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confession by a christian, Esther Dhanraj


Well-known member
I was seeing some of her videos and reading her tweets.
I feel nothing she says has substance.
In fact she was even finding fault with Jesus in one tweet.

Its very common for anyone who is an ex christian or ex muslim or ex hindu to make videos of their former religion.

There are many such videos on you tube..even one Pakistani ex muslim joined ISCKON and makes videos against Islam.

When a person leaves his or her former religion....he or she does faces some guilt till they stabilize in their new religion.

So what does the Ego do to handle this?
It wont admit they are feeling guilty...so the Ego creates hatred for its former religion.

The intelligent person realizes that in this transition state the best thing to do is keep silent becos they would be causing damage to others by their views.

Esther is still in the transition stage..she might get some fans but its only sows seeds of intolerance.

One who leaves any religion should do so gracefully with sense and sensibility.

As for Esther she has faced 2 transitions..from Hinduism to Christianity and from Christianity to Hinduism again...will she go tru another transition to any other religion in the future?

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