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its a mad mad mad mad mad world

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I think the religious people should first learn tolerance.

Without tolerance, the world will never be at peace.

Peace should be the ultimate goal of all religions.

Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti

All the best


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not even sure if this was reported in india.

here in toronto, the venerable globe and mail, it was a 2 inch article hidden away among international titbits of info.

i don't think too many people care if the africans butcher each other. till now, do we ever consider that millions were killed in rwanda or burundi over ethnic identity.



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The establishment/corporate media first priority is maintaining access. Then only comes news. Their fair and balanced coverage is about mindless equal time principle where even the most kooky ideas are give a forum. WaPo gives a platform for Bill Kristol who is part of the gang that put out the recent Al Qaeda 7 ad that even the Clinton era fame Ken Starr has come out against, and an assortment of torture defenders like Charles Krauthammer and Thiessen.

I myself watch Democracy Now of Amy Goodman regularly. She has been covering the Nigerian turmoil for a while now. They have a wide and in-depth coverage of news around the world. It is available online and via podcasts. Please take a look and you will get hooked.

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