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Homa power???


Well-known member
A few people recently told me that they perform Sapinda rituals for deceased and some other Homas for the deceased.
These people are not Brahmins but belong to some sect that worship Bhairava Bhuvanehsvara.

One of them told me stuff that I found it really hard to believe.

For eg..He told me that when a human dies, they lose their physical body and do not get a subtle body unless and until these homas are done and also regular tharpanam done on amavasa and other major days!

He told me that by the rituals they do, the departed gets a subtle body as time goes on and only then these souls can go to Pitr Loka.

I was ????

I asked "but what about religions and cultures that do not do Homas? would they hang around like pretas(ghosts)?"

To my utter surprise the reply was 'yes"

Then I was told that by these rituals they can even grant moksha to souls!

I asked a few questions stating that in that case the theory of Karma goes out of the door if you feel you can grant moksha to others.
The reply given to me is people gain moksha through hardways like Meditation, intense tapasya etc and take countless births for it but thru these Homas he can make them reach Moksha!

Then I asked "if you can generate a new body(subtle body) to a deceased person ..why cant any homa generate a new physical body for someone who is dead or why not regenerate an organ or even a new limb for someone who had undergone amputation?"

For this I was not given a reply.

The person said all these are in the Vedas!
I asked 'Which Veda? and Give me the chapter and paragraph"

To which again no reply.

I also asked 'when you yourself could not create your own physical body and needed gametes for it....how can you be so sure you can create a subtle body for a deceased person's soul"

I told him "the human body has the innate capacity to self regulate...why would God or Nature or the Universal Consciousness " design a body that would need a homa to proceed to Pitr Loka? why would God want to depend on a human for His design?..also what about animals? they die too..no homa for them? yet they evolve isnt it?..then what about the cavemen..some of them died even before fire was discovered? if they were all stuck as pretas..how did we humans evolve?"

To which no answer and only the reply "Its in the Vedas"

Honestly this is the part of religion that makes one a tad uneasy that humans start to feel they can play God and just claim its in the Vedas sans actually citing the verses.

To a great extent why is this even allowed?


Well-known member
Why is this thread not in chit chat? What is the main message to appear in the General discussion ? Is it to put down beliefs or to highlight some group claiming something is in the vedas?

Anyway who cares? There are all kinds of beliefs in the world. There is no reason to highlight one over others.

So long those people are not causing harm to others let them be.

You are uneasy with human playing God but you are for one Godman most of your life and his 'miracles' . He can spit out Shivalinga from his mouth (defying the old law that what comes out of the mouth can only be what went in , in the first place LOL)

It is wise to live and let live


Well-known member
If a child is walking into danger, it is our duty to protect the child, we can not say "live and let live".
You must warn others of the danger you have seen, you see that in the animal world. Birds, monkeys, dear, meerkats all warn other animals when they see a predator. Similarly, it is our duty to warn others, but in spite of that, they do it it is their karma.

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