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Is Karnataka anti-Dravidian? Why did they betray Kannadiga Big River by accepting TB

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Post in Quora...Somehow Tamilians have been mesmerized by this guy that they not have guts to oppose his anti brahmin rants...You can do politics only after saluting him...That is the hard reality..We can quote MGR, JJ who ruled Tamil Nadu without antagonizing his brand of politics

Is Karnataka anti-Dravidian? Why did they betray Kanandiga Big River by accepting Brahmins from Tamil Nadu?

Skanda Venugopal Feb 19, 2018
Accept it or not Dravidian Movement can be plainly re stated as “Anti Brahmanism”.

But Karnataka is a land where Brahmins are not only respected but also tightly integrated.
Brahmins have contributed enormously to Kannada.
Just look at the Jnanapeetha Awards.
Even in Unification of Karnataka , Brahmins played a very important role.
Aluru Venkata Rao was the leading figure of the Karnataka unification movement was a Brahmin and was called Karnatakada Kulapurohita .
And not to forget Sir M Visveshwaraya . Entire India knows about him. He was known for sincerity, time management, and dedication to a cause. Bangalore Press and Bank of Mysore were established during his tenure. A very important part of his nature was his love for Kannada. He set up the Kannada Parishat for the upliftment of Kannada. He wanted seminars for Kannada lovers to be instituted and conducted in Kannada itself.
In 2015 when derogatory comment was made on Shringeri Pontiff , it was quickly condemned by Brahmin Mahasabha, Vokkaliga Sangha, Vishwakarma Sangha, two Masjid Committees of Sringeri among others.
That is Unity.
It is well known that Dravdian theory was planted by British .
And now churches in Tamil Nadu are actively funding it.
While Caldwell's A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian family of languages was prescient in recognizing that Dravidian languages constitute a distinct language family, "Caldwell's primary concern was to convert the south Indians to Christianity" and at times the work deliberately ventures beyond the scope of linguistics to advance that goal
Caldwell asserted that the Chanar were not merely Tamil speakers but an "indigenous Dravidian" people, distinct ethnically and, most critically for him, religiously, from their high-caste oppressors, whom he referred to as "Brahmanical Aryans" (another invention of Caldwell's - in this case "Aryan" as an ethnic signifier for foreign and "Brahmanical" to signify the "Hinduism" of the high-caste).
These wildly speculative claims, well outside the scope of linguistics, were intended "to develop a history which asserted that the indigenous Dravidians had been subdued and colonised by the Brahmanical Aryans".
Robert Caldwell - Wikipedia
Almost five decades ago, the famous social reformer and educationist of Tamil Nadu, Chithbavananda, in his paper on Christian Hindu encounters, painfully pointed out the way Church officials had called Dravidian movement as a ‘time bomb placed in Tamil Nadu to destroy Hinduism’.
The Church, relentless in its evangelical agenda, has zeroed in on more virulent elements within the Dravidian movement as well as fringe Tamil nationalist-secessionist movements. Mathimaran, a vociferous Dravidian rhetorician claims that Bharathi, the great Tamil poet was only a Brahmin supremacist
Read more
The Sinister Games Of The Church In Tamil Nadu
Behind every Dravidian act a Christian push – Thamizhchelvan
No wonder Dravidian movement is simply non existent in Karnataka or for that matter in any other southern state !
Dravidian movement worked in Tamil Nadu because it was entirely under British. Where as at the same time Karnataka was divided and not all of it was under British.

Also Kannada and Sanskrit have shared a cordial relationship. And no wonder Muddana a Kannada author said,

“If Sanskrit is like a gold necklace , Kannada is like the gems in it.”
And Kannada also has significant Sanskrit influence.

They share a Sister-Sister relationship.
So all the talk of dravidian and anti dravidian will find very few or no takers.
Also it must be noted that Karnataka is not “Anti Dravidian” , instead very few people know about Dravidian movement and most people among them reject it.
And lastly who is Periyar?
Some rabid anti Brahmin Bigot
What was his contribution to Karnataka ? Nothing !
So why on Earth we kannadigas should have ever listened to him ?

The concept of hereditary Brahminism is not too different from Dravidianism or any other label tied to genetics. Brahminism is one of disposition.

Whatever funny theories (there seems to be a multitude) that exist on Aryans or Dravidians, it is a sociological and experiential fact that there is a racial Aryan identity tied to the ruling Brahmins of Hinduism. Just travel in North India or Nepal. Or pick up the Rig Veda and read the hymns of Indra. Dasyus refer to Dravidians -- just pick an Aurobindo book or Wendy Doniger's Rig Veda; many scholars deny this for obvious reasons, but it doesn't take a lot of intelligence to understand the racial subjugation of those labeled proto-Australoids, since antiquity.

I travel and pay attention to such traits. I wrote more on this: https://medium.com/@100and9/the-reign-of-aryan-brahminism-in-india-a326337248d9

It isn't too different from Peru, where Christian colonial descendants still hold a sway over indigenous people and their mythological thinking.

One should really think why Shiva, who is everything to Shaivites, plays the role of the Destroyer in Aryan sanctioned Hinduism.
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