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Girl 's Most Awesome Matrimonial CV And It’s Going Viral

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Gold Member
this girl posted her profile to protest depiction of girls in matrimonial web sites.

she did not want

herself to be wrongly projected.

when one reads what parents write about their daughters ,one is revolted .they are forced to depict them as mostlytraditional with a minor modern living exposure. they are forcibly made temple going types. they are made to dress in garish sarees which are revolting. their salwar kameezes make them look like film extras.the worst is they post photos taken in their backyard or made for college admission forms. it is mostly revolting


they are forcibly made temple going types. they are made to dress in garish sarees

Let this member visit VISA Balaji Temple located at Chilkur near Hyderabad and see for himself how the young generation in Jeans and T shirts comes here voluntarily and do circumambulation. Nobody compels nobody influence or force/persuade any one. This temple attracts huge number of young devotees every day. There are lot of such things happening around us.

The visa granting Balaji of Chilkur

During the eighties, a few students who faced rejections at the Chennai consulate prayed at the temple and their wish was fulfilled

In northern state of Punjab, a gurudwara is believed to help those planning to immigrate to other countries. Once the wish is fulfilled, they offer aircraft to gurudwara. Down south, people believe that a visit to a temple is a sureshot success to get visa to go abroad. Believers throng this place—popularly known as Visa Balaji temple—at Chilkur in Ranga Reddy district of Andhra Pradesh, about 20 km from Hyderabad.

Hundreds of students planning higher studies in the USA, Canada or Australia or professionals seeking a H1 (B) visa to the USA first pray for the blessings of the Visa Balaji even before applying for their visas. They believe that Visa Balaji will see that the consular staff will stamp on their passports without any trouble. It will not end with one visit to the temple. After the wish is granted, the devotees make it a point to return to thank the deity for the favour bestowed upon them.

Read more at: The visa granting Balaji of Chilkur
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Raji Ram

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Gold Member
......... this girl posted her profile to protest depiction of girls in matrimonial web sites.

she did not want herself to be wrongly projected...........
Many mod girls don't depend on their parents to post their profile! But, some parents post without their knowledge, may be

to show the polite nature ( :becky: ) and when the talk comes about marriage 'locking inside a room' episode will follow! Or... the

experience that my cousin brother had, will happen!

My handsome cousin rejected many photoes of prospective brides and finally selected a very pretty girl. He wanted his parents

to proceed further. On the day of 'poNNu pArkkal', the groom's party was waiting for the girl to return home. The girl coolly came,

holding her fiance around his waist and introduced to all of them, including her parents! :dizzy:

P.S: This happened in late 70s! :)


Gold Member
Gold Member
Most modern girls do not take posting of profile by parents seriously

Only when someone is brought home to meet the girl , she wakes up.

They are horror struck and they mentally compare the parents choice with their class mates [boys] or office mates and decide a known devil is better than a parents choice.

it is often the familiarity factor with a known person that takes precedence over an unknown hero selected by parents.

many times the known person they choose are indecisive and require a catalyst like another fellow turning up to see the girl and girl forces him into submission in


it has happened in my extended family also . she got engaged to my relative and then went to the fellow she loved and forced him to accept her.that fellow succumbed.

She coolly ditched my relative .

what matters is whether a girl gets what she wants . let everyone else be damned .

the girls parents , my relative and his parents were devastated.

the girls parents disowned her for a lifetime


Gold Member
Gold Member
God forbid, if some problem arises later in her life, parents will be the persons whom she will approach first! :Cry:
Nothing much happened to her . However in old age her father became very sick and bedridden. His disowned soninlaw forcibly took him away ,tended to him until death

and gave him a decent funeral.lol.

My relative also got married to another girl and he is happy at the age of 86 with a loving wife of 83.

In life , nothing dramatic happens .

These issues die out with time and appear foolish after forty years.lol


Gold Member
Gold Member
​Many seem to be lucky in this world! :clap2:
it is not that anyone was lucky .

many become pragmatic after a knock on the head .

the jilted man took what was available and carried on as it was the most practical thing to do . One does not become a devdas in life .

The father of the girl had no takers in old age ,and the daughter and soninlaw took them to cover their guilt and wanted to be seen as doing their duty.

Father had to accept his daughter as he had no choice and he had to put up with a soninlaw he did not want.

so who was lucky in this.? none in my opinion

Raji Ram

Gold Member
Gold Member
I think in a different way, Krish Sir!

The jilted man is lucky to have his three year younger wife, loving him, till his ripe age of 86! :)

Father of that girl is lucky that his forbidden son in law took pity on him later in life! :)

Daughter and son in law are lucky to gain some puNNiyam by taking care of a man in death bed and giving a decent funeral. :)


New member
Sadly she may feel bad for what she did after some years! Life is not easy and require lot of compromises. If she get into love marriage, some one may understand her and soon come to terms. Otherwise no one will come near her! Sometimes it is better to keep adventures to oneself.
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