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home gardens

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Steep rise in price of vegetables in Chennai - ChennaiOnline News

what prompted me to open this thread was this article in chennaionline today.

that most of us TBs are vegetarians is a default answer. to that extent, we are held hostage by powers over which we have no control and which are detailed in the article referred above.

the powers, to summarize, are weather, decreasing acreage, greed.

may i humbly suggest, that each of us, in what little open space we have, grow something that we can partake of in our meals.

the simplistic approach is for herbs - kothamalli, karuveppilai and some miniature keerais. there are certain vegetables which are prolific - vellari, podalai, tomato, moLagai. others like potato, carrot, onion, need no care. the enterprising one can even attempt at saffron !!!!!!!!

then, there is this whole concept of hydroponic. where the veggie are grown on nutrient water, without any soil.

i think, even one morsel of what we consume, if it comes out of our own effort, will go a long way, in resolving our karma.

i appeal to the public to consider seriously, about using their little garden, sunlight and above all their sense of succour, to grow something that they can consume themselves. and even better, share it with their neighbours, kith, and kin.

thank you.
Sri. Kunjuppu,

Thanks for a very practical and useful thread.

அவரைக்காய் - Can grow from a medium size pot. Needs room for the vines to spread. Can be planted in june, july and enjoy the efforts from November. Nil maitenance.

புடலை - Can grow from a pot. மொட்டை மாடி is best. Needs a பந்தல். Plant in june, enjoy it from september.

In most exhibitions, we can find the agriculture development stall where we can buy very good quality seeds.

Sri. Kunjuppu, thanks for the Google Tamil transliteration link. It is cool!
though this looks easily adoptable none of us had the idea of disseminating this thro this forum. Thanks it has occured on Sri Kunjuppu and Sri Rraghy for their very good inputs. thakkali is another. Regards
Yes. Tomato is the best vegetable (Berry) to grow in pots. Am doing my Ph.D in tomato plants only. Am grwoing them in pots. Till the seeds sprout, the pots should be kept in shade. After which, plenty of sunlight is required. You can water the pots twice a day. No extra care is needed. Be sure, each pot has only one plant. Because, the root system of tomato is very lengthy and needs whole pot to cover till fruiting stage. The pots can be kept in balconies, terrace, or even car-parking lots.

Other vegetables like Brinjal and ladies-finger can also be grown in pots. But, lots and lots of insects come for this vegetable. Extra care is much required.

Growing "keerai" (greens) is simple and nowork at all. Just watering (that too in minor amounts) is enough. But, soil richness is essential. Also, it will grow well in free-soil than in pots. If the seeds were plotted near the washing area or rainwater flow pit, it will grow very well. But, season matters. If it rains well externally, the whole keerai will die coz of overmoisture. At the sametime, over scorching sun light is also dangerous to them.

"Avarai" is a creeper and we can grow that near windows and make them to creep over that. Lot of mosquitoes will come for that green smell. You should be care enough.

Sri Durga, Great, valuable and detailed inputs. You are exhaustive in everything you do.There are two tomatoes,Nattu and the other one . Do both need similar care and attention. Regards
Growing vegetables in the home garden is a way but not only one needs time but also experience.
But things like keerai etc can be grown easily
The easiest and healthiest is methi.Soak some vendayam for a few hours and then sow it.In a coule of days it will sprout and in a week you can use it
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