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Importance of Salvation

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I believe we all know about Salvation. In Hinduism, we believe in re-birth. So, there came a concept called Karma, based on which one's life will be decided in next birth.

In any one's life, sadness is always more than joy. For those who are poor, money itself may be a reason of sadness, for those who are rich, diseases may be troubling and so on. In total, no one is completely happy on world.

So, the life was considered as disease in our scriptures and salvation was prescribed as medicine for permanent happiness.

I heard a story. Once, a Christian went to the saint of Kanchi, Sri Paramacharyar and asked, "Our religion does not believe in re-birth, but your religion believes. How do you see the relation?". Paramacharyar replied, "Both are correct. In Christianity, it is believed that one who is good goes to heaven and a sinner goes to hell. For us, this world itself is a hell. So, one who is not capable of going to heaven comes back to this hell." The questioner was astonished.

Yes. It is true. Every life starts in hell. All Puranas and Scriptures describes, the greatest of all hells as a mother's womb. Let us analyze this through simple logic.

1. Hell is described as darkness. Uterus is a dark room for the baby.
2. In summer, we search for Air Conditioning, as we can't tolerate heat. Temperature inside body is always high. Assume the condition of a baby inside.
3. One night, we people can't sleep in the same position. We turn this side, that side, upside down etc. But, the baby inside remains in same position through out, though circulates. Same position in the sense, body bent and hands/legs not free to move.
4. Above all this, now we know what happens around us. Assume we live in a dirty ditch/drainage for one day. How do you feel that day and the next day? Uterus has a mixture of blood and all other rubbish. Baby only have to live here.

We may say that we forget every thing after taking birth. But, assume what happens if we remember? We will totally hate life and forget about attaining Salvation and forget our duties. Few may be thinking this again and again and vomiting throughout life. This is why God makes to forget.

But, any one can't deny the sufferings of a baby inside. Though the baby inside don't have life through out pregnancy, such sufferings even for one day is terrible.

Scriptures say, severe sinners take birth in the womb of animals like Dog, Fox etc. Many Dogs eat our excretions. Assume a life inside a Dog's womb.

Salvation is nothing but getting liberated from birth and death cycle, so that we escape all hells and enjoy the bliss without any limit on time. This is why our scriptures prescribe Salvation (Moksha) for every one and considers that life time goal is to attain this. Body and this world, though bound to sufferings are tools given to attain this and avoid further sufferings.

Let those who think these as superstitions assume in the same way. Let us pray God that they should also be granted Salvation. Those who believe, please consider the same.

Every new year, people sets so many goals like, "I have to purchase a home this year, i have to buy a land, i have to get a good job, i have to travel to foreign countries etc." But, those happiness are temporary and perishable. We forget the permanent happiness that is awaiting, where our scriptures acts as guide for attaining those.

So, this new year, let us set a short term goal that i will finish reading atleast one scripture this year, i will visit so and so temples this year etc. That may be anything like Bagavad Gita, Puranas, Vedas etc. Also, let us understand the life goal and real purpose of life and start working sincerely from year 2011 atleast. For those who understood and have started already, please ignore this. May God bless you with Salvation.

May this new year 2011 bring peace, happiness and spiritual development along with development in material lives in every one's family. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.
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