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Customer Service

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I remember a flight to India where I travelled with my mum,my son and my younger brother some years back.
The flight had a beautiful airhostess from India and somehow she took a liking to my handsome younger brother.
She never left his side through out the journey and she was laughing and joking all the while.
The other crew were getting pissed with her cos they had to do her work and till the chief steward came and told her to attend to other passengers too.

I was smiling all the while looking at her so engrossed in my brother and I told my mum..just watch the fun.

Nice girl though..she was such a darling to all of us mum and me in the flight all becos of my brother.
I saw many guys giving my brother the stares later..they were jealous I guess that she didnt pay them any attention.

She was also so so nice to my mum..like a loving Daughter In Law.
hahahaha!! that was funny Renu, here is my worst story on Customer Service.. A few years ago, I was on Air India flight to India, I was not feeling well, I might have had some stomach virus and was quite dehydrated, and fainted ..( this was right after dinner ) the hostess were not all that helpful and the captain, did not want to open the emergency kit, since he would have to do paper work.. This doctor, whom I had helped to get licensed, ( of course he did not know this at that time ) sat with me and said he would take responsibility and made them open the kit and got me electrolytes and saved my life.. I could have gone into a coma if he did not have taken charge and insisted that the pilot and the hostess cooperate.. I should have sued them, but being who I am I did not, but you know what, I would never travel on Air India again.. they are not nice to Indians and they always favor the others over us.. and that makes me mad.. my experience was a very scary one.. of course later in Paris a doctor came to check me etc.. I guess at that point they were scared of getting sued, knowing I was an American citizen, but this Dr. Vasi Reddy, held my hands for nearly 7 hours and sat with me on the back of the plane where I lay shivering among a few blankets, there were three more doctors.. all Indian and one lady recognized me as the one who licensed her and she also was helpful and the one other doc who was a cardiologist in NY did not even look at me, I heard him say much later that he did not want to get involved, he did not realize I was sitting two rows behind where he stood and could hear everything he said..

IN any case, I figured that no matter who you are, human compassion is inbuilt in you, it is not acquired trait.. same with Customer service anywhere, I have had some very rude people in the US when I was new to the country, but over the years it has improved quite a bit.. I used to previously head the Customer Relations, to this day, docs remember talking to me and I have received so many letters appreciating my interaction with them.. I am happy that I made a difference in some people's lives.. :)
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the only airline i have used so far is lufthansa ,qantas for oversees trips.never knew about other airlines behaviour.really shudder that air hostess stewards captains can be heartless to sick people on board.
The best customer service IMO are from Thai Airways, MAS (Malaysia) and SIA (Singapore). I shudder to get Indian call centres when I ring my bank. In my personal experience, they are never very good nor helpful. I've always had much more prompt service and issues resolved if my call is routed to the Philippines or Malaysia.
just last week we flew sri lankan airlines from chennai to london via colombo. easily the best service we have ever seen. close comes kingfisher overseas flights, and the jet domestic and overseas.. BA is also good. Singapore Airlines, clinically efficient but no heart. usa airlines fight to fill the last rankings :(

re call centres: i have had only good experiences with indian call centres whether it be for dell, air canada or bell telephones. the only poor service i got was for (what else) icici bank :) i have had folks voice very similar opinion like amala, but atleast so far, all i have had is only platinum service. will post here the first time things happen otherwise :)
I have had my sad experience with Air-India, will never travel with them if I can avoid them.
the only airline i have used so far is lufthansa ,qantas for oversees trips.never knew about other airlines behaviour.really shudder that air hostess stewards captains can be heartless to sick people on board.

You know the same doctor who treated me said that while coming back there was a similar incident exactly like mine and the same thing happened right after dinner, I was so shocked that nobody has sued the airlines.. it is not my nature to take advantage of anyone, but in this case, I truly felt that I should bring them or their policies which is not friendly at all to justice...

I always like Luftansa and British airways, once we had a crew of only men, it was very strange, but guess what, these young men were so decent and all cheerful and very helpful and I did mention this to them.. :) was certainly better than an unfriendly female hostess... :)
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