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Happy New Year and Welcome to a New Website

Thanks for new year 2019 greetings. No doubt by the change more and more will come for information and knowledge. Wish all the best in future.


Well-known member
After browsing the Tamil social media more elaborately over the last 3 months , I am shocked and appalled by the open , blatant and abusive comments on Brahmins in Tamil Nadu . some of these videos claim a viewership in lakhs ! Easily , by the very content , the creators of these posts and videos can be prosecuted but one would expect an organisation like Tambrahm association to do it .. Sadly , the abuses are left unresponded , encouraging the abusers to indulge in more . eg : pl read DIRECTOR (??) Kalanjiam's crude outburst on Chinmayi and Brahmins in a recent video . or pl. go thru tamil.oneindia , the only Tamil news digest available , which is subtly fanning an anti brahmin campaign . Read the serial Karuppum Kaviyum by the well known Tambrahm baiter Su ba ve in this website ( 20 posts have already happened over an year ) which twists everything to breed hatred against Brahmins . Or pl see the videos on Sankaracharya's alleged affairs by nakkeeran and others where the viewership is 6 lakh plus, Since there is no denial by the Kanchi Mutt, even I feel , there may be truth in the allegations , so for fear of getting more exposure , the mutt is silent .
Is the community and its key opinion makers aware of this slander happening ?
Why is no rebuttal or police complaint or even complaint to youtube , ( like twitter head was put on the mat by a Rajasthan activist ).
Anyone interested to at least reply to this ?
I am apprehending that as i continue reading these , in another year or so, my own conditioning will be completed .
Let the dogs bark...Till we have a law to curb harted against upper castes this will continue...Unfortunately we do not have the guts to fighting out...If you feel strongly then please go ahead and file a police complaint....But even TAMBRAS which is supposed to champion the case of Brahmins does not prefer that?


Well-known member
In continuation of my earlier post....

Dharamji, How do you want the peace loving community to respond to the vituperative hate mongering...Should we also take to guns as other communities do...Kindly revert

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