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Former Congress minister lies about the railways tariff hike under 5 years of the Modi government


It is pathetic….

Most of the scamgress leaders (the party which had ruled over India for most part of its post-independence history) have now to resorting lies, lies, repeated lies and hatred and have thus reduced this National Party to stoop to this level.

Right from its leader (who is ‘Out-on-bail) down to an ordinary party follower every one’s Election Mantra is to resort to lies, lies repeated lies. no other option except to spread lies abundantly throughout.

Is it because lies travel faster than truth...??
Or they don't have any specific scam to beat about.

Fact Check: Former Congress minister lies about the railways tariff hike under 5 years of the Modi government

Since the 2014-2015 Railways Budget, there has been no increase in the tariffs of the Railways across all the classes except the inclusion of Dynamic Flexi-fare pricing in Premium Trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto.

In keeping up with their party president Rahul Gandhi’s tradition of blatantly lying, Senior Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahai took to Twitter to spread lies about the increase in tariff fares of the Indian Railways. Sahai asserted that there has been a 60 per cent price hike in the Railway fares under the Modi government.
So while the Railways have seen unprecedented growth under the Modi government with fare hike of just 14.2% in the last 5 years, it has certainly perturbed the Congress leaders who are now resorting to purveying fake news about the tariff hike in order to discredit the growth achieved under the current government and incite the non-existent resentment among the voters.

Read more at: https://www.opindia.com/2019/05/former-congress-minister-lies-about-indian-railways-tariff-hike/

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