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Indian politicians need to stop the vicious cycle of vendetta politics !!


Well-known member
Indian politicians need to stop the vicious cycle of vendetta politics !!

The terrible saga of vendetta politics has ruined India's democracy beyond repair over the years. This has been going on right from independence. In the age of 24*7 media coverage, this has created a furore and people in large numbers are questioning this on Twitter and other platforms.

Recent IT raids on JDS and now on DMK, right at the time of elections, has polarised the electorate further with supporters fighting and shouting and calling names.

Frankly I am really surprised by this govts action. Post Pulwama, there was a huge positive momentum with this govt, so why do anything to change the narrative??

Suddenly, the narrative is that this govt is highly vindictive and targeting its opposition leaders, families and not giving a fair chance to fight the elections.

Tamils are trending on Twitter by asking if the ruling party is full of harischandrans and only opposition is guilty of corruption. If the govt had raided both ruling and opposition parties, no one would have even questioned this, as most people are united in rooting out corruption atleast publicly.

In all dealings, the govt and its institutions have to not only be fair, but seen to be fair. This is the natural jurisprudence and the foundation in which all societies was founded.

As it is, there is a huge amount of furore on institutions like RBI, CBI, etc.. And now this vendetta politics.

Hope better sense prevails and our politicians eschew the vendetta politics and fight fair !!

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