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Importance of celebrating the birthday as per the Hindu lunar calender

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Importance of celebrating the birthday as per the Hindu lunar calender

Birthday plays extreme importance in our lives.

It is not uncommon to have some members of the same family celebrate their birthdays according to the Hindu Calendar while others follow the Gregorian one. Both calendars are accepted in government, metropolitan and municipal offices, and in schools and businesses. For the people of India, time has always been measured in a spiritual and scientific calendar called the Panchang. Chronicling five thousand years of Indian civilization, the Panchang lists festivals that honor and celebrate the gods and legends of India. It evokes the universe through mathematical calculations that predict weather, events, epidemics and personal fortune.

Our Ancient Vedic Astrology takes account of birth Nakshtra as playing significant role in our lives. The nakshatra in which your moon is placed at the time of your birth is called your Janma Nakshatra. This janma nakshatra has also got its influence on you. Our janam Nakshatra points towards our attitude , physical appearance and future. Birth Nakshathra determines the thinking pattern, destiny, instincts and also governs the subconscious aspects of personality.

For Hindus, the Gregorian calendar is a new meaning of time introduced and instituted by the British in India. While the Gregorian calendar is still used by the people and government of India, the Panchang has always been the spiritual expression of time for the Hindus and a guide to a life close to God and religion.

" Shashti Abdha Poorthi" on completion of 60 th year of birth is on your star birthday only, not on your English birth date

So it is advisable to celebrate your birthday as per your Star Birthday.

Indian Calender.....Explanied on CuisineCuisine.com
Trimbakpooja.com ::
Please do clarify the below doubts:
1. If a janma nakshatram comes twice in a month, which one needs to be followed?
2. There are times when the nakshatra comes between two days, that is half a day today, ends till the next day morning, then which day should be taken as birth day.

thanks in advance



Sri Thiru Sir

If the birth star comes on 2 days in a solar month, the second one only must be considered as birth day.

If the birth star is on 2 days ( starting from the previous day to the next day), the next day only must be considered. The sunrise coming on the day of star determines the birth day.

Even if the star is there for a few minutes in the next day, only the next day is considered as the birth day.

If the birth star is there in the next day for less than 8 minutes, only then the previous day must be considered.

If the birth star does not happen to be there at the time of sunrise on any day (previous day or the next morning), then one must celebrate it in the next solar month.

Hope it helps.

Non-random-Thoughts: How to celebrate birthday.


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PJ sir..do people still celebrate Bdays after a certain age?

Dont they get sick and tired of it?

Bdays celebrations are for kids I think..as we age the interest in such things grow less at least for me.



Yes, you are right.
Celebrating Birthdays, deepavali, navarathiri and other festivals are enjoyed and celebrated only when one is a Kid, or up to certain age!!
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