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how big is maoist threat

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i think, sheer military action is not going to work. also it is not fair.

as far as i know, since times immemorial, the tribals have been exploited.

their lands have been bought for nothing. their women abused. now in the name of development, there are large scale displacements of people.

it is high time, that they be brought into the mainstream.

this can be done, if there is a will.

we did it with the dalits. special efforts, programs and incentives to give these people hope and a faith that their children will have a better future, if they participate within the democratic framework.

only in the democratic process, the dispossed, through the power of the vote, get a chance to share a piece of the pie.

the sad fact, is that the maoists, have absolutely no interest, as far as i can understand, in the power of the ballot. it will be a big step in the right direction, to get them to eschew the power of the bullet for the ballot.

the next step ofcourse, is to keep the promises.

i think it is possible. mainly because, overall, there is no strong leadership.

let me explain this one. strong leaderships can go both ways - extremely efficient or inefficient. in india of strong leadership, ie jawaharlal nehru or indira gandhi, we had inept economic policies, which did not suck up the full potential for development. atleast i think so.

the best development have been with pvn rao, vajpayee, and now manmohan - basically weak politically, but manage to get things done. done better than before.

perhaps, now that the threat has been recognized, while the stick remains drawn, the carrots should also start flowing. i think then, we have a chance to bring the adivasis to our mainstream.

after all, india belongs to them, as much as anyone else.


I think there is a difference in Vajpayee admin and the present one. Now the leadership is concentrating more in bringing in foreign investment rather than developing indegenous resources. India had never been [shall I say depending] so closer to USA. Never had there been such migration to USA as now. The outlook of even TB also has changed due to US influence.
Who can blame Adivasis if they are with Maoists. Their situation is similar to sri lanka tamils with the ltte. They have no alternative. India cannot and should not do what rajapakse did in sri lanka. After all adivasis are also human beings like us.
The only thing that can save the country is freedom from the corrupt political leadership.
The free economic policy is a curse to the country. It has failed in many countries and all the countries where it was implemented, the people lost their tradition and became stereo-types. Though Japan was successfull, it has lost its culture now. However, Japan developed its own industries and used free economy to flood the world market with their products. At one time it was jokingly said that Japan failed to capture countries in WW II, but has now infiltrated every home in almost all the countries.
India's free economic policy now helps china to flood indian markets with its products.
Before trying to give carrots to adivasis, there should be in-house cleaning. Otherwise half the carrots will go into already bulging bellies.


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i love your replies. thanks.

how come there is no widespread interest in this thread? this is an issue of more threat to indian unity and stability than one show in vijay tv which has attracted so many responses.

i really don't understand our community.

i really like your view of development and cultural value. i have not given much thought to that before.

japan, flooded the world with its products. in the process, not sure what it lost, but sure, it was the ability to reproduce. it faces a declining aging population. this is a fact.

the same goes with europe. they lost their religion but not their culture, which now appears to be on the verge of going global.

china, on the cusp of modernization, is facing, i think, an internal soft belly - ie inspite of 1 billion people, not producing enough to replace. mainly due to its one child policy.

if you think indian corruption is bad, here is an example of chinese corruption.

The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Trial reveals depth of China’s corruption

even when they are developing materially by leaps and bounds, there is this cancer of corruption eating away the moral lifeline of the country in china.

much like us.

i do not know if there is any hope for mankind.


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Dear Sri uksharma3 ji,

From what I have learnt, the Tribal issue in India is quite complicated. The government has mainly left them alone, because of their long standing culture of not mingling with the main population. Seems to me then a large population of them still want to be left alone, and of course they are favoured in the ST category for education and jobs.

It seems to me that the 'Naxal' and the 'Mao' movements are nothing but the goonda arms of the Left in India, where they exploit the poverty in the tribal regions for shekedown and to their own advantage. It is no coincidence that the UPA is moving against them now that the Leftists left the coalition and were badly defeated in the polls.

By the way, what is wrong with India having an open economy and be close to USA? We need about 7% or more growth every year for a decade or so to lift the country out of poverty. The so called 'indegenous' growth only offered a meagre percentage of growth which was barely enough to sustain the population increases. Investments should be welcome and they do not come unless there are fairly high probabilities of return. Without outside investments, there is no hope of consistent high growth.



Dear Sri uksharma3 ji,
By the way, what is wrong with India having an open economy and be close to USA? We need about 7% or more growth every year for a decade or so to lift the country out of poverty. The so called 'indegenous' growth only offered a meagre percentage of growth which was barely enough to sustain the population increases. Investments should be welcome and they do not come unless there are fairly high probabilities of return. Without outside investments, there is no hope of consistent high growth.
Shri KRSji

During the 1950s, in UNO, when there was an issue, almost all countries wanted to hear what India said on the issue. India was held in high esteem because there were leaders who served the country above themselves.
In the race towards development India has lost this position. The poor of India are not the products of colonial governments but by the greedy among us.
It was unfortunate that the reigns went to Nehru's hand. He was a man from a rich family but spoke of socialism as it was the 'fashion' of the day. I do not mean that he was not true to his believe; what I say is he was not groomed to implement socialism in its correct perspective. He did not have first hand knowledge of the poor. He was a leader molded in the British Lords tradition. The course of Independent India would have been different if Patel had become PM.
The development that is now being spoken about is a western concept. It has failed in developed countries as the people there are now in a situation of "what next?".
The present form of development is nothing but robbery from our future generations.
We think Adivasis are poor using the scale of our economy. Just think about their true independence, their maintaining their tradition etc. Left alone, they will be the happiest people than we are.
We go on grabbing one after another and still no contented mind. The person who has 1 lac, wants to make it 1 cr. When he gets to 1 crore, he wants more, then for his children, grand-children and so goes on.
Can anyone say what is meant by development and what is the goal of development in its present form?


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Maoists are bye-products of our society and political influence, this is fueled by other countries.

Last week, there was train derailment resulting in death of few people and today we read a school teacher was beheaded by them.

Using forces is condemned by many arivu jeevigal and social activists.

Our govt is ignores a problem when it is small and notices only it becomes visible to their blind Eye.

Killing innocent people is unpardonable. It should be crushed by force. No second thinking. After crushing, Govt should sit and discuss their problems to find out a good solution. But, govt does not crushes so they get encouragement.

Terrorism should not be tolerated / at the same time, if the frequent emergence of hardliners may indicate poor governance.


T.S.Sankara Narayanan

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Communists appear before people in many faces.
Just like SFI,CITU,AITUC,DYFI, and so on it has many faces.
The latest face of Communists Extremists is the Naxals.

Once up on a Time Communists declared that it has no belif in Parliamentary Democracy but it has only belif in Peoples Revolution.

They spoke about Russia ,China,Checozlovakia,and now recently Fedal Castro on Stages.

They never look into the present Political Situation in India and searched for the need to over come thew crisis prevailing in India.

For the past 30 years I am seeing the Photos of Lenin,Stalin, Marks, Seguvara,and Castro on Communist Meetings and in all houses of Commerades.

I think the ,"Post Graduation" of Basic Communists are the Maoists.In India they are fed by some Christian Missionaries especially in States like Orissa,Chattisgarh etc.

Because they have influance mostly in Tribal peoples area.On those Tribal Areas These Missionaries enter in the name of Service to the Poor .Along with Service Mass Conversions are also Taking Place,Delibarately with indirect support of Cong.Such Maoist Extremists are the Body Gaurds of those Missionaries.So far they never attacked any Missionary People in those Tribal Areas.

The recent presence of Maoists in WB may be an Out Burst broken out between CPIM and Maoists,in a race to gain Illitrates vote bank.

Maoists in Nepal also behaving as the same manner .

I dont think that Cong will put an end to Maoist Threat.Let us wait and watch what Drastic Steps are taken at the Centre,to put an end to Maoist Threat in Tribal Areas which are the Sanctuary for Maoist Gangs.
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