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From My Notes: Raja Rishi Prime Minister Modi - Little known facts

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I came across some information about PM Modi that I wanted to share. Perhaps many here may have known and perhaps even discussed since I visit the forum infrequently. However here is a point of view.

How India and people of India will shape the future of India will be the legacy of PM Modi and it is too early to pass judgement at this point in my view. He has his share of admirers and critics in this forum and in the world at large.

My hope is that India has bright future in the leadership of a person who could be aptly considered a Raja Rishi in my view.

For one he seem to be a true Karma Yogi in his approach to life and has become a phenomena in the world stage.

To make reading easier I will break the posting into several messages.

PM Modi has recently been named the number One person in the world stage as a Global Decision Maker.
See the link below
A World Disrupted: The Leading Global Thinkers of 2014

It is easy to see why he is respected worldwide from the following Youtube segment.

PM Modi gave an extempore talk *in English* at Australia during his state visit.
It is easy to see why he received a standing ovation when one can resonate with his broad vision and a powerful message.


Little known fact number 1: Yes - Modi speaks English as well as anyone and can deliver powerful speeches in English!
And he is a recognized leader in the world stage!


One thing that I was not sure I understood was why PM Modi did not say anything about his marriage though his wife is totally devoted to him.

What I found out from someone (who knows someone that is very close to the PM) are some little known facts. Though there is a level of indirection in the information source I think what I found out are more likely to be facts. It is supported by few news stories in the press.

It is well known it was a childhood marriage.
For reasons unknown PM Modi had an inclination to take the life of a Sannyasi. In fact it is not widely known that he took to the life of Sannysi with blessings from his family (and his wife then). His wife continued to work at her in laws though Modi did not want her to do so. She did make supreme sacrifice but did not lose any regard for the conviction of the man she was married to. She remained a Karma Sannyasi to the best I can gather.

It is not appropriate to make negative judgement about anyone in my view since the people involved (PM Modi and his wife ) are fine.

Here is a news item that I found that seem to somewhat correlate with what I had heard.
. For Modi, countrycame first and then other related things associated with motherland. For aninstance, during 1965 Indo-Pak war, Modi, who was then a 15-year-old boy,volunteered to serve the soldiers in transit at the railway stations.
Similarly, in 1967at an age of 17 years, he served the flood affected people of Gujarat.
12. Modi was born onseptember 17, 1950 in an economically backward family of grocers in Vadnagar,Gujarat. He always wanted to become a saint or ‘sanyasi’.
In fact, he wasalways fascinated with sadhus, that is why he even ran away from his home aftercompleting his school education.
He visited manyplaces, including Ramkrishna Ashram of Belur in West Bengal. Finally, hereached Himalayas and wandered aimlessly and stayed with unknown but yogicsadhus for months.
After two years ofwandering in Himalayas without money and with two pairs of clothes, he suddenlydecided to give up ‘sanyas’ life and returned home."

The link where I found this is here

?Sanyasi? becomes Prime Minister!

There is another news story :

There is a very close & deep relation of Modi ji with Ramkrishna Mission having a background of his relation with Swamijis of that organization. In his young age when he left his home and went to Himalayas to become a Sanyasi, for about three months nobody knew about his whereabouts. Then actually he was at Ramkrishna mission ashram at Almora in Himalayas (where Vivekananda spend his days as a monk). From there he came to Rajkot Ashram of Mission. Then in 1966, today’s President Maharaj of Belur Math Swami Atmasthnanda was there the secretary.Modi ji expressed his wish to become a monk to him. Earlier in Almora also he expressed same desire. Swami Atmasthnanda explained him that any branch of Mission can’t take decision by its own to adopt someone as a monk. Then Modi ji started to live in Rajkot Ashram as a Bramhachari and joined himself with the social works of Ashram. Within few days he became very affectionate of Swami Atmasthnanda who afterwards introduced him with the President of Belur Math Swami Madhavananda, who observing Modi ji closely advised him that path of Sanyas yoga is not suitable for him. It should be better if he devote himself in Karma yoga to build the nation and works of social reforms.




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Waiting for her man: Jashodaben is neither here, nor there
Lalita Panicker, Hindustan Times
Unto each charmed life some rain must fall and what was a distant drizzle has become a somewhat insistent shower for prime minister Narendra Modi going by the developments on the marital front. Like a fuzzy picture becoming clearer and clearer in the photo lab, his wife Jashodaben, who has lived in obscurity all these years, has now become a real person to many of us. And the burden of the song which has put her in the limelight is her RTI application seeking the details of her security.

The lady who still seems to harbor hopes that she will be reunited with her famous husband speaks of how frightened she is with her security detail which apparently follows her in cars even as she takes the local transport. This is a case of suffering all the headaches of being the PM's wife without the privileges of the actual position. In fact, had it not been for the bloodhound like tendencies of the media, we may never really have known that Jashodaben existed.

In many ways, her apprehensions are right. Now that she has become a public figure so to speak, there is every chance that her life is in danger. In which event, she needs much more security than a few guards rattling around near her home. She is entitled to the highest level of security, the same as her husband. She should be housed in secure premises. It is entirely possible that she is trying to say just this when she objects to her security arrangements.


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Somewhere I saw a horoscope purportedly of Modi. He has Rahu in 6th House (destroyer of enemies͵ many health issues). Evidently a workaholic he needs to take care of his health.


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Shri Narendra Modi is different from our Politicians whom we have seen all these years. He comes of an ordinary lower middle class family. His desire to serve the people and motherland is inborn in him. His training in RSS as a full time pracharak has played an important part in shaping his character and commitment. I have been listening his speeches telecast in visual media regularly. His sincerity of purpose in his extempore speeches easily reach the common men and women who attend his rallies. So also his oration in specific platforms, which is received with respect by the audience. Interestingly like Shri Atal Bihari Vajapayee his sense of humour is high. Here is a a collection of humorous anecdotes from his speeches. Please enjoy:

Kushboo has a temple for herself in TN and that has qualified her to join Congress to spite BJP. Reading the mounting eulogies it looks like NM can soon expect to have temple of his own.
kushbu's feelers to join BJP did not get a favourable response. She will get more chances to appear on tv as congress spokesperson.

Kushboo has a temple for herself in TN and that has qualified her to join Congress to spite BJP. Reading the mounting eulogies it looks like NM can soon expect to have temple of his own.


Any talk about building temple for NM or anyone is simply a distraction taking one away from substantive discussions
Not open for further replies.
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