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(eye) rack - spellt deliberately !!

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as indians, we ought to be scared :yell:

I don't get this, why is this scary for Indians? I think it is scary to any thinking person.

FDR warned there must not be any war millionaires. Ike warned against military industrial complex. Today, congress wants to fund war planes that even the military does not want. We have as many, or more contractors as troops in the two theaters of war. We don't have war millionaires, we have war billionaires.

Almost all the war proponents, chicken hawks the lot of them, avoided serving when their country needed them. They even mocked those who actually served honorably, iz. Swiftboat attacks. They are the ones who are personally benefiting from the constant state war that exists.

Not many people realize the mainland of US was never invaded or even under the threat of invasion ever. Yet, they are the ones who are invading all these countries all over the world in defense of the borderes that has not been crossed by any invading army yet.

Xe Services, aka Blackwater, one of the major contractors who is apparently directly involved in covert military missions such as targeted assassinations and drone attacks, is accused of a range of criminal activities including murdering innocent civilians and child prostitution. They are also accused of engaging in wife swapping among senior executives in their North Carolina headquarters.

It is eye-rack and Afghanistan now, hope i-ran does not become a member of this unfortunate list.
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