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Gosh, Govt trapped in Kashmir, with no way out !!


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Clearly despite all the hype and hoopla, the govt has not been able to restore landlines, mobile phones, communication and travel.

Even if we buy into the narrative that nothing untoward is happening despite international media saying otherwise, they cannot restore communication as it could lead to mass protests.

In short, they are stuck in a quagmire, they cannot restore normalcy, so they cannot remove the troops, and the international media will continue to hammer human rights violation.

So this govt is now trapped in a self made disaster of a gigantic proportion, and the longer it continues, the pressure on UNSC will increase to act on this issue.

Not only have we lost all our moral standing, we are now reduced to a tinpot dictatorship !!

So long for Indian democracy and all its high moral values for the last 70 yrs !!


"It's time for US to step in"

Strangely, it evoked the "Kamba Ramayana".

"Vaali on seeing that Rama had felled him with an arrow told him (among other things) that if the latter had only approached him, he would have intervened on his behalf and pulled up Ravana for his shameless act of abducting another man's wife. To this Rama retorted that Ravana would have ridiculed him (Rama) for bringing someone like Vaali to espouse his cause - for Vaali was guilty of the same shameless act - he had abducted Sugreeva's wife after driving him away."

Just in the last 60 years, USA has a horrible history of interference and misadventures - Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan - all of this (dropping napalm and other terrible bombs killing hundreds/ thousands of peace loving innocent people) on foreign soil (outside their country) where they have no jurisdiction. And what about their constant support to expansionist Israel (and I say this as an ardent admirer and supporter of Israel - it's my favourite country after my own). Pakistan is banking a lot on China - Uighur Muslims in China are enjoying "special status" in indoctrination/ detention camps - they have been asked to abandon their Islamic teachings and embrace the teachings of Chinese philosophers. China and USA are arch rivals today - for either of these countries to get seriously involved with a country as large as India can be irreparably damaging and may in fact (and only) help other powerful nations like Russia, Japan and Germany.

To some extent this step has also been provoked - at least for the last 30 years or more Pakistan has been actively organising terrorist training camps and providing weapons and other support for Jihadis. They have been doing their utmost to ensure that there is no peace in the state for which they can conveniently blame India and hope that their own role would be overlooked. It has been almost a civil war situation in Kashmir for 3 decades and aggravating constantly. Even today the people of Kashmir (at least the leaders including the separatists) talk in favour of Vajpayee. Modi is there only for the last 6 years or so. So, the Congress party should take the blame for all the decades of oppression Kashmiris complain of. It was during the time of the Congress that Shaikh Abdullah was jailed for about 10 years. It was clear that Kashmir leaders would have no dialogue without bringing in Pakistan. If the Congress did not mind that, they could have done so. They were content to be indecisive and drag their feet. It was a question of who would bell the cat and how they would bell the cat. Revoking article 370 does not mean opening Nazi style concentration camps (Imran Khan's description of the BJP as Nazis) - leaders can rise above party lines and think about the country so that this is used in a positive manner to regain the faith of the common Kashmiri (you can never appease their leaders).

And I do feel that something has come to the fore - to some people the country seems to mean less than their favourite political parties and their political icons!

And we do not know - even if abrogation of article 370 was done without taking the Congress into confidence, some of the major international leaders may have been consulted on this. Most political leaders are unscruplous and there is an expression "Honour among thieves".
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Seems Washington post missed this!!

1565765814568-png.7805 Gosh, Govt trapped in Kashmir, with no way out !!


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Let's keep the discussion civil. No abuses and personal attacks.
What will US do?

Even assuming it is a misadventure, why are Pandits problems not solved so far and the earlier Govt. was not ready to settle them peacefully in Kashmir. Does it not seem that the earlier Govt. wanted J&K to be a 100% Muslim State? Is it correct?

Do Pandits have any right in Kashmir, and if not, is it not atrocious?

Kashmir belongs to both Hindus and Muslims and unfortunately, the earlier Govt., knowing Hindus' lack of courage and unity, has not done anything. Now Pak spokesperson openly said Congress is with Pakistan.

It is necessary to review critically the earlier Govt's atttitude towards Hindus in general, and Kashmiri Hindus in particular.

The present crisis in Kashmir is due to mishandling of Congress Govt. right from Nehru period, especially the cause of Hindus and Buddhists.


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What will US do?

The present crisis in Kashmir is due to mishandling of Congress Govt. right from Nehru period, especially the cause of Hindus and Buddhists.
Unfortunately, people do not turn the pages of history and see that there is nothing new is a rediscovery.
Naya Kashmir: It’s not a new idea
Like Modi, Indira Gandhi, too, wanted to alter the status quo in the state almost 50 years ago.

Indira Gandhi, too, wanted to alter the status quo in Kashmir.
In explaining its decision to abolish the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, the Modi government has emphasised the developmental and political benefits that are expected to flow from these arrangements. These moves have indeed wrought a radical change in the constitutional relationship between the Indian Union and the erstwhile state of J&K. As we ponder how these arrangements will work out, it may be useful to look back to Indira Gandhi’s attempt at a new beginning.
“We will build a new Kashmir, quickly if you help, slowly if you don’t, but build it we will!” Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had said while addressing a public rally in Srinagar in June 1970. Indeed, important changes were already underway.

Among the inputs that shaped her thinking was advice from an unlikely quarter. Jayaprakash Narayan had been an advocate of self-determination for Kashmir, but had changed his mind after Pakistan’s aggression in 1965. The following year he wrote to Indira Gandhi arguing that Kashmiris could be enthused about autonomy within India if Abdullah advocated it. The Sheikh might have flirted with independence in the past, but now “he is realist enough to realise” that India would not part with any portion of Kashmir. To secure Kashmir, it was imperative to forge a new concord with Abdullah, who remained under arrest.

The attempts during the Indira Gandhi years to create a new normal suggest that there are limits to the plasticity of politics in Kashmir. The challenge of fostering new leaders who cleave to New Delhi’s vision may be greater today. To be sure, the context now is very different. Yet we would do well to recall JP’s advice in his missive to Indira Gandhi:

“To think that we will eventually wear down the people and force them to accept at least passively the Union is to delude ourselves. That might conceivably have happened had Kashmir not been geographically located where it is. In its present location and with seething discontent among the people, it would never be left in peace by Pakistan … With the issue settled to the satisfaction of the great majority of the people, the external mischief-makers would not find a favourable soil for sowing their mischief.”

In the atmosphere of Hindutva, The majority wants to crush the minority. Ofcourse they are upset that minority had special privileges, so there was a resentment fanned by the opposition to Neheru era,


Pl read this. To many, professing to be liberal and secular, Col. Athale is seen as a spokesperson for Hindutva.



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Clearly as Trump is subconsciously playing out Nixon, the right wing groups in india are playing out subconsciously Indira !! And they are playing out each and every action of Indira both in policies and persona building, hype, hoopla, full nine yards. LOL. These guys clearly want a war with Pakistan.

However, in today's world, it is impossible. The global media pressure will so great, no govt can a manage a war under such circumstances.

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