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Chemistry of Obesity/ Autism and obesity

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Autism and obesity
There are two types of casein, Editable and other Technical. Persons who have Autism, which is neurological and sensory disorder, are allergic to Casein. The person with Autism will have digestive problems and the Casein will not break in to Amino Acids. These persons should avoid taking foods with Casein, like Pizza, Ice creams and dairy products rich in Casein. The brain of the persons with Autism, will not give a signal that it is satisfied with the diet the person consumed, which results in heavy diet there is no room in the food pipe for air to work and digest and improper digestion. This is due to the iron in blood which is rusted with casein and formaldehyde present in the protein.
The western countries like Europe and States where the environment is chill, there is no heat that can penetrate through the skin, but the casein is fixed with the fibrils with the aid of Formaldehyde by way of proteins. Once the casein is fixed within the fibers it will swallow all the heat produced by the organs expanding the fibers further which results in more requirement of food that results in obesity. When the body bulges the skin expands like rubber and reduces its thickness, and the epidermis fail to fight with the environment and intake the necessary minerals from the environment.
Now how to remove the formaldehyde from proteins?
Nitschmann and Hadron added formaldehyde with casein, and later tried to separate the formaldehyde from casein and succeeded by adding Phosphoric acid[1]. It is further studied the fixation of formaldehyde with casein starts at pH 2 and when the pH rises to 8, the fixation of formaldehyde saturated, and did not occur further. It is further studied that the casein did not absorb any more formaldehyde when it was treated with tannins.
Hence it is suggested to take a trail where we must ask the person with obesity and swollen belly, to take food which is rich in phosphoric acid. After taking bath with betel nut powder! The phosphoric acid present in the herbal will convert the rusted iron in the blood (Reddish Brown) Fe[SUB]2[/SUB]O[SUB]3[/SUB] in to Black Ferric PhosphateFePO[SUB]4[/SUB].
Now which are all the herbals that have natural Phosphoric acid?
1) Garcinia cambogia:-
The fruit of Garcinia cambogia has been traditionally used in food preparation and cooking.In Ayurveda,it is said that sour flavors such as those from Garcinia activate digestion.Garcinia is considered tomake foods more filling and satisfying and has been used routinely for many centuries with notoxicity.Garcinia and its active ingredient, HCA (hydroxycitric acid)have been extensively studied for overthirty years And found to be effective in inhibiting lipogenesis,suppressing appetite ,and encouraging weight-loss in ratory animals.

Garcinia cambogia, an exotic fruit grown in South India, has been used to impart a distinctive sour flavour to Indian cooking. It is commonly found in the evergreen and shola forests of Western Ghats in India up to 6,000 ft. high.
Chemical composition / key active constituents
The tree is valued for its dried rind which is rich in acids and possesses marked antiseptic properties.It contains tartaric acid reducing sugars and phosphoric acid (as calcium triphosphate). It Lmits the synthesis of fatty acids in the muscles and liver lipogenesis (production of fat) by inhibiting the enzyme ATP-citrate lyase.The fruits contain 30% acid (calculated as Citric acid) essen- tially (-)-hydroxy-citric acid. Camboginol & camboginare also identified. The resin possesses purgative properties.


There are various products available for obesity and fat control they are generally stimulants which have side effect on central nervous system. HCA on the other hand, works via peripheral mechanism to promote weight loss and assist the body’s natural cycle in the liver and elsewhere, there by influencing the metabolism of calories. HCA works by:-
ATP citrate lyase converts, excess calories from food into Fat for storage. HCA binds to enzyme ATP-citrate lyase making it ineffective. If ATP citrate lyase is not present the fat production in body is stopped. No more extra fat storage in body & when body need energy the stored fat gets burned. The calories which are diverted from fat storage got to end some where so glycogen are product and this gets stored in skeletal muscles and the liver.
Appetite Suppressant: A reduction in appetite is never the most import part of fat loss, but certainly can make things easier. In numerous studies, HCA has been shown to reduce the appetite of animal consuming it. HCA’S control of appetite seems to be the result of all the stored glycogen, which is produced. That is when glycogen rises, glucoreceptors in the liver
are stimulated. As regulator, these glucoreceptors send signal to brain via the ragus nerve, against a very natural way to alter physiology and promote weight loss.

Generally, everybody can use HCA in the amount of 1000 mg./3 times a day and about 1 hour before meal.

Secondly lepidium Sativum has lots of Phosporic Acid.

If we organize a full trail and experiments we will win these disorders.

[1] Edward F.Mellon, Eastern Utilization of Agricultural Research Service, United State Department of Agriculture,
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