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Divorced girl to which Gothra she belong

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New member
Agreed if you are applying logic of Hindu Dharma here.But just a question...I know Hindu Dharma has no Divorce..then would a subsequent 2nd marriage of the divorced girl be invalid in the eyes of Hindu Dharma?

Thats why I once had said in this thread when the DNA of anyone cant change why the hassle of a Gotra change?
Body is supposed to be a garment which is discarded upon death why are we renaming it?
Dont get me wrong please I am no Atheist or reformist ....just asking a few points thats all.
Hindu marriage definitely allows remarriage of some kind. I am no expert it just a lucky shot. Wife of Parasara, satyavati married santanu. All her subsequent children were the children of santanu. Since Vyasa was never adopted by santanu he remained the son of his father parasara.
On the other hand Kunti's brief relations with the devas did not change her marital status.
So I do not know about kanyadhan system in this story.
But otherewise the logic of marriage in mahabharata seems as follows

Husband and wife together marriage valid. Children belong to father's lineage.
Husband and wife separate (Parasara and Satyavati), wife is free, goes back to father and marriage as per the rites. Satyavati's father still in control of second marriage. Conclusion if women returns back to father the marriage is in her father's control. The children remain in their own father's gotra. Adoption of anyone is permissible so that changes situations. I would assume that vedic writers would assume that adoption of a dead man's only varisu would be considered cheating and is not necessary for the new husband of his wife.

Husband and wife together. Wife is not separated . Any other relations of wife, children belong to married husband and not to the donor.
Donor worthy then wife is secure. Donor unworthy wife is thrown out.

This is in brief law as seen in Mahabharat.

Husband died, wife can get a child through husband's blood links. It means any brother of husband or husband's father or husband's father's brother and so on. Child belongs to Husband's vamsa only.


Gold Member
Gold Member
If I am to try my luck with orthodox philosophy. Everyone has to have a lineage. Gotra is a word used for lineage and so they say. As per Hindu tradition none of the Rishis were the first humans. They just founded a lineage on their name. So you have a lineage in your name. In a patriarchal society in your husband's lineage. It may have started as a technicality to identify a common ancestor.

So what is your gotra? If you believe in patriarchal hindu system find out a great ancestor of your husband who has done good to the society. His name becomes your gotra name. If you can locate none begin the gotra with your grandfather or greatgrand father.. If you follow the patriarchal hindu system begin it with your husband's grandfather or his father. It helps atleast all the descendants know who their patriarchal head is. More famous your ancestors are, more you have occasion to lift your collar. If you dont like your lineage the alternate is to hijack somebody's lineage or better still , write a puranam in the name of your lineage. If your husband's ancestors were farmers. Then invent a puranam with the story of a person who came from balarama's plough. If you are ancestor were warriors then invent a story where your ancestors came from the the cow of vasistha and were released during the war with vishwamitra.

Said in jest, I am not saying that brahmin puranas were false. But we must be willing to believe that some masala may have been added by somebody. I would think it is better to be truthful about a lacklusture lineage than invent one or adopt one just for getting a status,

Good one..actually I always feel each one of us are as distinct as our fingerprints.
So i really dont want to add extra names to my existing name.
After all even if we identify with our Gotra finally we have to ask "Ka Aham?"(Who am I).
And the answer is same for all "Sah Aham"(I am He).
Dont see any Jati,Kula,Gotra in that answer.


Well-known member
That is in paaramaarthikam. Here the query pertains to vyavaharika.
I went thru' the query again now. I find that she is divorced and is
married to someone belonging to other caste. Why bother about gothra now?
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