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Gokulashtami Puja Vidhanam

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Gokulashtami Puja Vidhanam

  • September 4, 2015


    Maha Vishnu took various avatars to protect the mortal world from the evildoers and sinners. One such incarnation was his birth as the child of King Vasudeva and Queen Devaki Devi. Gokul Ashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna. It falls on the 8th day of the dark half of the month of ‘Bhadrapada’ (August-September) and is one of the greatest of all Hindu festivals. Lord Krishna was born at midnight.

  • Janmashtami is about the joy, people all over the world feel for their beloved Lord Krishna. Gokulashtami (Sri Krishna Jayanthi) falls on 8th day after Avani Avittam function. Normally on this auspicious occassion people will fast from the morning and during the sunset, they will do pooja for Lord Krishna by offering lots of sweets and neivedhyams. Butter is favourite for Lord krishna and hence people will offer milk, curd, buter, Aval, fruits and some more sweets to God on this special day. During Krishna’s childhood, he is fond of butter and he will steal the butter from pots which will spill out in the floor and when he walks, it forms a nice palm prints. So keeping this in mind, the devotees will draw small footprints from the entrance of house to the pooja room.

  • On the evening during the sunset, devotees will do pooja for Lord Krishna and offer the Lord with butter,fruits,vella seedai, Cocunut Seedai , Uppu Seedai, Appam, Thattai,Aval and some more delicious foods.
    Sri Gokulashtami Puja Vidhanam

  • Audio Recording by : Sri V. Sriram Ghanapatigal
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    1. Gokulashtami Vaibhavam:

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    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara


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How this Janmashtami will be different after 50 years!

How this Janmashtami will be different after 50 years!

04 Sep 2015

New Delhi: Shri Krishna Janmashtami is the birth date of Lord Krishna, who was born on the eighth night of the Krishna Paksh (waning moon) during the month of Shravan as per the Hindu calendar.


He was born in Mathura to slay the tyrant ruler Kamsa. Since the Lord acquired a mortal form on this day, he is revered every year on this day by celebrating Krishna Janmashtami.

This year’s Janmashtami is quite unique. Something will happen on this Krishna Janmashtami that has not happened in the past 50 years.

It is only this time that Rohini Nakshatra (constellation) will remain in the skies for a full 24 hours as compared to the previous years. That means the Rohini Nakshatra will remain for the entire duration on the eighth day of the waning moon.

As per the astrological calculations, the day (Saturday) when Janmashtami falls will be in Taurus in the presence of the moon. It is simultaneously in the ‘Balava Karana’ of Rohini Nakshatra which is beneficial in many ways.

The mentioned Nakshatra will be 90 percent stronger on this day. Lord Krishna was also born in Rohini Nakshatra. Hence if one prays to the Lord during this Nakshatra, then it is expected that the day will bring them peace, wealth and prosperity. The day is also good for starting a new practice or buying something new.

One should revere Lord Vasudeva with full diligence on this day. It is said that since Lord Krishna’s birth will be celebrated at midnight on Janmashtami.

One should recite mantra of the Lord on this night and offer Him sweets while remembering Him.


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