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Delhi Univ Law Faculty and Its Alumni


Well-known member
Delhi university Law Faculty is in news as one of its distinguished product Shri Arun Jaitlly passed away.

Law Faculty has always been the place where all students who did not know what to do after graduation parked themselves.

All students with science, arts,commerce students in univ had specific goalsand they vigorously pursued them.

Others simply parked themselves in law faculty for a degree in law.

These were all rounders. Good in sports -cricketers,having ambitions of cracking the civil services while registering for law

course which had no requirement other than graduation. The students there pursued their other ambitions , were most

sought after by girls of various colleges as they they were considered good spenders and happy go lucky.

Those who managed a law degree after a few attempts ended up in local courts and become apprentices in law firms.

They spent time attesting certificates, doing Notary work , following routine civil and criminal cases.

The brighter ones made it to top rung and became either judges or advocates of supreme court.

They were of course very few in numbers.Sh Arubn Jaitly , Kapil Sibal are some of them.....

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