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Govt & its legions are Shellacked by this Spontaneous Mass Protests !!


Well-known member
Imagine the shock, for the super duper govt and its legion of supporters who keep claiming people have given them the biggest mandate in recent history, and liberals seculars must all fall in line.

This mass uprising against such a yeoman top performing govt and leaders, is a massive shellacking and a whack that no one say it coming.

Such spontaneous protests all over the country by the students is unpredented for us in India, never happened before. The protests against Indira Gandhi were orgained by political leaders.

So for students and for common citizens of the civil society to raise like a Phoenix is stunning and shows that people are really sick and tired of this fake manufactured Hindu Muslim problems, etc..

For once, I am optimistic of India's future due to our youths liberal inclusive social fabric, and hopefully this govt will listen and do the necessary course correction.
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Well-known member
Imagine the lightening hit for a govt that is supposed to have delivered so much goodies (food , water, toilets, gas, roads, tambukam with bananas and what not) to people in all villages, towns, etc.. LOL.

Don't be surprised if the govt starts blaming the citizens for being ungrateful !!


Well-known member
And truly we were on the way to becoming a super duper banana republic but the youth put a massive spanner into it.


Well-known member
I mean, how the hell can anyone let alone such mass of people, protest against such a hardworking govt and belevod leader ?? Imagine the shock the supporters must be going though. LoL.

This has to be liberal secular sponsored guys, no doubt. I mean, how the hell anyone can protest ?? Has to be...

This is,like our corporate offices, where employees are shell shocked by some roque employees protesting against their Thalaivar !! Imagine how (fake) shocked the loyal employees would be in front of their Thalaivar, they will be trashing the roque employee for the rest of their lives. LaoL.

Oh we'll,the more you see life, you just say -" same shit different day " like the legend Morgan freeman says.

- In 1965, the students rose emotionally for Anti Hindi Agitation (AHA in short) in our Tamilnadu
- Result is Tamilians, unlike other South Indians, are ignored in the rest of the nation ( especially during employment) as they cannot communicate easily . Even for applying for the post of Member of Parliament from our Tamilnadu, non Tamilians are preferred, as can be seen in the present 39 ( Please find out the mother tongue of our MPs)
- The leaders and kith and kin of AHA movement run CBSE schools and hold the monopoly in teaching Hindi- recently in one of the top Tamil university was forced to change the language taught from Hindi to Telugu under their pressure so as to maintain monopoly in this Hindi teaching business
- If the country undergoes turmoil, these Retards look forward for the country to break up as most of the steel and steel scrap merchants will profit in buying up burnt buses and trains (Find out who are the merchants )

A number of issues like the above can be pointed out, but since you want to act as if you are sleeping, it is impossible to wake you up

In conclusion our Periyar did say that Tamil is a barbarian language. He said that many times. He referred to the Tamil people as "barbarians" and the Tamil language as the "language of barbarians".

Hope you have noticed that no one is reacting in this forum- think rationally as taught by Periyar - you will get the answer JK - Do not allow others to cloud your judgments, leave emotion out, think rational

Best of luck

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