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Chennai will get a lot cooler with plenty of rain

Venky adi

மழை தரும் மந்திரம்

ரிச்யச்ருங்காய முநயே
விபண்டக ஸுதாயச
நம: சாந்தாதி பதயே
ஸத்ய:ஸத் வ்ருஷ்டி ஹேதவே.

This special prayer was held at Shiva Temple in Pallikaranai, Chennai.

Tankful Of Woes: Prayer For Rains Exposes Tamil Nadu's Inability To Harvest Water

With reservoirs running dry, Tamil Nadu's water restoration system has struck a controversial note even as the government issues diktat on how the rain god must be appeased!


Sivaramakrishna Dikshithar medidates to appease the god of rain.

On a warm Sunday morning, Sivaramakrishna Dikshithar got into a tub filled with water in the precincts of a Shiva temple in Pallikaranai, a Chennai suburb. Holding a Shivling in his hands, he went into a deep meditative prayer for nearly thirty minutes as his devotees formed a circle and chanted mantras. The 64-year-old priest was invoking Varuna—the god of rain—for urgent showers to end a crippling dry spell that has sparked a severe water crisis in Tamil Nadu, including capital Chennai.

Read more at: https://www.outlookindia.com/magazi...tamil-nadus-inability-to-harvest-water/301702

Mercury soars ... heatwave scare grips Chennaities....


Source: The New Indian Express.

When will South West Monsoon hit Chennai......???

We can only pray for its arrival.


Well-known member
Just one tough question for you Vaagmi ji. How do you reconcile the eternal reality of God with the transient physical reality?