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Ekadasi veratham - Smartha & Vainava


Active member
Hello all,
please can you educate me on this queries
I see there are 2 Ekadasi veratham in calendar,
a) Smartha &
b) Vainava

queries :
1) Dasami Thithi ends on 15th Feb 2019 at 8:48 AM, whether Smartha Ekadasi followers will start the veratham from 8:48 AM on this day ?
if so, whether they will end the fasting on 16th Feb 2019 at 7:04 AM ?

2) please can you advise me, is there is an ancient script available on how to follow Smartha Ekadasi Veratham ? if so what is the name of the book / Puranam ?
(If you can educate me I will go to Giri Trading house and I will ask for the book)/

3) whether Vainava Ekadasi followers, will start the Veratham on 16th Feb and whether they will complete the veratham on 17th Feb (on the logic that Thithi during the sunrise is important concept for these followers. my doubt is not on which is the correct way ).

Basically, I want to understand these 2 ways Smartha Ekadasi veratham & Vainava ekadasi Veratham (when to start, how to follow and how to end) and I want to know the ways as per ancient script. please can you educate me.
Thank you and kindest regards


Active member
sir, kindly contact giri trading agency for the book samksheba dharma sastram written by 3 scholers venkata rama sastrigal, ramamurthy sastrigal and krishna sarma taken from smruthi muktha phalam written by vaithnatha deekshadar and published by heritage india educational trust in the year 1985. This book tels you about al thithis ; how to work out thithi nirnayam .

sri vaishnavarkal are having deeksai by paancha raathra akama vidhi. sun rise in chithrai month is 6 A.M. arunothaya kalam starts from 4-30A.M. at that 4 -30 A.M. if dasami thithi is there even for ten minutes it is for smartha ekaadasi. only the next day vaishnava ekadasi will be celebrated by vaishna vates.

for all,:- vratham starts from sun rise to next morning sun rise is the time.
on 16-02-2019 during 4.30- A.M. ekaadasi thithi is there. so for all smartha and vaishnava ekadasi vratham starts from sunrise on that day is from 6-34 A.M to 17-02-2019 sun rise time .6.34 A.M. dwaadasi thithi is there upto 8-10 A.M. on 17-02-2019. all has to break ekadasi vratham at or before 8-10 A.M. on 17th.


Active member
aekadasi advice.

The following informs us as to why we need to avoid grains on Ekadashi days.

It is stated in the Padma Purana:

bhuyo-bhuyo drdha vani sryatam syata janah

na bhoktavyam na bhoktavyam na bhoktavyam harer dine

“O human beings, please listen, I tell you repeatedly with steadfast determination, please never eat any grains on the Day of Lord Hari (Ekadasi day, the Lord’s appearance day like Janmastami day etc.). Please never eat any food grains even by mistake on the Day of Lord Hari. Please do not eat grains on the Day of Lord Hari even if forced or compelled to do so.”

The reason to not eat food grains on Ekadasi is stated in the Vrihan Naradiya Purana thus:

yani kani ca papani brahma hatyadikani ca

annam asritya tiathanti samprapte hari vasare

“Every type of sin in this world, including the grievous sin of killing a Brahmana, reside in food grains on the Day of Lord Hari (Ekadasi and other fasting days). If grains are eaten on fasting days sins enter the body of that human being.”

The Hari Bhakti Vilasa states:

brahmacari grhastho va vanaprastho ‘thava yatih

ekadasyam hi bhunjano bhukte go-mamsam eva hi

“Whether a person is Brahmachari (unmarried celibate student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprasthi (retired, elderly), Sanyasi (renounced person) or any other social order, if they eat food grains on Ekadasi, they acquire the same sin as that received by eating cow’s meat.”

The Skanda Purana also states:

matr ha pitr has caiva bhratr ha guru has tatha

ekadasyas tu ya bhunkte visnu-lokac cyuto bhavet

“Those who eat grains on Ekadasi and on the Day of Lord Hari (including Janmastami, Gaura Purnima etc.) obtain the sin equal to killing one’s own mother, own father, own brother and own Guru; and they cannot reach the spiritual world, which is why one should never eat grains on fasting days.”

One may think or say that fasting on Ekadasi days and the Lord’s appearance days are meant only for Vaisnava devotees and not for worshippers of Lord Siva or Durga etc. But the Padma Purana informs such people:

na saiva na ca saurohasaun na sakta gana sevakah

yo bhunkte vasare visnor jneyah pasvadiko hi sah

“Whether one is a follower of Lord Siva, the goddess Durga, Kali, Surya (sungod), Ganesa, Bhairava or any other demigod, they should avoid

eating grains on the fasting days of Lord Hari (Ekadasis and other fasting days of Lord Hari). If one does not rigidly follow this rule and eats grains on fasting days they are considered worse than an animal.”

The Brihan Naradiya Purana states:

brahma-hatyadi papanam kathancin niskrtir bhavet

ekadasyat tu yo bhunkte niskrtir nasti kutracit

“By rigidly following religious and ritualistic processes one may become free from grievous sin like killing a Brahmana, but it is impossible to eliminate the sins of those who eat grains on Ekadasi days.”

It is written in the Skanda Purana that Lord Yamaraja (superintendent of hell) told his messengers not even to go near the immediate three generations of those who fast on Ekadasi days, even if they are lowborn and full of sin.

. But even if a pious person is learned in the four Vedas and performs rituals and is pure, but eats grains on Ekadasi days, they must be taken to hell to suffer.

If grain filled prasadam is given to a person on a fasting day it should be kept for consumption on the next day, but should not be consumed on the fasting day. Only fruits, roots (such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca, sago etc.) water, milk products, nuts, rock salt,

Singhara flour, Kutu flour, Sama Rice (found in the Indian grocery stores) and prescribed medicines can be consumed on fasting days.

you may also take beet root, carrot, ground nuts. you should not take butter milk, curd.

On dasami day you have to take only one meals at day time and at night you have to take only fruits and milk. on dwaadasi day you have to take only meals in day time and at night you have to take milk and fruits only.

on dwaadasi day if dwaadasi thithi is there and in that first quarter is called harivaasaram. only after harivasaram is over you have to break ekadasi fasting. during harivasaram period you should not break ekadasi upavasam. in panchangam they are writing as harivasaram period. It will come very rarely only twice in a year.

you can see these things in www. drikpanchang.com in isckon ekadasi festivals for the year 2019.


Active member
sir, you should not sleep in day time on dasami, ekadasi and dwadasi days. you should not sleep at night on ekadasi day. you have to read and hear only bhajans of all gods, vishnu puranam and in you tube you may hear radha kalyanam, meenakshi kalyanam seetha kalyanam etc. take a cup of tea . easily you will be awake.

there is no use of seeing in t.v. serials and cinema pictures. try to the extend possible by you and to that extent you will be rewarded.


Active member
Gopalan Sir,

thank you so much Sir. You are always educating me :) and always writing back to my queries.

Thanks for providing book names . I will try to visit Giri trading.

I always had this doubt on Smartha ekadasi veratham timings and Vaishnava ekadasi veratham timings.
I am affraid to say that still I have few doubts.

I checked 3 calendars, and in all 3 calendars it is mentioned with 2 days for fasting.
In one of the calendar (Sri Kalikambal baktha jana sabha calendar - which is very good and I purchased it from Giri) they mentioned 2 days.
one on, 15th Feb 2019 is ekadasi (I infer that as smartha ekadasi veratham) &
secondly on, 16th Feb 2019 it is mentioned as Vaishnava ekadasi veratham

I have tried to attach 2 attachments, showing that 15th Feb 2019 is for Smartha ekadasi veratham day & 16th Feb 2019 is for Vaishnava ekadasi veratham day. the reason why 15th Feb 2019 is not for Vaishnava ekadasi is that if Dasami thithi is there at the sunrise then it is not the day for vaishnava ekadasi veratham day but this rule is not applicable for smartha ekadasi (I guess) hence 15th Feb 2019 is smartha ekadasi veratham day. I guess, Smartha ekadasi veratham is looking at the start of the actual ekadasi thithi start time (on 15th Feb 2019 Ekadasi starts at 8:48 AM) ?
(but drikpanjagam does not provide 2 days for this ekadasi which is called as Jaya ekadasi. it says Smartha & Vaishanavas have to follow ekadasi veratham on 16th Feb 2019)

one last point:
Duvadasi ends on 17th Feb 2019 at 5:02 AM (according to one of the calendar) & according to drikpanchagam we have to break fast between 6:31 AM to 8:10 AM. )

thanks once again . I will read the books that you recommended.

Thank you and kindest regards


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  • Vaishnava ekadasi.PNG
    Vaishnava ekadasi.PNG
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Active member
Namestae All, Thanks Gopalan ji , for the proper explanations ,infact many people are aware of it but may arise with little doubts here and there. Simple and easy way to follow. Thanks Srikaanth for raising this doubt, and its through Horse mouth we all received it. Regards Dr C.Narayani .
Thank you for visiting TamilBrahmins.com

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