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Donation of organ

Can we donate our organs such as eye, kidney after death. Our sastrigal is saying it is not good to daganam binna body. Please suggest me in this.
I am not competent enough to counter a learned sastrigal's opinions.
my views I am sharing.

There are two aspects a)social and b) religious
a)social -Now Doctors /Social activists encourage organ donations after death.If you are too spiritual , there is no wrong in organ donations after death. Many are doing. Their thinking, if these organs benefit somebody - eye sight to a blind, kidney to a non-kidney functioning man, that is sacred. In veda it is said sacrifice is needed to maoksha. NA KARMANA NA PRAJAYA DHANENA THYAGENA EKE AMRUTATHWAM ANASU. Srimad Bhagavatham says manava seva is madhava seva (helping people is GOD service). This is highly spiritual thinkng.
b)brahmins are surrounded by customs/practices etc. But time has changed . we live in 20th century. are we still following old traditions. whether sastrigals generally stick to old traditions ( are they not commercial), while conducting marriages/death rituals etc. {sorry not commenting on your sastrigal)
it depends on your mindset. suppose your close relative passes away and donate organs . Tomorrow some bad omens /troubles occur in your house , you should not link to organ donations. That toubles you should attribute to normal fluctuatiions (ups and downs ) in life. If you are not mentally strong, dont go for organ donations.
I understand even if full body is given to medical college, still you can do usual rituals . sastrigals do darbha dahanam. I have not seen. what i understand, they will make a human form by darbhas (grass) and do cremations and other rituals.
everything depends on mindset. If you are afraid of all things, even a cat crosses before you, never ever imagine organ donations