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How Paramaatma becomes Upadaana Kaaranam in Visista-Advaita?

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It is clear from Sruthi or Vedas that Paramaata is both Nimitta and Upadaana Kaaranam from the Vedic texts countering the Sa-Iswara Samkhya Matham where they say that Paramaata is Nimitta Kaaranam and Prakriti or Pradhanam is the Upadaana Kaaranam.

Samkhyas quote this Text: "asmAnAyI srujathe visvamethath" which translates to "This Universe, because of Pradanam, Iswara is Bringing into play(Srujate-not creation but which is already there in Sookshma dasa)" which if we break down, Iswara is only nimitta Kaaranam and it is using Prakriti as Upaadaana Kaaranam. This is countered by Vedantins saying that "Iswara who is Prakriti saririka, because of it, he is bringing the universe into a state which can be distinguished by names and forms" providing continuation "tasmin Anyaha Maayaya" --In this universe, anyaha-jIvaatmas because of Prakriti are spread into these forms. Visistaadvaita explicitly explains the logic behind this verse is to prove that even if Paramaatma becomes upadaana kaaranam, it does not get the apurushArthA vikAras that are seen in this world (Apahatapapma, Satyakamaha etc), them being the effects of Prakriti, Paramaata/VishNu is blemishless and is beyond change.

So my question, even Chhandogya says "Yatha sOmyakEna MrithpindEna sarvam mruNmayam" texts, it says ParaBrahma or ParamJyothi is the Nimitta, upadAna Kaaranam. Now, as Prakriti is eternal existing entity in our Sampradayam V-A, how does parabrahma gets upadAna KaraNatvam if everything is manifestation of Prakriti? Is it due to Paramaatma Sareerakatvam as Prakriti cannot be even manifest as it is all dependent on its atma, paramaatma which seems plausible and acceptable reasoning or may be something else?

Adiyen Jeeyar Swamy Daasa
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