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Is the New Opinion Poll fake and doctored ? !!


Well-known member
Is the New Opinion Poll fake and doctored ? !!

The new opinion poll seems fake, and has been doctored and looks like a major coverup job. It is sad and shocking that we cannot trust any news, surveys coming out of the Indian media.

Our media has lost every credibility and now we need a BBC to do a survey for us to believe the results.

In the worst economic downturn with 2.5 yrs of messy demo, GST, 50 yr high joblessness, bank NPAs, msmes wipe out, etc.. the survey says, people's lives are improving that too 45% when most urban youths are jobless, stock market is in free fall (specially the midcaps, small caps, ), farmer distress at peak, large parts of many states are under flood, etc.

Similarly the other nos are also unbelievable. (LOL..imagine if we had to doctor the reports, the idiot boss saying..hey put the numbers just below 50%....so no one suspects ..LOL)

The question is why did they dish out this opinion poll in just 2 months of a massive tsunami election. I mean, why will anyone do a election survey just 2 months into the new term, for what ??

Did evm tampering happen ?, was this survey done to prove the detractors otherwise ? Opposition parties had already raised this. Many opposition supporters, liberals also suspected this as much after the shock election results.

Hence, were they under pressure to come up with a fake opinion poll to convince everyone that the elections were won fair and square ?.

Nothing to talk about our media, when you think, they cannot fall lower, they surprise you with more. Hence it is impossible to believe any of these surveys anymore !

Unfortunate but that is the sad reality !!

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