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Decoding Congress failure in the 2019 general election


Well-known member
The recently held general election was different from any other held in India in the sense that for this election, the ruling party as well as the opposition were in serious election mode for almost four years before it was held. On the ruling party side, the BJP knew well that its 2014 victory was more a mandate against the incumbent UPA government, and this factor would not be there in 2019.

So, from 2014 itself, it was preparing for the 2019 election. On the other side, the Congress party, which had its worst-ever performance in 2014, knew that the sentiment in the country was against it, and it had to fix many a thing to be able to pose a challenge to the BJP in 2019.

It must be noted here that till 2019, the Congress was never out of power for two complete consecutive terms, and this had ensured that no non-Congress party or alliance got to establish itself as a serious option in national politics. The message which the Congress party always passed on was that it was the Congress party alone which could govern the country.

In 2019, the Congress didn't want to lose this psychological supremacy in Indian democracy. And for that it was willing to share power with or support regional parties for the 2019 general election. There was similar realization by regional parties as well, who were worried about losing political ground to the BJP in their respective states. Therefore "Modi Hatao" became the common single point agenda for the whole opposition and the same was the uniting force for the opposition parties.

With such clarity on both the sides', years before the general election, it was expected to be one of the closest contests in India's parliamentary history, but the results say it was actually one sided.

So, where did the grand old party fail in its strategy? Let's look back and try to understand it.

Had the Congress party picked up the issues of real concern to the common man - unemployment, rural distress and increased intolerance, and had led the agitations from the front, it could have turned them into a nationwide movement and created an environment against the incumbent government. But, the Congress failed to pick the right issues and devise effective strategy to counter the Narendra Modi government.

Now that the 2019 general election is over, the Congress party is once again at the very same point where it was after losing the 2014 general election. At this point of time, it looks like it is in serious reality check mode. Provided it takes lessons from its mistakes for 2019, and returns afresh with a positive mindset for 2024, picks issues which are relevant, speaks up for the common man, plays the role of a constructive opposition in Parliament and leads the common man on such issues outside Parliament, it will not only help the Congress party re-establish itself, but will be a positive sign for the parliamentary democracy in the country.

Read more at: http://www.sify.com/news/decoding-congress-failure-in-the-2019-general-election-news-national-tgjkAJdajejgd.html

They must get rid of the baggage "Rahul".


Well-known member

the GOP has problem....the SEKULAR WORD will not work anymore...enjoying minority /dalit vote bank gone

this time....ppl expect more with short time...


Well-known member
Congress is the only pan India Party apart from BJP and the remnants of leftist outfits. But they do not have home grown leaders to lead them. Their "High command" in Delhi has no reach or solutions for common people of the Country. There is no inner party democracy in the Congress Party, all their leaders are appointed in Delhi. Most of their members elected to Parliament are from families who piggyback on the regional or Communal outfits.

People have been watching in live TV how Congress as an opposition Party has wasted all the opportunities in Parliament by their negative attitude.
I wonder why Congress has not understood the new crop of educated voters, who cannot be influenced by old communal and secular divides.

Still Congress is the only all India Political outfit which can work as effective opposition if they elect good regional Chiefs.

I feel their young President can do better if he comes out of the cucoon covered by selfish old people and thinks afresh to introduce bold changes in the Party.
"கட்டிக்கொடுத்த சோறும் கற்றுக்கொடுத்தசொல்லும் எத்தனை நாள் நிற்கும்."

For successful functioning of Parliamentary Democracy, we need an effective Opposition, which can be fulfilled by Congress.



Well-known member
The core issue is the huge moral decline of the religious in the Hindu society !!

Millions of people have been brainwashed into thinking that minorities are evil and that the majority community is under severe threat. It is terrible to see religious people who would otherwise not hurt anyone, cheering for communalism, lychingstan, killings etc..and justifying all this openly on social media and elsewhere.

The so called Andh Bakths are destroying democracy by their intolerant behaviour and we can see how some Bakths jioned this forum just to throw abuses at the liberals ! They just couldn't take that some people are opposed to thier ideology, party, etc.. LOL.

So the challenges to congress is not the internal democracy or dynasts, it is a huge moral decline and a "huge volunteer of brainwashed Andh Bakths" who are campaigning for a communal ideology and a virulent hatred towards minorities.

It is a massive challenge for the congress, liberals, etc..to re-establish the narrative back to inclusiveness and Vasudaiva kutumbakam - the world is one family !

You know you are in the worst part of Kali Yugam if you have to teach Vasudaiva kutumbakam to the religious people !!!


Well-known member
Congress has to start a similar volunteer group who can propagate the core ideology of Hinduism - Vasudaiva kutumbakam to the larger masses and reclaim the centre of the political space.


Well-known member
Most importantly the congress, liberals have to embrace the inckusiveness of the religion and stand for it. Rather than moving away from religion.

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