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Does even a fight for a cause needs publicity gimmicks to thrive and be effective..?

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The following news item in todays newspapers prompted me to pose this question.

Sadhu dies after record 114-day fast

link: Sadhu dies after record 114-day fast

This news is there in almost all newspapers.

I think no one may be knowing about this till now. Why media also not given any hint even during Ramdev Baba's programme ? Or is it really true ? f so can we conclude that everything needs media glare to be noted..? A low profile, however well -meaning person or programme will not get its due share in public mind....

Dramatics and sponsorship is the trend of the day........


This is an age of show, pomp and advertisements!

Experts sit and think up new publicity stunts I am sure!

Gimmicks is the order of the Day, if anyone wants to get noticed!
Unfortunate. But true. I was pained to read this news. What a waste of a precious life! How is that no one has taken the issue seriously. The BJP Government of Uttarkhand nor the Congress in the Center tried to prevent the Sadhu taking the issue to his death.
Lack of publicity may be one of the reasons of course.

Now the issue is taking different turn, and interpreted as per one's political stand.

The country( and world as a whole also) lot of such unsung heroes doing
their mite silently. But many are not aware of them due to lack of publicity, gimmicks and resources.....

A cartoon in today's Hindustan Times newspaper puts it pointblank..:

It shows one sanyasi figure with glaring camera lights (indirectly Ramdevlike)as "Breaking News" and another lonely similar o Nigamanand as " Heartbreaking News"......

Let me salute all the selfless souls who work dedicatedly for a better world..

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Even Swami.SUGABODHANANDA(From Bangalore) of "MANASE RELAX" and many more books had to depict the photo of cine star
Amitab Bachan on the outer cover to boost up sales though the contents in all his books are really good and deserve to be read by all.
I don't see anything wrong in some amount of advertisement at least it will inspire others to a certain extent.

Even when we are born,we advertise to the whole world with our 1st cry.But our last cry only God hears.
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dear Mr. Brahin,

The first cry of the baby is the confirmation that it is 'alive and kicking'.

Only if it cries it will start breathing the life giving oxygen.

otherwise the baby will be held by its legs and dipped cold water to give it a

cold shock to start wailing and eventually breathing. :Cry:

Advertisements are necessary in this age of cut throat competitions.:fencing:

But the hassle for publicity for the sake of publicity-which we are watching all

the time is quite a different thing altogether! :director:

It may work for a short time. Even sustaining one's name and fame

involves a lot of hard work, dedication and sincerity. :typing:

with best wishes,

I want to give this link regarding 'cover up of corruption'.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorial : The habit of covering up

You may see my comment also there, which is reproduced below for easy reference:

I have few questions.

1. Why do people need so much money? This is not philosophical but a practical question. One really does not need crores and crores of rupees.

2. Corruption and politics have been good friends for long all over the world (politics is the game of scoundrels). Is one party better than another? Not really. The ruling party has the opportunity and hence is seen as corrupt. That does not make the opposition party good. They would behave the same way when they become the ruling party.

3. What is supposed to be the job of PM of India? How can he be seen as a person of integrity when his cabinet colleagues are alleged to have been involved in scams? And why should the PM be excluded from the purview of Lokpal?

4. Why does the media not bring such things to the fore? Even when they do so, they do it more for sensationalism than for public benefit. Media is also corrupt. Ironically some of the media companies are themselves owned by the polticians!

5. Of late, the Supreme Court of India has the 'judicial activism' but can the judiciary be left to run the country? At the same time, even members of judicial community (like former CJ) are accused of corruption.

6. India has had Ram Raj (Hinduism), Moghul Raj (Islam), British Raj (Christianity). It is now having Atheist Raj (wih only the meaning of atheism changed to 'no belief or faith in moral values'. Unjust Prejudiced Alliance (UPA) is ruling the country. Can't we have an escape?

7. Lastly, I want to raise the question Bharathi raised: "When will my Mother (nation) be free of the shackles?"
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