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House maids for elder brahmins

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Many elders of brahmins community live alone in Tamil Nadu or in need of housemaids as their sons, daughters are working. Many widows, poor brahmin girls/women are wandering for safe living, food, security to live alone.

If any brahmin family wants housemaids, help to elders or to take care of their wards etc., during daytime or 24 hours basis in view of other family members having jobs, they can post here about their requirement and job specifications, salary payable etc.

Similarly Widows, poor girls available in your locality to work (like cooking, helping elders for their day to day requirement) with a brahmin family in India, can inform through this thread so that they can be placed to work as housemaids at the brahmin family so that they can meet their requirement.
My father and mother are living with me. My wife works somewhere. I am also working in a psu. I need a housemaid (24 x 7) either at vadodara or chennai to look after my mother and father. The maid should be pleasant, able to do cooking south indian food, take care of them when they call. She can live with them, take food, clothing and other things( medical etc.) as and when required will be provided to the maid.

If any one interested or know somebody in and around your locality please post
helo sir,
nowadays no brahmin lady is willing to stay with a family and help others bcoz the children of the maids r better placed.anyhow v may get maids for cooking ,but they won't stay with the family.anyhow best wishes
Of late, I have seen some Association for this people too, who depute the maid for
working in houses. One has to be sure about the integrity of the people. One can
also watch classified Ad in this connection.

simply u want a slave without salary.

That statement is mean spirited, and is not called for.
The original post clearly said he wants to be a clearing house for people looking for assistance for a price and those who want to provide assistance for a price. It is more like an agency. Which I think is a noble cause.
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when you want woman to stay with you or your family definitely she is without social protection. We see in newspapers daily how these kind of woman are misused physically also other than extracting work. This is human nature in 90% of cases. Dear prasadji,Why dont you think about a man in your house looking after your family instead of a housemaid.
I am talking about general not trying to hurt any one. My view is that the concept of housemaid is simply a exploitation of woman. It is woman chavunism. Why man is not considered for this type of job.
when you want woman to stay with you or your family definitely she is without social protection. We see in newspapers daily how these kind of woman are misused physically also other than extracting work. ......
Talking of protection, have you seen cases where the elders are attacked by the friends of the maid, for stealing?

Such cases also appear in the news papers! Anyway, this thread is started with a hope of finding placement for

helpless women and should be appreciated, imho.
i AM MEANING THE MAID WHO IS PERMANENTLY WITH THE FAMILY DOING ALL THINGS. I HAVE SEEN NEWSPAPERS MANY CASES THAN WHAT U R TELLING. An ambassador, ex MLA, and many woman in gulf countries are facing this problem. In Angadi Theru, a famous tamil movie, a brahmin woman is depicted as harrasing housemaid. These are happening around us. What u r telling is very rare and the maid be daily coming to house and leaving. What i am meaning is permanently with the family for years. Any how i understand, in our brahmin community elders faces lot of problems when compare to other communities.
Sri. Shiva0544,

You are contradicting yourself in post # 12. First you say that brahmin lady maids are the sufferers and later on you say

that the elders in our community are the sufferers!

Please do not take any movie into consideration. It is their fashion to demean this community in whatever way possible!

I don't like such movies. Other movies include the famous ones 'arangEtram' and 'sirai'? :drama:

There are lots of organizations to enroll poor ladies, train them as nurses or house maids and send them on contract to the

persons who need help during their ripe age. There is no such organization for Tambram community. Even the brahmin nurses

and cooks register themselves in such organizations run by other communities.
Dear shiva 0544. First men will never to such a job at elder's house and help them. Further, they may not be soft as women in doing such work. Further the original post says that she will stay with elders and not with son etc. think positive, do positive.
<edited and removed> consider this as a first warning, from next time please be extra careful of what you post. in the internet world things can be interpreted differently. - praveen
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i know one story....it was in 70' to 90's....at that time the demand of brahmin mamis were less...supply was more in the

market..means more mamis were available...one mami was working as cook in chennai...then moved to bangalore....she had more than

thirty years of experiencing...2 sons were studying in school...she was widow in the young age....she suffered a lot....in sometimes

she was not suppose to see her own sons...due to madi/aacharam of owner mami.....when her own son was studying in college...

she used to get 40 rupees per month as salary....even this amount was not paid regularly....exploitation was naturally going on....

after some years she got her family pension from govt...son got govt job....she left the house maid job completely...now she

is rippen age....now history repeats.....supply less..demand more.....kind of my personal story too....
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Hi suppiliji,
You will keep a woman (probably within 40 because if she is old you cant exploit) throughout with you, give food and bed ok. What will be the salary? Is it 25000 or 30000. Never, you will give just 3000 or 4000 and exploit for 5 or 10 years and throw on the street.Touch your heart and tell will you give more than 10000 who spend her life with you. Are you ready to give her life upto her oldage. Dont pretend that you are talking about noble cause. You first be positive and then tell other members how to be positive? ok , am i right???For taking care of bedridden people, stamina is required for which men are suitable. Dont you know how government hospital nurses behave to patients. I think you have little exposure in this area but bold enough to tell others to be positive. shame on you.

Mr. Shiva,
In your Zeel to be a "good Brahmin" you are obnoxious. Did anybody ask you to negotiate on behalf of the employee.
Who do you think you are? Are you the local Goonda?

It is between employer and employee, to work out the terms. You need to know when to butt-out of a private conversation. You are way pass that.

Now you are simply insulting Mr. Suppili.
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Mr.Shiva is writing nonsense and meaningless to the main thread. He may be doing like what is written by him. If elders are male, then male maid is also ok. But male maid never likes to stay with elders. Female maid who need support are only requested to post here. Non-sense people like Shiva are not called to give definition / wrong comments to the thread.
Of late it is very difficult to get Brahmins .See the weddingd. Other community people are engaged in kitchen and service. Some of my friends have started engaging non brahmins for cooking.When all of you are giving up brahminic orthodox habits and Acharam and Anushtanan.,why don't you engage other community people.No pretensions.
Woefully yours,
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