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Christians of Kerala, awake!


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Christians of Kerala, awake!

The oppressiveness of organised religion draws its legitimacy from man-made rules and customs, which are dishonestly attributed to God for stamping them with legitimacy.


The most spiritually significant happening in my lifetime is the heroic, historic mission of the Kuravilangad nuns, who created a sacrament of protest in Ernakulum against the church hierarchy that chose to be in silent solidarity with an alleged rapist bishop, denying justice to the nun victim. Sister Lucy of the Franciscan Clarist order dared to express solidarity with the agitating nuns, incurring extreme risks. Nothing comparable in significance has happened in Christendom for centuries.

This unprecedented, spiritually crucial, development highlights a sinister reality: religion has become a domain of deception and unfreedom. The acuteness of it varies from one section of a religious community to another. The oppressiveness of it is keenest on those who are closest to it. So, lay people are comparatively free: nuns live in utter unfreedom. God, rules, customs etc., are invoked to sanctify this sinister reality. Religion of this kind is a serious hindrance to freedom of religion.

The plight of nuns: how different is it from slavery?


While nuns are forced to live in self-sacrifice, bishops wade in luxury and power. Rules rob nuns of basic rights and freedoms in order to advantage the establishment. This makes establishments inherently suspicious of individual liberty and infects conventional piety with phobia about ‘disobedience’


I hear, too, echoing far behind these words, the exclamation of Nietzsche: “In truth, there was only one Christian and he died on the Cross!”

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