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Iravadam Mahadevan-Obituary by S Gurumurthy


Well-known member
Well crafted obituary..I admire I Mahadevan!!

[h=1]I Mahadevan: ‘An extraordinary man, with impeccable honesty, brilliant mind, unbiased researcher’[/h] [h=3]Eminent Columnist S Gurumurthy had shared the following on Twitter about I Mahadevan, who passed away this morning[/h] IMA as I used to call I Mahadevan for 40 yrs was my friend. An icon for purity, in 1950s he negotiated with for import of 11 textile mills for TN. After deal was over they asked who would get the 9%. Shocked IMA asked for & got an extra mill. Read this thread as a tribute to him.
IAS officers were then allowed to use office car if they brought files home. IMA used to come in a taxi and get the files home by office car. He used to keep a pen filled with office ink for office use & a private pen filled work ink at home for private use. Mercilessly honest.
When he took voluntary retirement in 1980 his commuted pension did not cover his monthly expenses. His bank balance was Rs 1200. Goenka asked him to join as Executive Director of Indian Express. He did. But later became the editor Dinamani IE group famous Tamil Daily for 5 years.
A great pursuer of truth in Indus Research. Though he first found Dradian traces in it, by research, he debunked Aryan invasion theory, then formulated Aryan migration theory. His final finding is, it is integration of Rig Veda, result of his most strenuous research from 1978.
He accepted the antiquity of both Tamil and Samakrit and found they influenced each other. His latest research papers part of which has been published establishes the confluence of Rig Veda and Harappa.. a 50 year long travel to truth by the great soul in search of it.
I was privileged and blessed to spend my best years with him, learn from him, be admired by him. An agnost he didn’t believe in rituals. I was a thorough ritualistic. Yet he respected and loved me like younger brother. He has a message for all. Be in pursuit of truth always.
His only wealth the capital gains from the sale of his house he had bought on loan as an IAS officer was donated by him to Sankara Nethralaya and RK Math. The final balance of Rs 45 lacs plus he donated 3 weeks before he passed away to RK math. Didn’t leave a penny for family.
An extraordinary man, with impeccable honesty, brilliant mind, unbiased researcher, he left a treasure of findings in Harappa for posterity to understand and expound the truth.


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