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India's Kashmir Policy is a recipe for disaster. Here's why !!

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India's Kashmir Policy is a recipe for disaster. Here's why !!

This sudden decision to abrogate the article 370 and 35A with such force is a recipe for disaster. In one swoop, this govt has created potent enemies of our Kashmiri people by not taking their leaders into confidence, and worse the idiotic Trump.

This will create deep resentment and could play out in continued terror attacks and loss of innocent lives. Hope the govt reaches out to the leaders and people, and assuage their feelings by this drastic move.

And it will not be easy to settle other Indians in Kashmir overtime, like how Israel is doing in Palestine. It will lead to continued intentional pressure and worse sanctions when we can least afford it given the mess of our economy.

In retrospect, we can now piece together this entire saga of Kashmir and is very concerning.

1. Obviously this decision to abrogate articles 370 and 35 A was in play for a long time, planned prior to the elections.

2. It seems clear that Pakistan had this critical info about India's move. Hence they began to work the wheels of power and put brakes on this govt.

3. Pakistan was somehow super confident that this govt will come back to power again (evm?), hence began to work to counter the planned Kashmir move.

4. Pakistan staged the Pulwama attack before elections deliberately to draw this govt to escalate with counter attacks. Pulwama attack, that too on Indian soldiers, could not have happened without ISI. Remember, only prior to elections, any Indian govt would be forced to retaliate. If this had happened after elections, the govt may have pursued a aggressive diplomacy of bringing sanctions on Pakistan,

5. How can any terror organisation know when Indian troops are on the move, to plan the attack with such precision and timing, except for spy agencies like ISI with deep assets or worse, is China spy agency at work ? This massive Intel failure was raised by a few, but was lost in the din.

6. Now, with Pulwama and subsequent attacks, the Kashmir issue has become internationalised with both going to UNSC.

7. India engaged USA on the cross border attacks, and sought their support to curb terrorism. Big mistake, given both USA and Pakistan were collaborating on this issue.

8. Imran in the meanwhile, cleverly got trump on board to mediate, and with the megalomaniac on their side, we are at a huge disadvantage.

9. To counter this mess, we have now responded by abrogating the articles of association probably much earlier than planned. I would imagine any govt to take the key opposition leaders if not the local leaders into confidence prior to such a drastic move.

So I fear, we may have triggered a long and protracted battle by this action. Now both USA and Pakistan will work together against us on Kashmir in UNSC. Don't forget China who will be happy to pass such a resolution against us. And with trump and Imran working together, there is a possible risk of sanctions on india !

The Indian media needs to stop the nonsense that Pakistan is scared, so scared etc.. due to Imran's outreach for peace. If anything, one should never underestimate Imran, he is playing a dangerous game of courting trump on one side, pushing ISI to launch attacks on Indian soldiers, and working the wheels of power with USA and China by his excellent diplomatic skills and deep connection with the west, and is clearly calling all the shots unlike the earlier narrative of Pakistan army.

By the way, Pakistanis are trending on twitter, asking their army to retaliate against india. Both govts need to work to pull back and hold peace, not slide into war !!


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Let's keep the discussions civil. Absolutely no abuses, name calling, crackpot comments, etc.. Nobody likes to get abused, I am sure you don't want to as well.


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How did this govt alienate USA which has been fighting terror for last half century towards Pakistan? And how Imran is using trump to further his Kashmir agenda will go down in history as a unprecented diplomatic coup !!

Imran Khan is clearly the real brain behind this, and he is isolating us globally and pushing us into a corner.



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For Pakistan, a war now would be a boon for them. This will allow it to internationalise Kashmir and bring both USA and russia into the fray. Trump will provide online commentary on millions dead, trillions injured and how bad things are and how he is pushing both sides to stop the war and maybe look for the Nobel prize. He will howl down the throats of india, Pakistan to stop war, negotiate Kashmir, so he can win that silly prize. It would be hilarious if not so tragic.

India has unnecessarily boxed itself into a corner and if we don't fray the nerves, we could get isolated globally and trump could even go the sanctions way given that he is upset with the tarriffs.

Despite the euphoria, there is really no benefit in abrogating these articles of association, rest of india is not dying to go to Kashmir and buy houses, setup families. And without a army and separate foreign affairs, the earlier j&k state had no powers to secede, so why do this ??

Surprising that the many stalwart bureaucrats have lost the plot with this govt and allowed us to drift so far from our longstanding non aligned policies.


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After investing so much time and effort building the relationship with China, we have lost the plot by this move. China is protesting more vehemently than even Pakistan and are openly warning us.

This is what happens when you take such aggressive posiitons, you have no room for pullbacks, reassess and fight again. One has to continue to fight to finish and hope the enemy pulls out before the disaster.

In the worse case scenario, we may end up with simultaneous war on both sides - Kashmir and Ladakh. No way are we close to the last work on this never ending tragic saga !


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This recipe is Halal for normal Kashmiri Halahal for left liberals & Pakistan sympathiser!

I am sure Jaykayji can take care of this, but I could not stand this vilification of "freedom of Speech".
OH MY, You did it.
This post is written by a dictator or dictatorial sympathizer.
I am sorry I thought we live in a society where opposing views are welcome.
I do not agree with the original post, but people can have opposing views without being targetted by these pseudo nationalists.
This post is penned by an UNliberal, and may I say an ignorant tyrant. Or copy-pasted by a pasty who doesn't understand democracy or humanistic opinions.

Please do not speak for "Average Kashmiri", when you do not know one or even understand them.
I am sorry if this a harsh criticism but it was meant to be.

Watch the Movie:

Read the latest from Inside Kashmir:

IAS officer turned politician Shah Faesal on his Facebook page has posted update about the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir. According to him, most places are out of bounds except for those having curfew pass. Top politicians like Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah couldn't be contacted, said Faesal.

Here's the full text of his Facebook post:

Kashmir is experiencing an unprecedented lock-down. From Zero Bridge to Airport some movement of vehicles is visible. Other places are completely out of bounds. Except for patients or those with a curfew pass.It was not possible to reach Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Sajad Lone or send a message to them.In other Districts curfew is all the more strict. You can say that the entire 8 million population has been incarcerated like never before.

As of now there is no shortage of food and essentials. My sources in Administration told me that Sat Phones given to officers are being used to coordinate the civil supplies. No other means of communication is available.

Those with Dish TV have access to news. Cable services are down. Many people still have a bleak idea of what happened. Radio was working till a few hours ago. Most people are watching DD. National media is also not being allowed to move into interior areas.

People are in shock. Numb. Yet to make sense of what befell them. Everyone is mourning what we lost.In my conversations with people besides 370, it's the loss of statehood that has hurt people deeply. This is being seen as the biggest betrayal by the Indian state in last 70 years.

But Ms. JJji knows what "normal Kashmiri" wants. What a laugh? And what level of ignorance?
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This recipe is Halal for normal Kashmiri Halahal for left liberals & Pakistan sympathiser!
Quite the contrary, this disastrous policy is a cake for Pakistan to internationalise Kashmir which they are doing now to great effect, and a halahala for the clueless and foolish govt and the Bakths.


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Kashmir is really a paradise that was lost 70 years ago . But a few selective liberals living in fools paradise think Jammu and Ladakh are not parts of Paradise (that was) Lost - You can see these people celebrating on Paradise Regained !
Another self goal eh? The Bakths are the one, who are truly living in fools paradise, and dreaming about the grand visions of non existent development, some unknown great pride restored in foreign countries that no one cares two hoots, LoL.

The way this govt has messed up the Kashmir policy, both Pakistan and China are celebrating this opportunity and going hammer and tongs against us.

So much for what ? Oh, Chanakya Neeti ?


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Imran’s govt, army planning big retaliation

After its bold move to reorganise Jammu and Kashmir, India expects Pakistan to mount a massive diplomatic offensive besides other steps with reports from Islamabad suggesting that the Imran Khan government and Pak military working on a series of actions against India.

On the diplomatic front, Pakistan has already approached the UN in New York and Indian officials expect Islamabad to go ballistic during the UN General Assembly session in September, which will also be addressed by PM Narendra Modi.


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Islamabad has already approached the OIC to condemn India’s action. On Tuesday, UAE though broke ranks by describing it as an “internal matter” of India.

China came to Pakistan’s assistance, with a sharply worded criticism by Communist Party mouthpiece, Global Times, which criticised India’s decision to make Ladakh a Union Territory, “putting Chinese territory in the western section of the border under its administration which affects China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty”.

The Indian security establishment is preparing for a big spike in infiltration attempts. Over the past couple of months, Pakistan, under pressure from the FATF, had reduced infiltration and even thinned out terror launch pads. Indian officials also expect Pakistani entities to “reach out” to key persons in J&K to fan an indigenous uprising.

In addition, India also expects Pakistan to try to get the US to put pressure on India, leveraging Islamabad’s key role in the Afghan peace process and US pullout from the region. Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had warned US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad that any “big development” in J&K would “negatively impact the peace process in Afghanistan”.

On Tuesday, Khalilzad held discussions with foreign minister S Jaishankar, following which the minister tweeted: “The conversation provided a comprehensive update on the situation in Afghanistan. Shared views on how we could work together effectively.”


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India will also be a lot more vigilant about Pakistan going back to use its jihadi proxies against India. This has been a Pakistani promise to the FATF. Pakistan has until October to demonstrate good behaviour on a set of parameters, if it is to avoid the FATF blacklist. But there is a perception that the US would not like to push Pakistan into the blacklist as an incentive for help in return to get out of Afghanistan. Its not clear how the US would play if Pakistan goes back to its “good terrorists”.

Within J&K, Indian security action over the past few months emasculated the separatists by targeting the sources of finances. This could be stepped up. But India has also been concerned with the rise of Islamic State-inspired groups like Ansar Ghazwatul Hind and ISJK in the valley. Pakistan can “control” traditional groups like LeT and JeM, but these new groups are out of their ken. India reckons that while Pakistan would like to keep India and J&K under terror pressure, the IS-affiliated groups would tie the unrest in the state with global Islamist terrorism, undermining the self-determination argument.

Read more at:

I am sure the government of India is aware of these factors. Pakistan's reaction is as expected. Donald Trump being unpredictable we may have some problem.
But then again no one expected this to be a cakewalk.

Going back to the original post I disagree with that opinion.

It was inevitable, and hopefully a calculated Risk. I would not call it a disaster.

Post#13,14, and 15 are 3 part of the same post. I could not post as one post.
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Retaliating to India’s decision to scrap Article 370 which pertained to J&K’s special status, Pakistan has asked the Indian High Commissioner to leave and has also suspended trade.

  • Congress leaders call it short-sighted and a knee-jerk reaction.
  • Former high commissioner says stopping trade with India won't impact us much.
  • BJP's Ram Madhav says Pakistan doesn't have a locus standi on issue.
An official statement from the Pakistan Government read, “Pursuant to the decision of the National Security Committee today, Government of India has been told to withdraw its High Commissioner to Pakistan. The Indian Government has also been informed that Pakistan won’t be sending its High Commissioner-designate to India.”

This means Ajay Bisaria would be returning to India while the newly-appointed Pakistan High Commissioner would not be coming to India. The National Security Committee had met at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Office to discuss India’s decision to abrogate Article 370. Those attending included Cabinet ministers and other senior officials, said reports.

Reports said the committee took some drastic decisions which include a downgrading of diplomatic relations with India, suspension of bilateral trade, review of bilateral agreements. Additionally, it decided to raise the matter at the UN, including its Security Council.

Sources said while Pakistan will celebrate August 14 as its Independence Day, it will celebrate August 15 as Black Day. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also reportedly asked his armed forces to remain vigilant.

While there is yet to be an official statement from India, experts and politicians who did speak about it didn’t make much of it. BJP’s R Madhav pointed out that Pakistan has no locus standi on this issue. “Indian Parliament had taken a decision about Article 370 in J&K and that’s an internal matter. No other nation has locus standi to react on this,” he said.

Former Indian high commissioner to Pakistan TCA Raghavan pointed out that snapping of trade ties would not really affect us. “Trade between India and Pakistan, unfortunately, has never been of a large volume. Steps they have taken are to show their political constituencies that they are dealing with the matter. In any case, not having diplomatic contacts is not a good development.”

Congress’ Salman Khurshid wondered how the move would benefit Pakistan. “These are short-sighted decisions. It’s only they who’ll suffer losses. But if they want to take a symbolic decision, it’s their choice.”



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1565221945923-png.7764 India's Kashmir Policy is a recipe for disaster. Here's why !!

People protest against the government's decisions on Jammu and Kashmir in Bengaluru on Monday. Image: PTI/Shailendra Bhojak

I am with the Indian majority which has been clamoring for this.

Mut it will naive to expect that majority in Kashmir will accept it without a drawn-out battle.


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Mr Modi understands that getting a thing done is far more important than whether it is the best thing to do. For example, if he says he’s going to amputate some people’s right leg, and then actually goes ahead and amputates some people’s right leg, he knows he comes off as sexily strong. Everyone, maybe even some of the amputees, will love him for being a dude who delivers. Anyone who questions the idea of cutting off people’s right leg is obviously either lily-livered, or funded by terrorists.

He has withering answers for them anyway. Why cut off people’s legs? Because he promised to, it was right there on his CV. Why do it without administering any anaesthesia? You should be willing to take a little pain for the sake of the household. Why cut off people’s legs and also their arms? What a predictable reaction from those who have slavishly tolerated limbs for 70 years and are now irrelevant. Why lock the front door, turn off the lights, rip out the telephone lines, tie up the attached-limb lobby and throw them in a cupboard and hold everyone at gunpoint in order to cut off their legs? So that they can finally enjoy development. Ta-da!

I really hope that my snug cowpat will hold me safe from what Mr Modi and Mr Shah have unleashed in the newly-minted Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir – a name that sounds about as right as ‘Nagaland Colony’ or ‘Pocket Telangana’.

Hopefully, the people whose hands are sore from applauding the decision to scrap Article 370, and who are making plans to buy a pad in Pahalgam, will at some point play this out to its logical end in their heads. Mr Modi should certainly be able to, as a man well placed to understand the power of historical grievance. When you assemble an unnatural body, you risk creating Frankenstein.

But hey, he got it done, didn’t he? What a legend. My hands are sore from clapping too, but it’s a slow clap.

Mitali Saran is an independent writer and columnist based in Delhi.


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This has to be an unprecedented and unheard of move by any media organisation against india in the last 50 yrs !! And for one of the most respected and top liberal media organisation to openly call for USA and China to contain india is a grave concern.

This govt has unfortunately, for all the self propaganda and hype has failed in the most basic of diplomacy. One must ensure credibility and the right perception in international forums.

They had numerous opportunities to corrct the same by taking a tough action against the lynchistan attacks when New York Times, Washington post, Gaurdian and BBC were repeatedly highlighting this.

This is where Imran has played his deadly politics against india by his extensive connections with the west. He has polarised the environment to the extent, these folks are supporting a terror state of Pakistan and all of them are now aligned against india including top liberal media outlets.

Now, we face the real prospect of severe international sanctions when our economy is the weakest, unless Jai Shankar can pull of a miracle by his astute diplomacy like he did with China during dolkalam.


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India has really underestimated Imran. After conducting a terror strike against Indian soldiers in Pulwama, he got trump to support him openly and ask for mediation in an unbelievable diplomatic coup. This is in the backdrop of USA fighting terror for last 50 yrs, and just a year back, trump was going all out against Pakistan on terror and cut off the yearly aid.

And now all the top international media organisations like NYT, WaPo, BBC, Gaurdian are aligned against india and conducting a dangerous campaign to contain india.

This is why you always need toppers running the key portfolios of the country.

Jammu and Ladhak may be rejoicing but migrants in Kashmir are fleeing the state because of death threats from local kashmiris.

The "fiberals" will never talk about this. Without their tacit support, the kashmiris could never be successful in committing these atrocities. The agenda of the fiberals and Pakistanis are one and the same.

Kashmiri pandits before - now all non-kashmiris. History repeats itself.

Death threats, beating trigger mass exodus of migrants from Kashmir
It is the third day in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, and thousands of migrant labourers from Bihar are fleeing the Valley after facing threats from local Kashmiris.

Outside the Tourist Reception Centre in Srinagar, 56-year-old Surinder Mahato desperately waits for a bus to take him to Jammu from where he will have to make a long journey to his village in Motihari, Bihar. Clutching Rs 462 in his hand, the bus fare between Srinagar and Jammu, he has been told that the bus service will resume later in the day.

It is the third day in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, and thousands of migrant labourers from Bihar are fleeing Kashmir Valley after facing threats from local Kashmiris. The previous night a few of them landed up at Mahato’s room and asked him to leave. “They were hurling abuses at me and asked me to leave; they said they will kill me otherwise,” he said. On August 7, till 11.15 am, 40 buses had already left for Jammu. On August 6 also, thousands of them left for Jammu. In the absence of transport, many of them had to walk for hours to reach the railway station on the outskirts of Srinagar.

Mahato has been coming to Kashmir for 25 years. Most migrants like Mahato works as daily-wage labourers here. They prefer Kashmir because of its cooler summer-time climate. On an average they earn between Rs 500-600 per day. “If I work in Punjab, I am able to save less and send about eight thousand rupees per month. From Kashmir I can send almost double that amount,” says Abdul Ghaffar, a labourer from Bihar’s Supaul district. He doesn’t know if he can return to Kashmir now. He claimed that from Supaul alone, about one lakh labourers have been coming to Kashmir every year to work.

Several migrants who were waiting for the bus said their payments were stuck and they had to leave without their wages. On August 6, 25-year-old Aslam, another labourer from Bihar, was beaten up by a few locals in the HMT area in Srinagar. “They took away my bag and said: Bhaago Bihari idhar se (Run away from here, Bihari),” he said. His employer owes him several thousand rupees as wages. But scared about their safety, Aslam and many of his other friends chose to leave without collecting their earnings. Anil, another migrant labourer, said he was threatened as well. “One Kashmiri came to me the previous night and said if I see you tomorrow, I will beat you up and burn you with kerosene oil,” he said. Chote Lal, who was trying to return to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh said some people threw stones on their dwelling and threatened him and others to run away, failing which they will be cut into pieces.

As they waited for their turn, two Kashmiris stopped to hear them speak. One of them looked at the labourers and shouted: “Sabka saath, sabka vikaas.”
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