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Ishta Devatha

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Shri Madhura Kali Amman temple, which is located in Siruvachur, has a legend behind it, i.e. Goddess Parvathi, who came to the village of Siruvachur, at the instance of Lord Shiva, to please His devotees, stayed at Siruvachur itself,
after the tantric , who was disturbing the local people, was disposed off. Goddess Parvathi, came in the form of Kali Amman. A tantric using his powers controlled the deity Shri Chelliamman and used Her for all his evil doings. Shri Mathura Kali is a residing deity after a benevolent act, helping her Sister Chelliamman to stay at Mathira Malai which is behind the temple. According to some stories, Kannagi, the heroine of the Tamil epic Silapathikaram, calmed herself down in this place after her departure from Madurai. While visiting this place, Shri Madhura Kali Amman, stayed that night particularly to help Shri Chelliamman, to relieve her from slavery under the tantric.

Shri Madhura Kali Amman destroyed the tantric and rescued Shri Chelliamman from her captivity. Surprised by the power of Shri Madhura Kali Amman, Shri Chelliamman told that she would move to the Periaswami (Mathira Malai) mount nearby and asked her be a protector and stay in Siruvachur itself but wanted that the first respect (mudal mariyadai) has to be offered to her. Accordingly, during the pooja times, the arati is first shown, by the Pujaris to the mount where Shri Chelliamman is stayput. Deepa Arathanai and Pujas are in the main temple without any break. As Shri Madhura Kali Amman came to Siruvachur on a Friday, SHE gives Darshan in the Golden Kavacham to the devotees on Fridays and Mondays. Following this, the temple is open only on Mondays and Fridays.

The beautiful temple is situated at the village limits surrounded by mounts, lake, tanks and green fields blowing a gentle and a cool breeze. This was renovated by Kulothunga Chola, to pay his gratitude for a getting a child blessed by HER. She is a powerful deity protecting the people. The temple is open to devotees only twice a week i.e. on Monday and Friday. It is believed that the main deity Shri Mathura Kaliamman stays with Chelliamman during the remaining days of the week. .

[h=5]Importance of this temple is that the Devotees visit this temple to get blessed and for seeking the blessings:[/h]

  • For education
  • For timely weddings
  • For the gift of childbirth
  • To regain loss of belongings
  • For cure from ailments and minor bodily problems
  • For successful litigation

She is an Ishta Deivam for many of late because of HER devine powers.


Hare Krishna
Namaste Sir,

I am curious to know if there are any divinations, 'arul vaakku' being carried out in the temple? In many amman/Mariamman temples, arul vaakku used to be carried out in olden times...



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There are certain Swamijis, who dedicate to the fullest service of the Lord, render support, guide to the needy devotees.
They also relieve people from all turmoil, may it be financial, medical, psychological or spiritual, purely with Divine powers
that they possess. It all depends on the devotees to believe and follow them. Devotees, who have experienced
and benefitted from such practices approach the Swamijis. In Uppliappan Temple near Kumbakonam, this practice is

I have witnessed and heard too at the temple of Lord Sri Oppiliappan, near Kumbakonam. The people who have assembled
there told me that the Lord Himself, sits on Swamiji’s tongue during the Arul Vakku. This practice is going for well over
3 decades.

Generally Arul Vakku is given by only by a divine person, when he is in divinely state. No doubt, Arul Vakku is a relgious custom
in many temples. Devotees who believed did benefit as the prayer chanted in front of the Lord is being answered here.
What ever His Holiness Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava used to say did materialise.

Jaya Shankara Hara Shankara
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