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It is advantage Modi


It is advantage Modi now

According to opinion poll conducted by the Times Now and VMR, it is found that the popularity of Namo has jumped high.

He may have better chance in the upcoming election, as most feel that a second term for Namo will make India to take bolder economic reforms and more monetary policy easing.

Will this prediction work out…??

Lok Sabha elections 2019: Times Now-VMR survey predicts return of NDA with 283 seats

According to projections by Times Now-VMR opinion survey, the NDA is all set to return to power winning 283 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, The opinion survey, gives 135 seats to the UPA while the others are expected to win 125 seats. The survey was taken around 17, 000 respondents. The survey predicts that NDA will improve its combined vote share from 38.5% in 2014 to 40.1% in 2019. Meanwhile, the UPA is expected to win 30.6% of the total votes, an improvement from 23% in 2014.
Read more at:

Read more at: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/news/lok-sabha-elections-2019-times-now-vmr-survey-predicts-return-of-nda-with-283-seats/videoshow/68470165.cms

Read more at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/67759302.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst

Read more at: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/news/bjps-5yearchallenge-takes-a-dig-at-upa-highlights-nda-achievements/videoshow/67586621.cms

Let us wait and see the judgement of the general public
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Here is an International Bank who are confident about our nation’s short terms prospects.

They believe that there is high possibility of victory for Namo again …. And this is only a prediction as of now based on the actual performance of this Government during the past.

The general public are watching, they are watching the various welfare measures initiated by this Government and how they are progressing despite the lies spread by the Medias.

The opposition which is fragmented or suddenly seems to realized the importance of being unite, the take over the ruling of country from BJP and have thought of Mahagathbandhan to fight against BJP.

Will this work out in the upcoming election.

Actually, what is the current status of this Mahagathbandhan....?
Will any one please enlighten me...?
Have they settled with their demands among them viz seat sharing, power sharing, black money expenses sharing for election expenses which includes cash-for-vote, etc etc

Again, there is another factor, that in some of the States, the Regional Parties are so strong and the national party viz Congress will have no other alternative except to give way to them though they secure more seats like in Karnataka where the Congress was able to secure more 78 than JD(S) which was able to secure only 38, but in reality, it is Kumaraswamy of JD(S) who is now ruling State and the Congress now doing Dwarapalaka duty. Think about the plight of the general public who wanted Congress to come to power and uplift the State as promised in the Election manifesto. It is a lesson learnt by the public that this party cannot be trusted any more, as their object is NOT serving the public and avoid people who are striving to serve the public


Goldman Sachs upgrades India citing Modi's improved chances of getting re-elected

It seems that the strong possibility of a re-election for the Modi administration in India’s upcoming national elections has made at least one international bank confident about India’s short-term economic prospects.

Goldman Sachs just raised its outlook on India to “overweight” on high foreign fund inflows, which have been driven by the prediction that Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will likely secure a majority in the general elections. It haddowngraded India to “marketweight” in September 2018 amid rising oil prices and a falling rupee.

The high possibility of a Modi victory as well as monetary easing by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), due to low inflation, has also spurred foreign investor inflows, driving the rupee to a seven-month high.

Read more at: https://www.businessinsider.in/goldman-sachs-upgrades-india-outlook-on-modi-re-election-probability/articleshow/68479115.cms
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What is the success rate ofTimes Now and VMR in earlier polls.

This is Times Now prediction in respect of 2014 Election:

CVoter poll predicts (February 2014) Congress: 89 UPA allies: 12 BJP: 202 NDA allies: 25 AAP: 7 Others: 208
Link: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/national-lok-sabha-election-2014-survey/liveblog/30348665.cms

To find out the Election result you may please visit site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Results_of_the_2014_Indian_general_election

To find out the present strength of MPs in Indian Parliament (Party-wise) please visit site: https://loksabha.nic.in/members/PartyWiseStatisticalList.aspx


It is Honesty over Dynasty

It is development over over decay

India needs Modi as PM again

Maybe it is a litmus test for Modi to convince the people that he is not merely a leader who makes vain promises only to forget after elections. He has to explain voters his five-year rule achievements in economic and defence fronts and in maintaining strong bilateral relations with many countries. Only pessimists say that Modi must be defeated. Yes, he has to be defeated as he is as clean as a lily and his five-years governance ran without a major scam. The country faced no major religious flareups and he treated all religions with same respect except for the aberrations created by the fringe forces. He firmly checked the terrorist activities and many terrorists were eliminated by our brave police and ever vigilant armed forces.

He gave a clarion call ‘Swatch Bharat ‘and worked by adopting the principle of reform, perform and transform. He provided even to the remote villages power supply and the roads and bridges are built for the easy connectivity of States (excellent Infrastructure development). Now the choice is clear whether we need a clean nationalist strong leader like Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister and the power drunk rudderless coalition front without head to lead the nation. - Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

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Forwarding message received thro whatsApp

Indians could tolerate

800 years Muslim rule!!!

300 years British rule !!!

50 years Family rule !!!

10 years Italian lady rule !!!

But not 4 years of NDA rule?😬

Which trying to make India free of corruption.


Every one agree that Modi is not currupt. If Modi fails in his fight againt corruption and black money, no PM of India will have the courage to take this issue again on his agenda for next 100 years

and corrupt politicians, beaurocrates, police, criminals and businessman will keep looting this country as their birth right.

So it is the duty of every resposible citizen to stand in support of PM Modi and fail the evil design of corrupt people to incite violence and create anarchy.

If we fail to do our duty today, our children and grandchildren will never forgive us, will hold us responsible for not giving them a clean India.

If you agree, please send this message to all your contacts.

I am NOT in Politics and as of now, I have no plans to get into Politics, but there will be people who may consider this post to be Politically motivated. My Humble apologies in advance.

I was wondering why are so many people against our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I noticed that this started after Demonetization and keeping that in mind, I was thinking who could be people who will be affected by Demonetization.

I was shocked to discover that here are following categories of people who will feel the impact more than anyone -

1. Educational Institutions - They used to get all Capitation fee in cash and most of it unaccounted.

2. Terrorist Organisation -
Their Funding is under stress

3. Fake Currency Dealers - With stress on Digital Economy, they are under Major Stress

4. Real Estate Mafia- We all know that a Big Part of payment had to be made in Cash and now they find it difficult to account for unaccounted cash

5. Hawala Dealers- With almost all the money in account and a close watch on withdrawals, they won't mind killing Modi

6. Fake Trusts and Charities - They have been used for Money laundering and with the stopping of large donations by cash, they are unable to fulfill their primary agenda

7. Politicians
- Less said, better it is. Just look at almost NIL SCAM in last 3+ years is a Proof that many Politicians including BJP members are unhappy with Modi. They expected Modi to be like earlier Prime Ministers and close his eyes.

8. Rich Agriculture Land Owners - With most of the subsidy connected to Bank accounts, they are getting exposed.

9. Film industry- It's a well known fact that it uses a lot of Black Money and except for Genuine Film makers, others are suffering.

10. Sports & Other kind of Betting - We know that gambling (Except Lottery) is banned and still there was a turnover of USD 150 Billion.

Please understand that these industries employ some of the Most Brilliant minds in the country and they will leave no stone unturned to make sure that Modi does not get a second term.

Now it's for us, as responsible citizens, to decide whether we want to support the above 10 Categories of people or to support ourselves.*

P.S.:- If it makes sense, Please do forward 🙏
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The arithmetic and politics of coalition....

Hopefully, it may be better..

However, bootlickers of Congress may not agree with this.

Worst Case Scenario For BJP In 2019 To Be Better Than 2004 Results, Here’s Why

As we step into the 2019 polls, one is reminded by several electoral historians of the shock National Democratic Alliance (NDA) defeat of 2004, or rather the unexpected Congress victory of 2004. There is one statement by the current Vice-President of India, Venkaiah Naidu – he was then the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that I am vividly reminded of – we have Atal, Agenda and Alliance.



Thus, while mahagathbandhans are the key narrative of this election, the path of the journey and the lay of the land are much different from 2004, when alliance arithmetic pulled off several surprises. Yet, it is these very voters who gave us terms like rout, landslide and shock defeat. They could give us some more words to add in the lexicon in the days to come.

Read more at: https://swarajyamag.com/politics/worst-case-scenario-for-bjp-in-2019-to-be-better-than-2004-results-heres-why
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I agree with the opinion of financial experts that Indians afraid of parking their money in foreign banks and this itself is an achievement which the previous inactive Govt was unable to do though they were in power for decades.

This ensures financial discipline and will certainly prove as an advantage for Modi Ji

Will this incorrigible slandering-spree மொக்க pappu bhakts realize the ground reality before posting their absurd comments…??

Deposits in Swiss banks fell by 80% after Modi govt came to power, says Piyush Goyal

"After the NDA came to power in 2014, deposits in Swiss banks have been reduced by 80 per cent till the end of 2017," Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said.

Weeks after reports emerged that the money parked by Indians in Swiss banks rose over 50 per cent to Rs 7,000 crore in 2017, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has clarified that the data was misinterpreted as it includes non-deposit liabilities, business of Swiss branches located in India, Inter-bank transactions and fiduciary liability.

The SNB, which is also the central bank of Switzerland, further said that non-Bank loans and deposits (which really constitute the individual and corporate deposits used as Black money haven in the past and exclude inter bank transactions) have fallen by 34.5 per cent in 2017 compared to 2016 ($524 million in 2017 vs $800 million in 2016).

Citing data from Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the global body of central banks, Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said, "After the NDA came to power in 2014, deposits in Swiss banks have been reduced by 80 per cent till the end of 2017."

He told Rajya Sabha during question hour that he discussed the issue with Swiss authorities, who told him in a written reply that media reports "have not taken account of the way the (SNB) figures have to be interpreted."

Read more at: https://www.businesstoday.in/sectors/banks/deposits-in-swiss-banks-fell-after-nda-came-to-power-says-piyush-goyal/story/280617.html
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New member
Four phases of Election was already over.

Only three more phases to go.

The Big fight has just started for BJP

It is reported that BJP/NDA remains in the completely 'Safe Zone'.

The 'Opposition' tried to put up a united front against Modi, but miserably failed.

Considering the corruption-free Governance, Development oriented Administration, etc it may be a 'WIN' for Modi, but with slender margin.

It may even fall short of few seats and has to depend upon the Regional Parties.

Of course, Scamgress with the support of medias,may try to damage the chances with journalists artillery fire, war of words, punching dialogues, fake news, lies, etc (But one should not forget that Home Ministry has issued Notice to RaGa over citizenship status row and the arrogant Raga to file new affidavit apologizing for attributing 'CHOWKIDAAR CHOR HAI' to Supreme Court)

With such developments, who has the edge in this campaign.......???

Let us wait for the verdict

1556593472982-png.7361 It is advantage Modi
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Well-known member
As it stands now, after four phases of polling , it is clear that there is no Modi wave as in 2014.

UP seats are crucial . In phase 1 , the polling was in muslim dominant areas where their population is about

40%. Phase 2 and 3 are Mahagatbandhan strongholds. Only in phase 4 BJP might do better. The prediction is

20-23 lok sabha seats out of 39 in first four phases. In the balance three phases where the voting shifts to

brahmin dominant areas it is advantage BJP. Overall losses in UP could be around 30 seats in UP as compared

to 2014 which have to be made up elsewhere.. Bengal or orissa may not help much. Only in north eastern

states , they can gain a lot.In bihar , they have to ride on the backs of nitish kumar and Paswan . Here there

might be some gains from NDA partners.Gujerat is another state bJP should do well. Maharashtra will be

evenly split betwen BJP shiv sena and congress NCP. That leaves rajasthan and MP. they might tilt the


for or against BJP. In both states there is direct confrontation with congress. In these states they are facing

anti incumbency.

I doubt Bjp can cross 200 seats. With NDA partners they will get another 40 seats or so at best.So good

possibilty of a hung house.

Congress may get upto 100 seats which is double of 2014.

Regional non NDA parties hold the balance and some may help NDA to retain power.

It will be the regional players who will decide who comes to power.


New member
All seven phases of Election are over through out the country.

Now, predictions of Exit polls of the Elections have started appearing in Dailies

And there is no guarantee that these Exit Polls survey results need to be reasonably accurate, at some cases it has failed bcos of various factors of sample size, non-responsive biases, etc

And here is one such published in The Hindu which I would like to share with members of this Forum

Exit polls predict second term for PM Narendra Modi

‘BJP will retain its strongholds in the north and west and make considerable gains in West Bengal’

All exit polls released at the conclusion of the seven-phase 17th general election predicted a second term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The counting of votes will take place on May 23.

Most polls indicated minor to considerable setback for Mr. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttar Pradesh where it won 71 of 80 seats in 2014, but they were in agreement that the party would firmly hold on to its strongholds in the north and west and make considerable gains in West Bengal.

Read more at: https://www.thehindu.com/elections/lok-sabha-2019/exit-polls-predict-second-term-for-pm-narendra-modi/article27180333.ece?homepage=true

However, it is not going to be a bed of roses for whichever party that secure majority and form Government at the centre.

It is reported that this Government stopped buying crude oil from Iran from May 2nd on wards and this may result in hike in petrol prices, which will likely go up.

Let us wish good luck for the Party that secure majority and forms the Government.

Adyar Adigalar and the other Arm Chair political Analists of this Forum's position right now after their EXPERT calculation went wrong....!!!

Perhaps tomorrow it will more pathetic. LOL

1558530956993-png.7460 It is advantage Modi

We may propose...... but at times, it gets backfired..!!!

1558532610031-png.7461 It is advantage Modi

Elections 2019: Ten Questions Any Serious Journalist Would Have Asked Rahul Gandhi


If Modi is bound to answer for his performance, and for allegations made against him, so is Rahul, who aspires to be the prime minister.

So, if the mainstream media won’t do it, we will. Here are ten questions that any serious journalist would have grilled Rahul Gandhi on but failed to.

  1. What is your defence against Subrahmanian Swamy’s allegation of criminal misappropriation in the National Herald case?
  2. What are your ties with Quattrocchi, the alleged middleman who took a bribe and brokered the Bofors deal?
  3. You said in August 2018 that the Congress was not involved in the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots… despite the fact that you had admitted in 2014 that some Congressmen were involved. Where do you stand on the matter?
  4. Why have you chosen to contest from two different constituencies - Amethi and Wayanad - in the 2019 Lok Sabha election?
  5. In your manifesto, you have not touched upon an energy policy, which is among the most pressing issues of our times. What energy model do you propose for the future?
  6. You have been promising cash handouts and farm loan waivers as a way to deal with the farmer and agrarian crisis. But these are short-term measures. What is your long-term plan to combat the issue?
  7. The NPA crisis originated during the UPA regime. How was this allowed to happen?
  8. Congress leader Chidambaram coined the term ‘Hindu terror’. Do you believe such a thing as ‘Hindu terror’ exists?
  9. Can you point to five development initiatives that you have implemented in Amethi in the last five years?
  10. There is an opacity about your life before politics. Tell us about your educational and professional life.
And that’s about it. As simple as that. From Rahul’s responses to these questions, wouldn’t you, the voter, be better equipped to make a choice?

Read more at: https://swarajyamag.com/videos/elections-2019-ten-questions-any-serious-journalist-would-have-asked-rahul-gandhi

Will the journalists ask such questions..... and will they get appropriate reply from this leader who aspired for the post of Prime Minister of a Largest Democracy in the world.

Now, some of the postings of Anti-Modi Brigades may resemble the Fox and the Sour Grape story

1558535070901-png.7462 It is advantage Modi

Our Modi Bashing Brigades will touch this subject tomorrow.

1558536745051-png.7463 It is advantage Modi

Who will win the race...?? LOL

1558580646259-png.7464 It is advantage Modi


1558602513956-png.7474 It is advantage Modi


1558605577931-png.7476 It is advantage Modi


Yet again, Modi Magic demolishes opposition
There cannot be one reason for the massive mandate since a number of factors were at play

1558663463993-png.7481 It is advantage Modi

Modi Magic worked because the voters either did not buy those arguments or bought it only partially. What they have more fully endorsed is his clean image, his politics of non-appeasement
Five years ago, the Modi wave had flattened the Congress and most other parties opposed to the Bharatiya Janata Party. Since then, we were told that not only had the victims been working overtime to devise strategies to overcome the reversal but that they had put in place a failsafe plan to ensure that 2014 didn’t repeat itself in 2019 through another wave. Now they cannot believe either their eyes or their ears. The wave, far from having been contained, had turned into a tsunami. A Modi blizzard, bang in the midst of summer, has all but buried a variety of rivals. If 2014 saw an unprecedented win for a party in 30 years, 2019 could give the record-keepers another data; it would be only the second time in independent India’s history that a ruling party returns to power with a bigger margin than the absolute majority it had got in the immediately preceding Lok Sabha elections.

Read more at: https://www.pgurus.com/yet-again-modi-magic-demolishes-opposition/


IT WAS DISGUSTING...... Three blind mice.....!!!

India’s longest election is heading towards the grand finale. The fate of over 8,000 candidates who contested in 542 constituencies is expected to be declared today. Going by the trend and the counting, NDA is doing well ahead of the Opposition and other parties.

Now, the mandate of the public proved beyond reasonable doubt that Modi has reasonably done well during his tenure and the majority of the general public wants him to lead the nation and they believe that this Government will deliver the goods promised and they also believe that the country under his Government is safe, showing progress in all aspects and they also believe that this Government is corruption-free, etc etc

The counting of Votes is going on and it is reported that PM Narendra Modi is set to win a historic THUMPING MAJORITY.

In this connection I would like to reiterate that in this Forum we had a thread under the caption ‘Modi’s Government score card for the last 4.3. years.’ This thread survived for eight months and there were nearly 427 replies and viewed by 15,000.

Such threads were started by the Torch bearers of Anti-Modi Brigades and there are two efficient jalras for second fiddling.

This Torch bearer of Anti Modi Brigade, has done lot of home work in searching in net ‘Anti-Modi’ materials, viz Cartoons, Memes, etc and posted them regularly. They were atrociously abusive with ill will against Modi and BJP in particular.

And the two jalras were equally tried their best to grab the golden opportunity and were mindlessly posting biased opinions and baseless C n P materials with prejudice.

This group was tirelessly posting ‘Anti-Modi postings, and were blindly spewing venom without knowing what is the ground reality.

One cannot forget the disdain postings against Modi. There were negativities and hatred in most of the posts. There were demeaning and belittling the national leader. There were disparaging remarks and comments. Their postings gave a definite impression to the readers that they are biased and prejudiced. They were sinister and deep rooter malice exist in every such posting. Facts don’t matter to them.

Going by the postings, one can easily define them that they have absolutely no knowledge in local politics and go simply by the news reports which are mostly fake ones or paid and thus they proved that they suffer under ‘FROG-IN THE WELL MINDSET’.

And those who question them or try for a meaningful debate will be termed as stupid, moron, idiot, etc

These filtered idiots would have by now realized that they were so far wandering in dreamland that their experience in politics is absurd.

They would have now realised that the public are better informed and took wise decision by voting BJP and thus avoided an inexperienced politician who freely lie and yet to show signs of maturity.

They would have also now realised that with only claim of dynastic lineage and repeated lies one cannot aspire for the post of Prime Minister of a largest democracy in this world.

Will these Anti-Modi Brigades assemble at one point and play 'ஒப்பாரி loudly. Let them take their own time and prepare themselves and do this for their own peace of mind as their hopes were not fulfilled and were disappointed.

They grossly misjudged the politicians and the public.

It is better that such Arm chair political analysts keep away from commenting on politics at least in future . It is disgusting to read their vomiting here.

BTW will these three blind.... open a thread with caption 'What is the score card of Rahul gandhi during this last 5 years as Opposition Leader....?

He successfully made scamgress as a sinking ship.

Do we really need such a Party, with such a leader with few in this Forum glorifying him senselessly.!!!


For the eyes of three blind mice...LOL

1558605259908-png.7475 It is advantage Modi

Modi Shining, Rahul a loser.. it’s not 2004, but 2014 again

What remains to be seen is whether the opposition will actually introspect on how horribly they have got India wrong, or would they continue with the same, never-ending cycle of abuse and lies.

Prime Minister Modi is set to win and is set to win big. According to trends so far, BJP is set to clock a larger victory than in 2014. Till last night, despite the Exit Polls giving a massive victory to BJP, several supporters of the party were fearful that 2019 could be a repeat for the dreadful 2004 where Exit Polls had predicted a massive victory for Atal Bihari Vajpayee but in an emotional twist of events, Vajpayee lost. As things stand now, 2019 seems to be a repeat of 2014 and Rahul Gandhi, continues to be a loser

Read more at: https://www.opindia.com/2019/05/modi-shining-rahul-a-loser-its-not-2004-but-2014-again/


Raga made several promises

He has thrown several challenges

But was unable to win in his own constituency

This is his score card. LOL

Rahul concedes defeat, trailing by over 40K votes in Amethi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday conceded defeat from his traditional Amethi seat to Union Minister Smriti Irani, of the BJP, even as the Election Commission continued to update the margin by 44,082 votes.

1558624331109-png.7479 It is advantage Modi

Around 7 p.m., the results flashing on the EC site, showed Irani has polled 3,32,842 votes while Gandhi, who had been winning the seat since 2004, got only 2,88,730 votes.

The results will be announced only after the VVPAT slips were tallied, an EC official told IANS.

Elections in Amethi was closely contested with Irani having maintained her lead since morning. It was only in the afternoon that the margin between her and Rahul Gandhi began increasing.

Read more at: https://www.dailypioneer.com/2019/top-stories/rahul-concedes-defeat--trailing-by-over-40k-votes-in-amethi.html


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It is advantage Modi now

I am as clueless as anybody else is, regarding the results of the elections but one thing I wonder is - the kind of relentless travelling / focused campaigning that Modi has been doing over the past two to three months, it must take a superhuman to not get his health affected. If you win elections comprehensively and then take seriously ill, it is not "advantage modi" :) The example of Jayalalitha is before us. So modi better take as many steps to recover his health, as possible. We need a healthy PM to take on the challenges....


Well-known member

I am as clueless as anybody else is, regarding the results of the elections but one thing I wonder is - the kind of relentless travelling / focused campaigning that Modi has been doing over the past two to three months, it must take a superhuman to not get his health affected. If you win elections comprehensively and then take seriously ill, it is not "advantage modi" :) The example of Jayalalitha is before us. So modi better take as many steps to recover his health, as possible. We need a healthy PM to take on the challenges....
Yes. Let the results take its own course. But the relentless work done by Sri Narendra Modi for the success of his Party is commendable. Only other people who come to my mind are Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru. Highly committed to their ideals. They were honest to the core and bold enough to speak the truth.

If the projections of psephologists come true, Sri Mody's part in this success cannot be ignored easily.

Let him be blessed with good health to serve this nation many more years.

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Going through the exit polls always set me laughing. They announce that they arrived at these results after conducting a survey with some 5000 (or 50000) respondents from about 50 - 150 constituencies. Do they know the vastness of India and how the voting pattern change drastically from Panchayat to Panchayat. At least if they took the trouble of criss crossing ALL 543 constituencies and interview, say 20 - 30 voters in each, and then published their survey results, I would have commended them for their meticulousness.


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If you have to do serious exit polling on a purely Scientific Basis it will be very tough and very costly . The sample size alone is not enough . For a diverse and non homogeneous country like India getting the right samples is Crucial more so when the players are more and not easy like a 2 party system like in USA . Here we have Congress going along with Communists in DMK Led front in TN and fighting bitterly Communists in WB and Kerala . One Psephologist couple of years back said on TV that conducting an exit poll is like conducting a Mini election in India and it is too Costly and not all can afford . The Ruling Party has access to the reports of IB ( Intelligence Bureau ) to give them regular feedback as IB agents are spread all over . But again the quality of the feedback depends upon the quality of the reporting done by the IB agents at the grass root level - they need to infiltrate every section of the society to give honest quality feedback and that is the hard work which many fail to do and everyone does the superficial reporting and pass on to their bosses sitting in AC rooms who pass on to the upper levels and so on . The terrorist attack in SL was due to lack of seriousness in studying the Intelligence reports . Rajiv Assassination was also due to such a failure as they took for granted LTTE will never do such a thing . Contrary thinking and willing to get bitter feedback is one of the ways to improve the quality of the sample input .

Today most of the TV and Print Media are forced to bring out their own surveys ( Pre Poll , Post Poll etc etc ) as it is intensely competitive but not everyone has the right setup and resources to do it Professionally and they mostly rely on the field reports of their reporters spread out all over India and it does give a good basic feedback on the over all mood but it is not comprehensive . For eg if you take South Chennai and interview people just in Adyar , Mylapore , Alwarpet etc where mostly Brahmins and IT Professionals are there then it will only be Pro Modi or Pro AIADMK but South Chennai also includes Saidapet , Alandur , Virgambakkam etc etc where other communities besides Brahmins are there and unless you take inputs from those areas across various economic and social sections you will end up only with one sided information .
So like this each place has its own uniqueness and it is very challenging to get the inputs from all sections to study the voting pattern .


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I am not a Modi-Bhakt, but I would still like him to be the PM of India. Maybe he will be better for India with his wings trimmed and lose some bluster for the Hindutva.

If he has good ministers to support him, he can be a good salesman, that is his strength.
I wish him success.


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I am not a Modi-Bhakt, but I would still like him to be the PM of India. Maybe he will be better for India with his wings trimmed and lose some bluster for the Hindutva.

If he has good ministers to support him, he can be a good salesman, that is his strength.
I wish him success.
Whatever may be the results of Tomorrow . Even if any party or front gets a Majority ( be it pre poll or post poll alliance ) it is quite a tough task Governing a diverse country like India . Winning in the Centre is one thing but winning in the states and having Good alliance partners in the State is Crucial . Even if BJP/NDA gets tomorrow 300 seats they have to deal with the other 245 Lok Sabha seats from Rival Parties and since BJP has lost the elections in major states like Rajasthan ,MP , Chattisgarh , Punjab etc etc their quota in Rajya Sabha will be less . The same holds true for any alternate formation be it Congress led or Thirdfront led front etc etc . No one party currently has access to all the powers of Lok Sabha ,Rajya Sabha and the States in India .So even if BJP/NDA gets 300+ as claimed by the Exit Polls and even if Modi becomes the PM once again he will not have a smooth ride and has to exhibit enormous Political skills in reaching Consensus and taking everyone along . in 2014 Modi had the advantage of the States of Punjab , Rajasthan , MP , CG etc in his side and that advantage he will not have this time because it is with Congress now and so even if he gets MP seats from these states in LS , getting the RS seats from them will be a Challenge . Also for the Congress unless you have MPs from these states it is difficult to get the job done through Centre .So it is tough challenge for all the parties involved and no one is going to have a smooth ride ir-respective of who wins tomorrow .


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If you have to do serious exit polling on a purely Scientific Basis it will be very tough and very costly
Then don't do this. Why bother? This is pure betting, and cheating the gullible, for TRP ratings.