illegible words against the tour operators, cursing the guide and what not. One was cursing, since he was refused to do parikrama, One was after a horse to take a photo. Thus was the mentality of the people visiting the sacred place. Thiru Kailayam is the place were the rishis dwell and do Tapas, you might be sitting or standing there, but who know beneath your feet a Rishi will be doing the tapas. Or near you a god or goddess will be standing. Such is the sanctity of the place, hence be very very careful about what you speak and think. At that place do not utter any one word other than nama shivaya.

Yatra details:
By helicopter (for less number of days)
1. Chennai to Lucknow (train 2days or by flight 1 hour)
2. Lucknow (India) to Nepalgunj (Nepal) (By bus 4 hours).
3. Nepalgunj (Nepal) to Simikot (Nepal) (By flight 30 mins)
4. Simikot (Nepal) to Hilsa (China Border) (By helicopter 30 mins)
5. Hilsa (Nepal) to Taklakot (Tibet) (1 hour) –Visa formalities
6. Taklakot to Lake Manasarovar – 4 hours
7. Lake Manasarovar to Mount Kailash – 3 hours.

Name Height in Meters
Mount Kailash 6638m
Lake Manasarovar 4590m
Taklakot 4025m
Hilsa 3640m
Simikot 2910m
Nepalgunj 150m
Lucknow 123m
Chennai 6.7m

Name Height in Meters
Mount Kailash 6638m
Amarnath 5186m
Kedarnath 3553m
Badrinath 3300m
Sarahan(H.P) 2313m
Shimla 2276m
Ooty 2240m
Kodaikanal 2133m
Nainital 2084m
Manali 2050m
Darjeeling 2042m
Yercaud 1623m
Yelagiri 1111m
Haridwar 314m
Chennai 6.7m

Some tips on making the trip a successful
You will be visiting the highest altitude, normally the body will not be accustomed to such pressure. Once you complete the darshan(without Parikrama), First priority should be reaching Nepal as early as possible.

Indians will be given group visa, hence if few members or even a single person wants to leave Tibet, then visa cancellation charges are applicable and the cost will be borne by the person only.

Make it a priority to have enough cash for visa cancellation and bus fare cost to reach Mount Kailash->Taklakot->Hilsa. From Hilsa you will not have any transport charges.

Sometimes, the tour operator will insist, for those who do not wish parikrama, for 3 days, one can stay at hotel and view the Thiru Kailayam. Do not agree to this. Remember, you are in a very high altitude and many people have died before completing the visit. You will be torturing your body, one will feel that he is alright now, but might end up sick or many even die the next moment. Hence be satisfied and thank your body for this realization that your darshan is successful.

There is also another reason for coming down early. In Nepal climate is unpredictable. Suppose you go by the itinerary, stay for 3 days and at Hilsa or at simikot if the climate is not good, then flight services will stop. Then you can find the chaos. Every tour operators will try to leave as early as possible, and some might end up influencing. Also if already there are 3 days of waiting list, you will have to wait for 4 days to clear the rush, and once again if within the 4 days the climate is not good, then imagine the unthinkable.

Still…….wanting to stay back???? I will reveal the catch. Your travel operator would have stated clearly the number of days the yatra will be performed. Suppose the days are going to extend. Don’t imagine the tour operator will pay from his pocket for hotel, food, etc. I had to pay rs.2000/- every extra day. Till you make the payment, you cannot board the flight. Hence better pay the visa cancellation and come down as early as possible, else you might end up getting caught in the rush. And incur more loss than expected.

Keep at least Rs.50,000/- for emergency, in case of hospitalization. Hospital facility will be found in Taklakot(china) only. No medical facilities are found in Mount Kailash or in Lake Manasarovar.

Journey Details
From Chennai to lucknow via train or by flight. 2 days of train journey, From lucknow will be travelling to nepalgunj inside Nepal travel time 3-4 hours. There will be two bags, one big and another one will be shoulder bag. In shoulder bag, keep one set clothes and all necessary medicines. This bag should always be with you. During air travel, the bigger ones are loaded and incase of any flight delays, it might reach you lately, Hence you might suffer from cold or any conditions, your bag pack will contain everything.
From nepalgunj will be leaving by flight to simikot a hill area. Here you can acclimatize yourself. Near the airport at simikot, when you climb up, you can find a shop with Wifi or ask for internet access. Just pay INR 100 and you can have wifi for whole day. From simikot via helicopter for 30 mins ride takes you to Hilsa, a border with china, Only one house you can find. One has to walk for quite a distance for 5-10 mins to reach the cottage. Once again need to cross the river by walking or by jeep. Jeep costs you Rs.1000/-. Here there will be Nepal checkpost where stamping will be done.
After then get into a bus, direct taklakot in Tibet. Here the Chinese embassy verification. From here by bus to Lake manasarovar. Do not be there for more than 2 mins. Many people thinking that their body can sustain take bath for more than 15 mins. It might look great initially, during that night, they felt as though their heart is going to stop. Now the last destination, after few hours we reach Mount Kailash. If parikrama then 3 more days, else try to return back to Nepal as early as possible. Staying in the high altitude is always very risky.

Why do people fall sick or die in high-altitude?
In high altitude, the body needs to fight severe cold and chilly breeze. Slowly and slowly the body will lose its energy and strength to fight the cold. Thus allowing the failure of the organs, since the body does not have enough power. Your stomach will feel hungry, but you will not have the stamina to eat. Even lifting a glass of water from the table to your mouth will be a herculean task. People will not get diseases in high-altitude. But the pressure will be very high, the heart will not be able to withstand for a longer time. Thus it lapses or people start to get sick, vomiting. Avoid head bath during the journey. Always boil the water and drink.

Keep with you enough quantity for preparations for liquid food. For ex: red rice powder or raggi powder or as such. These can be given to the kitchen guys who will get you the liquid diet. Continuously keep pouring liquid inside your stomach, thus energy will not get drained. Keep at least enough energy within you to have some food for the stomach. Once you fail in this. You will soon end up in hospital. Rice will be cooked in cooker, hence do not expect rice kanji.

Dollar conversion issue: Tour operators might tell you to pay in dollars at Taklakot. In Nepal more than 1000 dollars are not allowed. This being a risky proposition, the tour operators will ask you to pay at taklakot. But there is a problem here. At taklakot if the cost of the dollar rises, then you have to bear the extra amount. Better make the full payment at chennai office or where ever it is located.

1. Neem oil: Initially at your home, apply neem oil to your chest during cold. See the results, if positive or if you think neem oil will suit you, Keep this plenty. During high altitude, heavy cough followed by thick saliva(Flem) might affect you. Apply neem oil to your chest and to your back. This preparation stops the chill winds to hit your skin, thus giving heat to your body. Secondly, it stops asthma and all breathing related diseases. Applying neem oil to the head releases heat from the head, but for some this might not suit. Since they will have sneezing with cold. Those who are driving throughout the day or in travel or in sales, applying it on the heat is a very good remedy for eyes and the head.
2. Thulasi powder or leaves – keep this during yatra to avoid vomiting.
3. Vilvam powder
4. Arugampul powder. From the yatra decision time, start taking these 3 powder, in early morning empty stomach or during night time with warm water regularly. But not needed during yatra
5. Coconut oil with pacha karpooram – Warm the coconut oil(Pathanjali coconut oil is good and cheap), add pacha karpooram to it. During yatra can apply to the feet and palms. Good for body condition. But applying in chest might lead to stomach problem
6. Along with regular medicines, for fever, vomiting, dysentery, headache, take energy capsules.
7. Bplex forte- A good energy capsule. (3 times a day)
8. Seven seas- energy capsule, might not suite some. (3 times a day)
9. Diamox – This is given during journey, to clear the water in the lungs. But also has side effects, your knee cap will feel the problem, one would feel as though it is rotating.
10. Glucose – taking glucose will release all the heat in the body. Hence use it accordingly.
11. Vicks inhaler.
12. Honey with warm water – This is very good for health, also an energy drink.
13. Horlicks 1kg – Have this continuously and regularly.
14. Avurotom mavu
15. Red rice powder(Sigappu puttu arasi)
16. Panankarkandu(Original 50gm Rs.35), mix with milk or drink with hot water. Remedy for those suffering from urinal problem, kidney issues and stomach problems. Will be a good energy drink during yatra.

Some preparation:
1. Do regular pranayama and attend classes of Sadhguru.
2. If possible weekly once visit Hill temples by walking, need not be Tirupathi, even sholingur(arakonam) might do.
3. Swimming (not for chennaities, since only bleaching powder will be found in swimming pool).
4. Avoid smoking, drinking and of course Non-Veg.
5. The more your lungs expands, you will have a healthy journey.
6. Make all your purchases at chennai or at your home town, At Nepal cost will shoot up. Same is the case at taklakot.


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Blessed to read this write-up. I would love to be in this divine place one day, God willing.
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