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Health & Finance

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Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
New India Assurance (NIA) has hiked the premium by almost 100% for senior citizens. It is clear that IRDAI has approved the loot of senior citizen retail customers even when group insurance is offered to rich groups at throwaway prices by government insurers. It is consumer protection of the rich at the cost of others. The rich pay less premium with group cover and the others are made to...

My personal experience with NIA

Last year premium was about Rs. 29000/- Now this year's hiked premium due on Feb 22 is Rs 64000/- including GST and cess. Insurance coverage 3 lakh for me and 3 lakh for Jambu We can't change the Insurer because of age entry eligibility I am in fix - Should I get out of Insurance ? I am searching for alternate possibilities.

IOB my bankers have a tie up Apollo Munich
I can enter they cover 10 L for around Rs 13500,+ But Jambu cannot because of age eligibility I think J has to continue with NIA and I may switch over to IOB Have to decide before 22 Feb.This is group insurance and no medical exam .

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