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International Yoga Day 2018 Celebration in India



Health is wealth

International Yoga Day is celebrated today

International Yoga Day 2018: How to twist yoga into fitness fusion for a fun workout session


International Yoga Day 2018: From fashion to food, everything seems to be going into fusion mode, so why not make fitness into an interesting cocktail of exercises too? This year, give your yoga asanas a peppy twist

Are you an early morning bird who loves to power up for the day by working out during the early hours? Breathing exercises, courtesy of yoga, can be effective for asthma patients and those who like to blend in the physical, mental and spiritual components of exercise, all in one.

While the calming, relaxing and flexibility advantages of this ancient Indian science remain undisputed, it is quite normal to get into a fitness rut and look for more fun variations. With everything, from fashion to food, going in fusion mode, there’s no reason why fitness can’t be made into an interesting cocktail of various exercises. So, this International Yoga Day, why not give your yoga workouts a peppy twist? If you’re addicted to yoga, there’s a good chance you will enjoy these workouts that have similar benefits as the traditional yoga sessions.

Pilates: For the flexibility of yoga asanas

Coined by Joseph Pilates, who was a Yoga student himself, this fitness method also combines the principle of physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Very popular among Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, Pilates can be very effective for flexibility and reducing body pain, thanks to its amazing stretches.

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Let us learn from this Paati

Meet Yogapaati Nannamaal Amma, India's oldest, amazing and inspiring 99-year-old yoga teacher


For this yoga instructor age is just another number.

Her indefatigable spirit and conviction in spreading Yoga awareness is second to none. Referred in the media circles as Yogapaati (Yoga Granny), this granny was the show-stopper at a Fashion show a few months ago.

While most people at half her age, would have coughed and squirmed at the mere thought of exercising, this 99-year-old Yoga instructor, fondly referred to as Nannamal Amma, is just inspiring netizens.

For her age, Amma not only stands, walks and sits without a stooping gait, but performs some of the most difficult Yogic postures.

Read more at: http://www.sify.com/finance/meet-yo...yoga-teacher-news-business-sgvlWLdihdgfj.html

[h=1]Bend it like Nanammal[/h]

[h=1]Meet the 98-year-old yoga instructor who performs age-defying yoga poses[/h]Nanammal folds her hands and chants matha, pitha, guru, deivam… I repeat after her. We are on the terrace of her house in Ganapathy, near Coimbatore, basking in the warm rays of the morning sun.

“Stand straight. Raise your hands above your head, bend forward, and touch your toes; don’t bend your knees,” the instructions come thick and fast from 98-year-old Nanammal, possibly the oldest yoga instructor in India. She is teaching padahastasana (hand-to-foot pose).

Next is paschimottanasana (seated forward bend). I sit down, stretch my legs forward, bend my head, and struggle to hold my toes with the thumb, index and middle finger, without bending my knees. She moves effortlessly on to sarvangasana (shoulder stand). As she lifts her legs high and balances her entire body on her shoulders, I am dumbstruck. I attempt it, somewhat clumsily, and get an encouraging pat from the endearing paati.
[h=1]Read more at: http://www.thehindu.com/life-and-st...-the-secret-of-her-energy/article19102766.ece[/h]


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Response to Yoga is generally low in TN compared to other States, tho' Patanjali's Yoga's origin is TN....I guess there is lack of enthusiasm & no support by the State Government!!


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nasty-asnatas 'tu yogo 'sti
na caikantam anasnatah
na cati-svapna-silasya
jagrato naiva carjuna (Bhagavad Gita 6.16)

There is no possibility of one's becoming a yogi, O Arjuna, if one eats too much, or eats too little, sleeps too much or does not sleep enough.

yukta-cestasya karmasu
yogo bhavati duhkha-ha (Gita 6.17)

He who is temperate in his habits of eating, sleeping, working and recreation can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system.

Wonder how many yoga practitioners follow this? :)

In our modern lifestyle, a lot of the health disorders are caused by overeating (and junk food in high quantities) and lesser sleep. At least if these two issues are remedied, along with a regular exercise regimen, many of the health issues can be remedied.
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