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How #Metaverse could alter the engagement with #Hindu faith❓🕉

Wrote a #futures thinking thought piece answering this question for the Swarajya magazine, key thoughts:

😎 Imagine getting Geetopadesha straight from Lord Krishna… No, I am not talking about being on a Sci-Fi time machine to take me back in time to the Kurukshetra war. Rather, I am talking about being in my living room, donning the role of Arjuna, seeking answers to my internal battles through Geetopadesha from Lord Krishna's avatar on a Ray-Ban Meta glass

⏲ Multi-step futuristic scenario of how kids are going to engage with the Hindu faith through technology:

1️⃣ Play - e.g., immersed in playing rasa-leela as gopis in the Brindavan metaverse by jumping and singing from their couch

2️⃣ Samvada (conversation) - e.g., accompanying Adi Sankaracharya on the pan-India Sankara vijayam journey to engage in a samvada around Advaita philosophy

3️⃣ Deep immersion/Meditation - e.g., transition into immersing themselves in a Himalayan world for deep meditative experiences with right brain stimulation, all from their living room

4️⃣ Connecting virtual-real realities - e.g., in deep meditation, they could realize that they need further guidance on specific spiritual aspects and here they would need to seek the help of a real-life Guru

Would such intersection of technology and faith/spirituality create a generation of highly self-evolved humans? What do you think, share your thoughts in comments.

Link to full article and other related pieces:

Podcast where I talked about the intersections of AI, Metaverse and Hindu faith -

Metaverse and Hindu faith - https://swarajyamag.com/culture/how-metaverse-could-alter-the-engagement-with-hindu-faith

AI and Faith - https://theconversation.com/how-ai-could-change-our-relationship-with-religion-222079

#metaverse #hinduism #faith #spirituality #technology #futures #futurethinking #virtualreality #vr

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