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Introduce yourself here


New member
Namaskaram everyone,

I am a Telugu brahmin, settled in USA ( working) with my wife and a son. I am in my forties and so looking to retire and return to India and stay in either Kanchipuram, Tiruvannamalai or similar holy places in Tamilnadu with the kripa of Sri Kamakshi Amman.

I'm Srinivasn, currently pursuing master in Europe. My ancestory is from udaiyalur near kumbakonam, settled in chennai. I'm interested in ushering cultural renaissance to our society and safe guard our values from western intoxication


New member
Hello Every One,

My name is L Rama Krishnan and staying in Delhi. Came across this community web when I was searching some Tamil slokas. Hope this would be an interesting one and would put every effort make my stay also worthy.

With regards,


Good Morning.
Very Good Mr. Srinivasan. It is very important for us to save our culture and values. I am happy youngsters like you are willing to take the mantle further. All the best to you.

Rathi RR

New member
Great work started by Praveen ( i presume.). i am tech savvy . So i am unable to reply fast like others . still learning .
my admirations to all who are running the threads ........very nice job......... soon i will also learn to participate / navigate at this site .
My name is S.Gopalan, joined this forum long back, but introducing myself for the first time. I was practising as a Chartered Accountant in Delhi for the past 34 years, and since May,2018, settling down in Chennai.Trying to help our community in finding suitable alliance for their siblings.
On Monday, the 19th, attended the marriage function of my nephew. Met parents of an M.B.A Son, working in Chennai and they need a suitable Iyengar girl for their son. In the same way, mother of an Archakar, working in Thirupullani need a suitable Iyengar girl for her son. In the same way 37-38 years old boy working in T.C.S. Bombay, needs a suitable Iyengar girl.
Iyengar girl (27-28 years)working in Central Government, Chennai needs a suitable boy.
I am trying to get all the details and particulars of the above boys and girls and try to help the parents in my spare time.
I am very happy to have joined this forum.
Dear Aya Krishnaswamy,

My name is Vinod N Sami and I hail from Fiji have been in Chennai and also in the process of learning Puja Vidhi-s especially for Temples Puja ...
Vannakkam to All!

Respected Sirs,

My name is Vinod Narayan Sami and I hail from Fiji, currently, I am training to perform temple rituals or temple Puja's, and I am in the initial stage and would appreciate if I am provided some guidance and assistance in Puja Vithi's. I will also be coming to Tamil Nadu shortly for attachments.

Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards

Vinod N Sami


New member
I want to perform grapravesam for my new home in the month of february or march.....i need good prohithar to perform this and i want to know their fees.......
Hello guys,
I am Sundaram and an ardent Rafi Saab fan. I would love to interact with you on music. I love this forum which gives splendid and in depth details regarding our community.?


New member

நான் இன்று முதல் ஒரு அங்கத்தினர்.
Vanakkam to each and every one ,
I am Sridhar Ramadurai. I am born and bought up in Vijayawada. We are originated from Kooram near Kanchipuram. We are manufacturers of Coffee powder and dealers of Tea Powder for the past 43 years in Vijayawada. We want to open a branch in Chennai. My Wife Krishnaveni is looking after our Shop. She is from Devakottai near Karaikudi. I am doing one more business dealing with school shoes and socks in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. I have one son Srivatsan Sridhar. He is going to complete his B.com in computer science this year. Thank you all for giving this opportunity to introduce myself to you all.


I am Ramadass and I am 59 years old. I am basically from Mangalore, Karnataka and a Shivalli Brahmin. I studied in Chennai and now I am settled in Nanjangud, Mysore. I did my M.A. in English fro Madras University.


New member
Namaskarams to everyone. I am Santosh Subramanian from Mumbai. My grandparents are from a village called Chorottur in Palakkad. I am an Iyer, Srivatsa Gotram, Swati Nakshatram, 31 years old and enjoy Sanskrit language, Vedic culture, agraharam style living, samayal chapad, carnatic music and motorcycling. Looking forward to learning and contributing to our community.
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