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India foreign policy - Needs Strategic Rethink !!


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India foreign policy - Needs Strategic Rethink !!

Our foreign policy has over the years been highly inconsistent and tactical and moving from handling one situation to another. Right wing groups are controlling the narrative and the govt has lost control and is forced to toe this hard line.

Now it is hard for me to imagine that our highly qualified and highly experienced foreign policy advisors would advocate such a hawkish policy vis a vis Pakistan.

Our policy has to have a long term strategic objective and series of short term measures calibrated to achieve the long term. At no point can we lose the control of the situation as a out of control war can lead us to nuclear disaster.

Pakistan is a military state as it is controlled by crazy military Hawks. And when pushed to a corner, they will go all out and commit harra Kirri. Hence nuclear disaster is not out of the question.

In this backdrop, we need a very steady steering and strategic responses at all levels. And you cannot have ridiculous TV anchors to whip up mass hysteria and force the govt to take drastic actions.

High time for everyone to clam the situation down, do a strategic rethink and work through this carefully.

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