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Comment on our practice Indian apologist


Well-known member
Must read for all indians. Yesterday, a software guy welcomed his Japanese onsite coordinator to his office in Bengaluru, and it actually changed his life. Let him explain what happened.

"Soon after receiving him at the airport with formal pleasantries, I took him in our company cab, and in no time, we were already chugging along the busy roads of Bengaluru. As expected, we struck up a conversation starting with the weather, and gradually moved towards topics like development, cleanliness, etc.

I think he initially hesitated to say this, but after some familiarity & comfort, he opened up & said that India has good talent but is unfortunately very underdeveloped. I was quick to remind him that India was actually a superpower till the 10th Century, and pointed out to him that this was all due to the 500 years of Mughal rule & 300 years of British rule, which broke our civilisation, and resulted in such an underdeveloped nation. I also started explaining to him about all the forces breaking India to keep our nation backward.

As I was explaining this, we were stuck in a traffic jam & I noticed him keenly observing a guy on the street spitting pan-masala right there. He asked me "You see how that guy made the street dirty? Is it because the Mughal rulers & the British taught him such habits 500 years ago?".

Frankly, I had no answer and tried to mumble something. The very next moment, he saw a vehicle on the other side of the road jumping a traffic signal, leading to chaos & more traffic jam at the other side. He pointed it out to me and asked me "You see how that guy violated the traffic rule & caused a mess? Is it because the British taught him to break rules 300 years ago? Or is it the breaking India agents who are brainwashing him into breaking traffic rules?".

My entire body became numb. I couldn't say anything. He told me "You guys seem to be an expert in passing on the blame to everyone else but yourself. It is you people who have no civic sense, no respect for rules, no respect for your surroundings, but you people know how to easily blame everything on some medieval rulers, British and breaking India agents etc. How many years has it been since you got independence? 70 years? Look at us. In 1945, our Hiroshima, Nagasaki and almost half of our country was completely destroyed, but within 20 years each of us owned responsibility, and developed. And here, even after 70 years, you guys are busy blaming others while the fault is actually within yourselves?".

That's it. I had enough of it. I felt humiliated, really pissed off & remained silent throughout the journey. But at the end of the day, when I mentally revisited everything that happened & introspected, I felt that what he said was right. Unless we stop blaming others, and we ourselves gear up, become disciplined, respect our nation, respect rules, respect our surroundings, etc, we cannot improve. And this change should come from within us."
Forward from watsapp group.


Well-known member
India can very well emulate Japan, provided the population is the size of Japan. Further, Japan isn’t multi lingual and multi religious.

Can we change it?


Well-known member
Regarding Post 1: I think the narrator of the story made this up. No Japanese visitor would talk like that. They may hint at something of an issue at best. So it is made up story as far as I am concerned.

There is a point about a nation and its people not taking responsibility and blaming others.

But the uphill climb is harder for India than Japan even after suffering the nuclear bomb. During alien invasion and control human beings become subservient and develop low self esteem. That is the hardest part to overcome.

Many Indians coming to USA with just a suitcase in just 20 years could rise to the top of a multinational firm. But an educated black person does not have the same drive even if their intelligence may be the same. Hundreds of years of slavery has made them loose self esteem and it is harder for them to come up.

Indian people need to increase their self esteem first. All the bad habits like spitting on the road will come to a stop quickly. The legacy of subjugation is a corrupt and low self esteem society looking to blame others. The same Indians outside India become leaders and successful business people even if they are not well educated.

PM Modi is the first leader trying to raise the self esteem of its society (though that may not be his job description) and the dysfunctional parts of the society cannot see its value


I agree about this post looking suspiciously a made up one. It has become the accepted practice and even much lauded one, to knock ourselves down for everything. And if someone boosts us up with historical evidences as to our greatness in fields like science and medicine, he or she is branded a Hindutva proponent. So people hesitate to even mention legitimate facts. So how can we even start with building our self-esteem as a nation? Recently, I came across this article where Columbia University, after due research has come up with the fact that plastic surgery had been pioneered by Sushruta.


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