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Dilemma of doing masikam during this covid situation

My dear father in law reached heavenly abode in Feb 3rd 2020. With utmost shraddha, we all family members did the 13day vidhi and masigam sodhakumbam till March.
My husband being eldest son is posted to a different city. I stay in Chennai with my mil.
Because of quarantine travel restrictions, he is stuck there and feels very guilty. That guilt made him to compromise by doing it as paani homam.
Now with modern technology, a thought came to do masigam by phone with my husband reciting mantras from Mumbai and younger bil doing it physically as paani homam. Brahmanas came and food and dakshina was given in our home in Chennai.
Now, I have 2 doubts. Can Oona masigam be done in my husband star by younger bil physically here though mantras are told by both my husband and younger brother?

Since I stay here, does my husband reciting mantras without my presence has relevance. Our aathu vadiyar initially told this mode has no effect but later consulted someone and accepted to do.

Another sashtrigal says there is no use and my husband has to repeat the process altogether whenever he comes here to Chennai or I join him in mumbai and do the masikams as a couple with homam and that many Brahmanas for the number of masikams missed.

When I told it to my family, my family members feel we do not have interest in doing and no sraddha. Can you please clarify and shed light?


New member
First you want to follow the tradition even during this pandemic times. Whatever the Aathu vathiyar says , it can be taken as final and further guidance need not be obtained from others. Since our system has several guidelines with several interpretations we will be totally confused with the advise from several people. I am not saying they are wrong. What is practically possible and athu vadyar as guru you leave it to him to decide.

I write this only to help you