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If you’re having a hard time letting go of yesterday and seizing today, remember:


Active member
Yesterday is History

Yesterday is history. It’s done. Record it into your history book and close it.

Yesterday could have been the best day of your life. Your long-term partner proposed, or you landed a raise at work. Maybe you met someone who you feel is good for you. Remember it fondly but don’t live in the past. Instead, let your happy memories push you forward when times get tough.

Yesterday could have been the worst day of your life. You might’ve lost your phone, your wallet, or someone you held close to your heart. Although it might take some time to move on from any tragedies you faced yesterday, every day forward will get better.

Yesterday you made decisions; they may now seem good, they may seem bad. But that was yesterday. If you stay positive, you can choose to make the best of your decision today.

Yesterday cannot be changed. It is indeed too late to change the things you did in the past, but it’s not too late to change the things you’re planning to do today. Learn from your mistakes and act on what you’ve learned.

Tomorrow is a Mystery

Tomorrow is a mystery. It hasn’t happened yet, so don’t sweat the small things. Be kind to yourself; it has the power to make you happy. Tomorrow depends on the choices you make today. Dream and start doing things to work toward that dream right now.

Tomorrow is not certain. Life can make a 180-degree change in less than a day, and we cannot control them. We can make plans, but plans change. Anticipate and remember that.

Tomorrow is an opportunity. If you did something great today, you have the opportunity tomorrow to create something better. If you did something that seems bad, you have the opportunity tomorrow to make it good. It’s your choice.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed; so don’t waste today worrying about what will happen then. Life’s too short to dwell on things that are uncertain.

Today is a Gift

Today is a certain opportunity. You can use it to decide where you want to go in life. If you don’t love what you’re doing, use this opportunity to change something.

Today can be the first day of the rest of your life. Create new habits, surprise yourself, and put a smile on your own face by doing things you love. Today you can be better than you were yesterday. And you know you can be better than you were yesterday.

Today you have the power to make great choices for your health, body and mind. You are strong enough today to say no to that can of soda. You are strong enough today to remove yourself from negative people. You are strong enough, period.

Today is your only chance to experience this present moment. It will never come again.

Don’t beat yourself up for what has happened in the past. We’ve all made mistakes; it’s imperative to a successful life. Learn from yesterday by doing things today that have the power to make tomorrow great. I know you can.

What are you doing today to make full use of the gift given to you?

By Aqilah Norazman, Tiny Buddha



Active member

We generally dwell in the past.
This site has been trying to attract newer members but has not succeeded.
On analyzing the topics and the posts we can see that we never talk about the present. Majority of the posts are about Ancient Myths. Does it really concern any of us today?
Probably not.

We talk of some mumbo jumbo, some superstitions, in a language not much used in the present day communication. So we are not in touch with the common public.

Maybe that is what, the present majority wants, maybe my ideas do not blend with the majority.on this site.

But I feel we are becoming stale and are getting marginalized.


Well-known member
I beg to differ...yesterday determines today and tomorrow to a great extent.

That is how we learn to survive as a species.

Yesterdays experiences pleasurable or painful both store data for future references which our mind retrieves actively and subconsciously.

Trying to fight this in built mechanism is like deactivating the operating system(software) in a computer and we are only left with non functional hardware.

Most spiritual sites are grossly into denial yet claim its englightenment.

But having said that...we should not LIVE in the past..the past is data for all practical purposes which can be used as a reference as and when needed if we feel its application would help rectify the present and we should also know to draw the margin as when an old stored data becomes obselete and not oriented to present times..place and person.

Next is the biological effect on the adherence to the past..
A young child always says.." when i grow up i want to do this..that etc"
Reason? He hasnt much past data so he looks into the future cos time is also on his side..his mind knows no fear.

Old age...well..everyone talks only of the past cos past data storage is massive and an oldie knows time is not on his side..so he seldom talks about the present or the future cos that only spells death.

Personally I feel just live and we should be entitled to use data of yesterday for today and tomorrow if tomorrow never dies.
Recommend read Saul bellows novel Herzog.

Most are Discontented with the present and terrified of the future.

Many think of death and impermanence in living when in seventies and eighties.

Past keeps creeping in into our thinking the good,the bad and the ugly.

We get haunted by by some selfish deeds of self, friends, relatives.

Most find it difficult to come to terms with the present and living it up as if there is no past or future.

If such a thing were possible, there will be no human misery.

It would be blissful and we could think of what all we could do today without thinking of the inevitable end or the past memories.

Human brain cannot erase of many things and the past comes to haunt and guides present days actions.

We are all nailed to crosses of different types and it is not possible to break free.
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