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introduction and some views

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Hi everyone,
I'm sankar and a brahmin.Their is a common feeling that all brahmins are cowards and their is no unity among them.When they are asked to kneel they choose to crawl, and many brahmins lack the initiative and drive that is found in other castes.
HI Sankar,
Have u heard the name indian army GENERAL PADMANABHAN..
he belongs to tamil brahmin...even many tamil brahmins are
serving in army/navy/air force...they are not cowards...
may be they are unsung heroes....

reply to senior

Dear Senior,
When I said brahmins are cowards I do not mean exceptions as exceptions are not examples.I mean an ordinary brahmin leading a very ordinary life,he is not like an ordinary christian or a muslim or a naidu
i too agree with you sir, right from childhood we are taught "dhoostanai kandal thoora vilagu". we are brought up like that. but still I hope we have brave heart to face anything, (may be to digest anything). And now our people started thinking about it, so slowly it will change.
Dear Sri SRK Ji,

Again you are making statements that are provocative. Bravery is not about how we take laws in our own hands. Sir, right now, you stand at the edge of being banned. Please collect yourself and self edit your words, going forward.


Sankar ji ,Brahmins are not Cowards,they are HERO's of a aaaaa very big large Community,called TB's. To day there is no meaning in Dhoostanai Kandal Thoora Vilagu theory, (edtd - KRS).S.R.K.
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i have a close friend, who is of chinese origin, but was born and brought up in jamaica, which is predominantly black.

the chinese i know, mostly from hong kong or mainland china, are often small in stature and avoid physical confrontation - an attitude pretty much similar to myself in my younger years.

this jamaican chinese friend used to get teased everyday in his younger years - 'dog eater' being the kindest of the taunts.

so, his dad, unlike mine, put him in a health club and very soon he started building his physique. along with it came confidence and also the latent aggressive instincts, which i think, our brahmin parents do the utmost to snuff out in their sons, especially the first born.

very soon my chinese friend felt confident, not to avoid, but to confront his taunters. something about the way his new found personality, perhaps the way he carried himself, almost immediately caused the taunts to stop.

deterrence through confidence which comes through physical growth and a srong body, i think, goes a long way, to win respect from sections of society, to whom, these are the manifestations of manhood.

some years ago, this chinese jamaican, along with a few other non whites, were walking in a park, when we saw a bunch of boisterous white teenagers marking their names on a tree.

it is a situation, where even the whites would turn and go the other way. but my friend, walked upto them, gave a lecture about the respect for public property.

while we waited with baited breath for our friend to get bashed, to our surprise, the teenagers, kept quiet, mumbled something and slunk away.

it does not matter who you are, if you have the confident bearings and a physique to back it up. it provides the best deterrence against any aggression.

to sum up, i think, our parents, in addition to encouraging book learning, would do well, to join our youth in group sports or body building to boost their confidence.

i don't think anybody from our community should take s**t from any riff raff meekly. there are ways to build deterrence, without being overtly aggressive, but sufficient to discourage any bully.

thank you.
Hi everyone,
I'm sankar and a brahmin.Their is a common feeling that all brahmins are cowards and their is no unity among them.When they are asked to kneel they choose to crawl, and many brahmins lack the initiative and drive that is found in other castes.
Dear Sankar,
what you have said is in your mind only. Not in mine nor in the minds of a majority of Tambrahms. We are the inheritors of the courage of Viswamitra & Parasurama not of shikandi.Throw away these negative thoughts." Jitva tu labate raajyam, hitva to labate yasha:".
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Dear Mr.Sankar,

We can fight only in a democratic way and not physically. Recently Mr.Subramanyam Swamy ( a Tamil Brahmin) was physically assaulted in Madras High Court but he didn't yield a single inch. But legally he got lot of relief from the Supreme Court in the Rama Sethu issue.

We can fight only in a civilised manner and non-violent manner. Let us continue to fight for our rights through the various pillars of democracy. We are not afraid of anything and please remove such fear complex from your mind
bravery is not in fighting . tolerance is the essence of our dharma
without dharma where we have to ?


not sure what you mean here? are you referring to my post about my chinese jamaican friend?

can you please elaborate? can you give me some examples of what you mean?

i do not understand 'dharma' as it is used today. it appears to mean different things to different people. i would rather be specific.

thank you.
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