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Hanuman's meeting with His Lord in Dawapar Yug

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We all know that at the end of Treta-yug Lord Vishnu tells Hanuman to stay on this earth. He also promised Hanuman that He will give him darshan in Dawapar yug. So, this story is how Hanuman meets with Lord Krishan / Lord Ram!!

Once Narad came to visit Shri Krishna at Dawarka Puri. After greetings, Narad ji tells to Lord Krishna and Devi Rukmani about Hanuman ji living on a mountain and meditating Lord Shri Ram and at the same time waiting his Lord to give him Darshan. Narad says that when he went to that mountain to see Hanuman, he told Hanuman that you very well know that Lord Ram has already taken the incarnation as Lord Krishna, so why don't you just go in Vrindavan/Mathura or Dwarka and get the darshan of your Lord. At this Hanuman ji says that I am only a small servant of my Lord and it would be an insult to my Lord if I go to visit him without Lord Himself calling me!! So I will wait till my Lord calls me and gives me darshan. After telling Shri Krishan this, the Lord says that indeed Hanuman is my best devotee and is very dear to me hence I will go myself very soon and fulfil his wish!!

Narad ji then says that: 'My Lord, will Hanuman recognise you in this form of yours (as Shri Krishna instead of Lord Ram's avatar)?' Shri Krishna and Devi Rukmani laughs at this point and tell Narad that Hanuman is so close to me that whatever form I take, he surely will recognise me, no matter what. They then decide that they will go together and disguise themselves as Brahmans.

Narad then also says that there is another reason that he came to visit Shri Krishan today as he wanted to wish Lord Krishna a very Happy B'Day since Lord's b'day was soon approaching. At this stage Rukmani corrects Narad and tells him that there is a long time for Janam-Ashtami to come. Narad then laughs and says that Mata, this is not just one birth of our Lord but He has many others including in other Yugs. Krishna laughs but Rukmani ji gets confused so Narad tells that he is taking about Ram Navami.

Narad then tells Lord Krishna that Hanuman ji is doing some Yaag and Puja on Ram Navami for his Lord Ram. So they then decide to go and see Hanuman on Ram Navami.

Finally the Ram-Navami day comes. Hanumanji goes to a city as a Brahman where he does a special puja and some yag on the Birth day of His Lord. Shri Krishna and Narad also comes to that city as Brahmans. After performing all the puja, Hanuman gives Prasad (food) to everyone with his own hands. All the people sit in the queue and so does Shri Krishna and Narad ji. They are sitting in the middle of the queue and watch Hanuman ji giving prasadam to everyone. Meanwhile Narad ji is keep asking Shri Krishna when will Hanuman recognise you as so far he hasn't. Krishana tells him to just wait and sit. As soon as Hanuman approaches Narad and about to put food in his plate, His eyes falls on the Lotus feet of Shri Krishana. Both Shri Krishna and Narad were sitting cross-legged. As soon as his eyes falls on the feet of His Lord, Hanuman forgets everything and just keep staring at them in a very very deep devotional way!

Looking at this, Narad acts normally and asks for food as he is very hungry and Shri Krishna agrees with Narad. But Hanuman was keep looking at Lord's Feet. He then put the food on side and pays his humble greetings to His Lord! When he does the pranam, he asks Lord that what mistake He has done? He says: 'My Lord, what mistake or what sin have I done that my Lord has to come to me and ask for food?' My Lord, you are the well-wisher for all, and the preserve of all the living beings. Kindly please forgive me if I have ever done anything wrong that you are punishing me in this way.' He then cries a lot on the Lotus feet of Lord, He pours his heart out and looks at Lord in such a pure devotional way that he completely forget about everything else!!!
(The time around them freezes, and only Shri Krishna, Narad and Hanuman communicates.)
Shri Krishna says that He is not angry at all with him and how can he be angry since Hanuman is so dear to him. Then Lord comes to his original form of Lord Krishna as did Hanuman and Narad. Shri Krishna says to Hanuman that since you are so dear to me, I have come myself to give you my darshan.
Hanuman says that but my Lord this darshan is incomplete until I have also paid my greetings to Mata Sita. So, I will come to Dawarka-puri so that I could get the full darshans of You, Mata Sita and Lakshman.
Shri Krishna says sure and then come back to Dwaraka puri. Devi Rukmani was waiting eagerly for them. She asks Shri Krishna how it all went? Lord says as I thought Hanuman will recognise me no matter what. So then Narad says that if you had no doubts on this then why did we go there. Did you go there as you wanted to see Hanuman's devotion. Krishna says: no, I went there with you because I wanted to teach you a lesson.
Lord says that it is important for me to teach my dear devotee a lesson as soon as I think that they are thinking too highly (pride, vanity). Krishna says to Narad that you are also very dear and close to me and I always want my devotees to stay pure at heart without any vanity. Now that you have learnt your lesson, its time for others to learn as well. And Hanuman will help me in this as He is coming to Dawarkapuri.
Lord says that there few of this very dears need to learn a lesson as they are thinking very highly of themselves. They have forgotten that they only exist because of Me. Once asked by Narad who they are, Lord says that they are:
Balram (Dau bhaiya),
His Vishnu vahan, Garur and
His Sudarshan-Chakra.

And Hanuman will help to break their pride. But right now he needs to break the pride of Vasudev Bhagwan!!!!! At this point, Rukmani and Narad get very surprised and ask the Lord about this. Krishna says, yes there is a King on this earth who has named himself Vasudev. He thinks that he is Me and hence he calls himself Vasudev, the Lord Himself. He even has named this uncle's son as Balram!! Whats more he also has a Sudarshan Chakra, Gadha, Padam, Conch to prove that he is the real Vishnu and Vasudev and he wants to prove me as false. So, Hanuman is soon going to help me to teach a big lesson to this King.
(This is a really very nice yet funny story. The king who calls himself does all the things that Lord does! His throne is also like the Naag-Shaya and he wants everyone to serve him, not any one else!!!.......Have you guys heard this story??)

Well, after helping Lord in his mission, Hanuman finally comes in Dawarka puri for the darshans of Lord as well as to teach Balram a lesson''.another nice story!!.......after Hanuman taught Balram a lesson, Balram comes to his senses and thanks Krishna!! They were in a vatika and this is where Lord Shri Krishna, Devi Rukmani and Balram meet Hanuman and grant his wish and gave him the darshans as Lord Ram, Mata Sita and Laxman.!!

We all know how Hanuman taught lesson to Bhim. right??
we can put these stories here as well.......

Hope you liked it!!! sorry if there are any mistakes as this post has been typed and posted in hurry!!!!

I am very eager to know in which purana this story is available
Not open for further replies.
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