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In an Iyengar arangatram is Nataraja the presiding deity?


Well-known member
Welcome to the forum.
I grew up in North India. We gravitated to even if a Panjabi spoke few words of Tamil.
We did not know that there was so much sectism, among Tamils.
But after witnessing few marriages, in TN in the family we became aware of the differences.
Having joined this forum a few years ago, I have realized the chasm that exists among the community.
Being different is not detrimental, but being at each other's throat is bad. Let us not pretend that there is no differences in Tamil Brahmins.
My friend an Iyyangar always jokes that:
"When an Iyer reaches higher he becomes an Iyyangar." I know it is only bantering but it still shows their feeling.
Another Iyyangar friend who grew up right across from Meenakshi Temple for 28 years confessed that she has never been inside the Temple, is shocking.
So please do not tell me that there are no differences.
You can not hide what is in the open.

By the way, I belong to a Smartha family, with Vaisnava pandhati.


Well-known member
Smarthas are pseufo vaishanavites.

Without support from Smarthas and Sankara Mutts, Vaishnavisim would not have much support in Tamil Nadu as it is now. Buddhism and Jainism had flourished and followed by Saivism.

Some Iyers used to say Vadaman (Vadama sect) muthi (mature) Vaishnavan and the reply used to be Vaishnavan muthi Vakram.


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